16 June 2021

Shaun Smith conducted gastro show for KAC Young Chefs


KCA collaboration with Shangrila Foods

KCA collaborated with Shangrila Foods to bring the Shangrila Cooking and Culinary Skills Class to the women of Karachi. Chef Arooj, Chef Warda and Chef Fatima demonstrated valuable culinary skills to the audience on the use of spices and sauces to create delicious dishes. The event was held on Saturday 12th June at Cafe Cane, Pavilion End Club.

22 March 2021

Karachi Culinary Skills Class

 Karachi Culinary Skills Class on Saturday, 20th March 2021 at Cafe Cane, Pavilion End Club

01 March 2021

" Young Chefs Social Responsibility " at Humanitarian Aid to Myanmar Community 2021

Myanmar Young Chefs lend a welcome helping hand during difficult times.

The Myanmar Young Chefs jump to action making over 600 sandwiches and beverages for those in need during the recent unrest in the country.

Well done to these Young Chefs!

30 December 2020

Chaine des Rotisseurs China Bailliage Jeunes Chefs Compétition

The first Chaine des Rotisseurs China Bailliage Jeunes Chefs Compétition was held in Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai Dec9th – 11th, 2020. A total of 9 young chefs from all over the country took part in this competition. In the end, Jiang Peiliang from Shandong province won the championship. He will represent China at the Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs, which will be held in Paris, France, from September 22th -27th, 2021.

The first Jeunes Chefs Competition was first organized by the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in Switzerland in 1977. Competitions are held annually at regional, national and international levels in Bailliages around the world.
The competition is open to chefs under 27 years of age on September 1 in the year of the competition. Competitors must be working in one of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs member establishments, and have qualified in a national competition before competing at the international level.
This annual event offers young chefs the opportunity to demonstrate their culinary skills in a competitive environment with their peers.  It also allows the 'Jeunes Chefs' to showcase their talent and creativity in an international arena.

This competition was a Black Box form. Each competitor received an identical black box, permitting them to compose a menu of their choice to be prepared for four people, consisting of: Appetizer - Main course – Dessert. While examining the black box, competitors had 30 minutes to write out a three-course menu. The menu must be prepared for four persons within 3.5 hours. The total time for the menu and preparation is 4.0 hours.

“It was a great challenge for young Chinese chefs who had never been exposed to this kind of competition. Not only in the cooking skills, but also in the grasp of the overall menu taste and time control.

The young Chinese chefs constantly adjusted themselves, resisted pressure and presented a satisfactory answer for everyone. Congratulations to Chef Jiang Peiliang again. We are confident when in France, our young Chinese chef can show his talent to the world. Our deepest gratitude to the Sponsors and supporter’s judges and the competitors and their mentors. “We have only just begun and there is much work to be done but with many hands together we will reach our goal”.

The first Chinese Young Chef Development Forum was held in Suzhou

        The first China Young Chef Development Forum was held in Suzhou Wujiang Hotel on December 27. Yang Mingduo, vice president of CCA, presidium of Young Chef Committee of World Cuisine Federation of CCA and member representatives from all over the country were invited to attend the forum.
This from was divided into three topics. First of all, Professor Yang Mingduo, honorary Chairman, introduced the “Research on the Protection and Inheritance of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Diet” with the topic of “Technology protection and Non-inheritance”.

Secondly, the forum’s "Youth Committee" also choose from domestic many excellent chef young chef of the five most representative with "Basing on Skills, Developing Career" for the project, to share the personal career development, each representative achievements have their own different feelings and hardships, they not only brought meditation and enlightenment for present colleagues, new cooks also is just joined industry increased confidence, a learning example.

Finally, Li Shuangqi, executive chairman of the Youth Committee of the World Kitchen Federation, presided over the interview of the career development plan of Young Chefs in China with the theme of "Gathering of Best, Seeking Common Development" in the form of interview. Five young chef from the post-90s generation talked about their future career aspirations and expectations for the Young Chefs Council, they offered proposals one after another that on the purpose of “Strengthening the sense of pride, giving the sense of mission, developing the sense of social responsibility", they will try to improve themselves, work with great concentration, making contribution to carry forward and inherit the Chinese diet culture.

The meeting ended with a visit to the Lily project of The Chinese Cuisine Association of Wujiang Hotel. Wujiang Hotel is located in Wujiang District, known as the “Land of Plenty, Home of Silk” reputation. The Jiangnan Canal banquet it launched was awarded the honorary title of “Chinese famous Banquet”. Luhong vegetarian banquet was named “Jiangsu famous banquet”. It is also the demonstration base of lily project of CCA. Food safety in the catering industry is also a matter of great importance to the Young Chefs Committee of the World Kitchen Federation, and improving the of food safety of young chefs will be a new direction of the committee's efforts.