24 September 2013

Thank You from Andy Cuthbert

Dear Young chefs,

It was a pleasure to have spent time with you all and I was so proud of what you all did and were able to organize this on your own and then stand up in front of your country presidents and deliver a professional presentation. They were impressed and wowed by the content and the composure you all showed.

It is wonderful to see the passion in all of you and interest to better yourselves and those around you, the YCC movement is alive and well in Asia and is a shining example to the rest of the WACS world.

Ladies and gentlemen I would love to stay in touch and anything you ever need from myself or the team we are here to help.

Jasper, Sanjay thank you gentlemen for your organisation and drive over the past week it is fantastic you are so involved, well done. 
President Chern, Chef KK you have a great organisation and team thank you to you as well for supporting your young chefs.

Regards from the hot sands of Dubai and please don’t be strangers to each other, you are the next network the next U shape table at the presidents meetings!!

Andy Cuthbert

Chairman of the Young Chefs Development team for WACS

Report on WACS APF Young Chefs Gathering

Report on WACS APF Young Chefs Gathering

The WACS Asia Presidents Forum (APF) Young Chefs Gathering was held on 15 and 16 September 2013, in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. 

Representatives of eight Young Chefs Club from Asia attended the gathering, with a total of more than 40 participants. The last time an asian young chefs gathering was held was in 2007’s APF.

The Young Chefs visited the Selayang Wholesale Market in the wee hours of the morning, and learned about the local produce and fishes available. They were then treated to the best Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice) in town, for breakfast.

Most of the young chefs who came as strangers were quick to have the ice broken, and started to interact with one another. The Chefs Association of Malaysia also hosted the participants to a sumptuous lunch at the Parkroyal Hotel.  They then proceeded to a meeting room for an afternoon of discussion on topics ranging from competitions, exchange programs, connectivity and sharing about their Young Chefs Club. Andy Cuthbert, Chairman of the WACS Young Chefs Development Team also shared with them his working experiences and about the Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum 2014.

On Day Two, the young chefs joined in their country association Presidents for their meeting. They came to understand what the other country associations were doing, and the functions of WACS. The young chefs were also given an hour to present themselves, which the presidents of the respective YCCs took the opportunity to showcase their clubs. Two YCCs were also introduced into the our family of Young Chefs Clubs: The LTB Philippines Young Chefs Club and the Korea Young Chefs Club. Other activities during the APF included a Dilmah Tea pairing workshop, and the opening dinner of the Food and Hotel Malaysia 2013.

The WACS Young Chefs Development Team would like to thank Chefs Association Malaysia and Youth Chefs Club Malaysia for arranging the gathering and making it a success.

Jasper Jek
WACS Young Chef Ambassador (Asia)

20 September 2013

WACS Congress 2014 Stavanger, Andy Cuthbert

"I am excited to once again be able to invite young chefs from the world to come and join this amazing once in a life time experience with peers and senior chefs for 5 days of learning and networking, a week that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who takes part."

Andy Cuthbert
General Manager of Madinat Jumeirah C&I, Jumeirah Hospitality
Chairman of the Young Chefs Development team for WACS
Chairman of Emirates Culinary Guild

WACS Welcomes the KYCC Korea Young Chefs Club

한국어 젊은 요리사 클럽에 오신 것을 환영합니다

Asian Presidents Forum 2013 & Asian Young Chefs Gathering

Young Chefs of Asia at the Asia Presidents Forum Young Chefs Meeting in Kuala Lumpar

Sharing and growing together WACS Young Chefs



The Cyprus Chefs association would like to announce the establishment of the “Young Chefs Club” under the umbrella of the Cyprus chefs Association.
The first meeting of the Young Chefs Club has taken place on the 30th of July 2013 and a temporary committee was set, in order to prepare the grounds for the first official elections to take place during the first quarter of 2014.
In an attempt to assist the temporary committee fulfil its mission the Cyprus Chef’s Association has appointed Mr. Marios Hadjiosiph as mentor of the Young Chefs Club.
The Cyprus Chef’s Association encourages Young Cypriot Chefs to become members of the C.C.A. as this will give them the opportunity to be involved in all the activities of the association, including the initiatives of the new club. 

1st Yangon Culinary Young Chefs Challenge 2013, Myanmar

1st Yangon Culinary Young Chefs Challenge 2013, Myanmar

Great news for Young Myanmar Chefs! In the cooperation of the Myanmar Chefs Association and its partners: Singapore Myanmar Exchange, Dick Knives, Myanmar Chefs Art, Premium Food Service, Nestle Professional and Fonterra, the 1st Yangon Culinary Young Chefs Challenge 2013 will be held at Yangon on the 26th September 2013, based on WACS Rules and Regulations. On the first day of the event, September 25th, participants will have the opportunity to take part in valuable educational seminars, provided by the sponsors of this event. The primary goal of the event is to have both culinary education and culinary challenge.
Besides the competition, participants will have the opportunity to take part in educational seminars on Nutrition, Hygiene and Food trends open for all age Chefs. Also, the three overall winners of the Junior Chefs Competition will get a chance to compete in the 2014 FHA – Singapore and represent Myanmar at the Food Hotel Asia in Singapore.
Being a member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) and in order to assist and improve standards of the culinary fare in Myanmar, the Myanmar Chefs Associations invited WACS certified judges to judge the competition for Myanmar Junior Chefs and Junior Pastry Chefs.
We are inviting all candidates under 25 to present their best skills and professional abilities and give their important contribution, especially in and for Myanmar’s young Hospitality Industry!
How to apply and to obtain further details, please follow the links below: