12 November 2011

Chef of all ages shall descend on South Korea to the city of Daejeon for the bi annual WACS congress 2012. This congress is a gathering from around the world of chefs from the various associations of The World Association.

As with past congress’s, this congress shall also feature the Bill Gallagher Young chefs forum that is aimed at young chefs under the age of 25 that are attending the congress to come and have some dedicated sessions alongside the main congress. There is a focus this year on networking and experiencing the cuisines of the host country couple with fun.
There are specially designed sessions for the young chefs that are away from the main congress but also time is made to ensure the Young chefs are exposed to the main congress sessions that are of interest to them and that they are given time to network with the senior chefs also attending the congress which is a priority for the young chefs.

The very first session for the Young chefs is a pre-opening cocktail networking session where Dr Bill Gallagher will deliver a speech and be available for the young chefs to meet in person, Dr Gallagher is a mentor of many and this will be a life time experience for the Young chefs to have the chance to meet this great human being. There are a number of visits away from the main congress for the young chefs, with a highlight being the visit to the Main Daejeon market and Kimchi factory, there is also planned an evening out with all young chefs together.

The Yong chefs will also have the opportunity to view the Hans Beauchkins culinary competition and the Global chefs challenge .Hands on workshops and fun cooking sessions are planned.

Special guests speakers shall speak exclusively to the young chefs about their careers and their passion for their art and this will be a chance for the young chefs to learn from masters that have climbed the ladder of success.

The 2012 Bill Gallagher Forum is destined to be the highlight of the congress for the young chefs and we look forward to welcoming all young chefs from around the work to Daejeon in South Korea in May 2012.

Click here to view the suggested programmes we have planned for BGF 2012  :)

10 November 2011

Shanghai Junior Chefs Club

We are member of:
China Cuisine Association
Shanghai Cuisine Association

  • ·         The SHJCC is a non-profitable organization that supports our young chefs in Shanghai.
  • ·         The SHJCC is formed in order to further develop the culinary standards within Shanghai.
  • ·         Create a world class of chef’s development platform; bring the oriental energy to the gourmet world.

To provide fresh energy to culinary industry of China, improve culinary industry standard.

  • ·         Cooking Knowledge Training
  • ·         Culinary Competition
  • ·         Junior Chef’s Commutation

1. To organized junior chef culinary competition in Shanghai with FHC Food show.
2. To participated international culinary competition by Shanghai Culinary Team
3. To organized culinary knowledge training
4. To organized junior chef’s workshop
5. To organized monthly junior chef activates
6. International Chefs Day

Shanghai Junior Chefs Club

Louie Ye/ President
Email: louie.ye@hyatt.com

Benny Dong/ Vice President
Email: bennydong@gmail.com

Colin Ni/ General Secretary
Email: colin.ni@lindysconsultant.com   

WACS  Representative  &  Communication 
Clinton Zhu/ Competition     
Tel: +86 21 34537431
Fax: +86 21 3453 7432   
Mobile: +86 18616309339     
Email: clinton@whitestripefoods.com.cn   

Office address:   
Room 313, No 107 Fuzhou Road, HuangPu, Shanghai   
Tel: +86 21 33135647   
Fax: +86 21 34537432   
Email:  shjuniorchefs@gmail.com     
Website:  www.shanghaijuniorchefs.org (will be available soon)

Louie Ye / President

Benny Dong / Vice-President
Collin Ni / General Secretary
Clinton Zhu
WACS Representative & Communication

09 November 2011

Taiwan Formosa's Chefs Association 1st conference for their Young Chefs Arm, with about 220 young chefs & students at the event.

From TFCA President Jerry:
  Young Chef Association is an excellent example of industry and education collaborating to develop young talent to provide industry with excellent chefs for the future , develop you skills further and give yourself the best future possible! You never know, you could be the next top chef of the world! Young Arms had send the standard get “better and better” Young Chefs is the future teach them well and let them lead the way. 

World Chefs Without Borders and Thai Chefs Association mobilised to aid flood victims

World Chefs Without Borders and Thai Chefs Association mobilised to aid flood victims.

More than 300 people have been killed in the worst flooding to hit Thailand in decades. Residents of seven districts of Bangkok have been told to move valuables to higher ground and be ready to evacuate, as flooding which has swamped northern Thailand approaches the capital.

The Thai Chefs association is mobilised under the umbrella of World Chefs Without Borders and is working with the army to get food and water to flood victims. Our friends and colleagues in Thailand are doing a tremendous job and we call on the whole WACS family to show solidarity and provide all the support they can so a further human disaster can be prevented. The most urgent need right now is to bring fresh water to the population in need.

World Chefs Without Borders is calling on donations to support our dear friends in Thai Chefs Association.

Your contributions are highly appreciated. Please make donations to:
Bank details: BNP PARIBAS (code 02484), P.O. Box 449, 51065 Reims Cedex, France
Account: WACS-World Chefs Without Borders
Account number: 00010325333
IBAN: FR76 3000 4024 8400 0103 2533 323
The first newsletter for World Chefs Tour Against Hunger. 

We will hopefully get a update our every three to four months.

Antonette Kennedy (AOC, OIDEA)

08 November 2011


Bali, 14 October 2011… Shouts of jubilation resounded when the Bali Culinary Professionals (BCP) team member, Dias Raditya Widjaja was awarded Silver medal, with the highest point score at the recent Salon Culinaire Malaysia 2011, beating 27 competitors from local and international hotels, restaurants and education institutions. More notable recognition came BCP’s way to Mardhika, receiving a diploma for his apprentice category.

Dias, having trained hard in preparation for this competition in the kitchens of Bulgari Bali Hotel, presented a fish main-course. Alongside him were his team members Helmy Wijaya trained at ST Regis Bali for meat/poultry main-course category and Mardhika Prasetya Nugraha Homan trained at Nikko Bali Resort and Spa for the apprentice chicken/salmon main-course.

Dias admitted that the three-month training for him and his fellow students was a challenging experience. “We had sleepless nights practicing and fine tuning our technical skills for the competition! I am very happy that our hard work and efforts paid off. I have our mentor chefs, family and friends to thank for what I have achieved at this competition,” he said.

“I congratulate and thank the team who helped in adding this win to BCP’s notable list of achievements. This win made it more meaningful as we look forward to even greater achievements in the future of young chefs development. This is definitely only the beginning of more to come!” said a happy Chef Andrew , president of BCP, “BCP is very excited with this latest success. Competing with industry professionals was a great eye opening experience and excellent opportunity for the young chefs  development.”

About Culinaire Malaysia
Organised by the Malaysian Association of Hotels, Chefs Association of Malaysia and The Malaysian Food & Beverage Executives Association, Culinaire Malaysia is the region’s largest culinary competition and is held in conjunction with the Food & Hotel Malaysia Exhibition (FHM). Culinaire Malaysia aims to set a higher benchmark on the culinary standards in the Malaysian hospitality industry, and to recognize and motivate individual chefs who excel in their field of culinary arts that match world standards.
Held on a bi-annual basis, this year’s Culinaire Malaysia was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 20th to 23rd September and attracted over 1,500 participating entries from around Malaysia Germany, China, Taiwan, Korea, Nepal, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico and many more countries.

28 October 2011

26th October 2011

Dear Asian Presidents,

One of the commitments I made when doing my presentation and standing for election for WACS Continental Director for Asia position was, that I would appoint two assistants, to help me cover the vast area of Asia as Assistants to the Continental Director.

The idea was to have one in the West and one in the North and myself covering as much as possible in the South East. This process has taken me a little longer than I had originally planned, but then again I had to show protocol and request permission from their respective Presidents. After this  process, I had to present this plan to the WACS Board meeting that recently took part in South Africa.

I would like to introduce you to Ms. Shang Haling who is the Secretary General of the China Cuisine Association and will help me promote WACS in the Northern regions of Asia. And our West Asian representative will be Baranidharan, P or as he prefers, Barani who works with Custom Culinary based in Bangalore, India.

We are planning to set up Skype meeting between the 3 of us to help promote our region and the Chefs of Asia, their tasks will not be limited to this but also to liaise with various countries who request help that I cannot meet with in regards to Education, Training, Marketing, WACS’s Chefs Without Borders program, Competitions and having Universities and Colleges WACS approved.

Please join me to thank these two dedicated people for their time and energy they have already started to commit to WACS and the future of our industry, we look forward to working more closely with our current WACS family and family members of the future.

Kind regards
Rick Stephen
Continental Director - Asia

20 October 2011

Good morning Chefs !!!

Today is International Chefs Day, it time to reflect back on our last 12 months, you're ups and your downs, it is also a time to reflect that we are in a dynamic industry where no two days are the same and that is why you choose it !

Chefs have no borders, and that is why our industry is so unique, our industry is not like to corporate world and if a colleagues is in need no matter what company he works for, we are there to help and this is what camaraderie is all about.

It is also time to look at our changing world with flooding in Thailand, storms in USA and this should make us more aware of 'Sustainable Cuisine' and the big challenge on ' How to feed the planet in the future ' The world is growing rapidly, and the farm lands are becoming smaller and less desirable to work and maintain.

International Chefs Day gives us as chefs the opportunity all over the world to celebrate the ingenuity of our great profession, it is indeed a day and our industry to celebrate and to appreciate how lucky we are and also to appreciate the good things in life FOOD !

Happy cooking to everyone.

Kind regards

Rick Stephen CMC

Continental Director - Asia

18 September 2011

The BCP Young Chefs Club has kicked off with some serious competition results and a range of medals and international recognition. With the news that Alex Tanuhardja, the first student to benefit from the BCP’s support, has won the Asian nomination for next year’s Global Chef’s Challenge with his senior chef from Bulgari, the program is certain to grow.

The competition at Jakarta’s Salon Culinaire was my first experience and I learnt so much. My mind was open, I learned about correct cooking preparation, cooking in a professional way and how to act like a professional in the food industry. This is my first experience to compete against cooks from another city and country and I also learned a lot from them. Actually, this is the one of my biggest and best experiences in food industry so far and one I will never forget. I'm proud to have friends in YCCI who share my passion about food. I’m proud we have Mr Darren Lauder (team leader of YCCI Bali Chapter / Executive Chef of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel Bali) who has taught us a lot, given us a chance to practice in his hotel kitchen and has supported our team from the beginning. I’m also thankful we have BCP and the sponsors who have provided facilities and accommodation. At this time, I would like say thanks to Four Seasons and my family also, who has supported me all the way!  Without all of you guys, this wonderful experience would not have happened!


On the preparation day I was “ UNDER BIG-BIG PRESSURE FROM MY BOSS”… this is our story:  At that time, during our team trial, I was making my appetizer but couldn’t finish on time, but my two others partners were doing well. That was because my work was too slow at that time or my menu needed more preparations than the other courses, More over, the following day before our next team trial ( at the briefing), my boss threatened me, he said “ if you can’t finish ON TIME at this trial, you will be KICKED and I  will look for a replacement”….. Wow, I was in shock at that time.. I felt like “MY HEART STOPPED BEATING” for a moment. After this, I said, “yes sir, I am ready for this trial and I will give maximum effort.” I can understand the reason he said that to me. He wants me to do extra at that time because actually my boss trusts in me, that I can do this… thank you very much chef, I really learned a lot from being under pressure.
Finally…. My effort got results… I was able to prepare the appetizer on time that day like a professional. I felt like I got a “COOL BREEZE from heaven”. More over, after I heard a positive comment about my appetizer, Darren said “ the taste is  fantastic guys, and over all you did well”…. Wow, my team was very happy at that time and I got a NEW SPIRIT for this competition.. I was very proud because all our food (appetizer, main course, dessert) was finished on time and the taste was great, although my appetizer had to be done 15 minutes earlier from my earlier trial. It was very hard for our team, especially for me, but with support from my partners, Jatu and Susila, and encouragement from my boss and all my friends, especially who fellow members in the Young Chefs Club Indonesia ( YCCI)- Bali Chapter, we did our best and maximum and won a medal.
Also I am very happy that I have a figure that really cares us, he sacrifices his time for us , even though he is busy at work. We can only say thanks very much, chef Darren Lauder, and for BCP support, and for the friends that supported us. More over, I don’t forget to thank GOD for the opportunities I have.

Representing Bali In the First Asian Junior Chefs Challenge in Jakarta and being a part of the team with Jatu Rizki Putra A. and Ivan Saputro is the best experience I’ve ever had. It is a good programe and a great opportunity for us as Young Chefs, to improve our skills and compete on an International level. The Judges from ' World Association of Chefs Societies ' ( WACS)  judged on everything from our presentation/innovation, cleanliness, our team work, taste and texture. And we are so lucky we got Bronze Medal for Bali. Almost two months of preparation prepared us for the competition, and we enjoyed the opportunity to improve our skills. Overall, good job guys! I am very pleased with the results. And Special Thanks to Bali Culinary Professionals ( BCP ), and Nusa Dua Beach Hotel as our sponsor. And our great teacher Mr. Darren Lauder and  his kitchen team.


It’s an honor for me, to share with you my competition experience. I think, anyone can cook, and anyone can compete, but not anyone can get a medal. There are only two kinds of people in the world, that is TRAINED and UNTRAINED PEOPLE. So, who do you want to be??

From my first practice, Chef Darren Lauder (Executive Chef of Nusa dua Beach Hotel Bali) always said “Sometimes, simple is the winner”. So, I keep my food simple. Because, the competition is not about how high your food could stand, is not about how amazing your food presentation, this is all about TASTE, TECHNIQUE, and FEEL.   

  • TASTE: Season your food, and always taste it.
  • TECHNIQUE: Use a cooking technique you know, and use the right technique to prepare your ingredients, and show your methods.
  • FEEL: The important thing in cooking is your feeling. So, enjoy, and show everybody who is watching you, and make them think that you love cooking this food.
This still will not work if you don’t practice. So, the three most important things for competing successfully are practice, practice, and practice.
So, KISS! Keep It Simple Stupid, and LET’S COOK!!!

“Competing in the Asian Global Chefs Challenge in Hong Kong was an unforgettable experience!!. ”When Pak Wicaya (Sous Chef Bulgari Hotel) and I were chosen as a team to represent Indonesia in the Global Chef Challenge, I felt so glad. But after a while I realized that it was a very big responsibility for us. But I said to myself “anyway you still gotta do it”.
Then I promised myself that I had to practice as often as possible to avoid nerves, forgetting the recipe, and to make a perfect dish. After the menu was created, Pak Wicaya and I practiced hard and harder every day. It was tiring, but in my mind I just imagined that I was preparing good food for a guest that made them think, WOW....that’s it. During the day of the competition, I just kept imagining I was cooking in my own kitchen and my guest was waiting out there with high expectations, thus I had to cook my dish perfectly and on time, otherwise they would be waiting. 
And finally it worked because indirectly what I kept in my mind was work as usual and doing my very best. Feeling proud of my team and my self is the greatest gift. I am happy at this time, but it won’t be long before the next, bigger challenge comes with a higher level of competition, many more spectators and stronger competitors.
Anyway, I have to say a very special thanks to BCP, my Chef (Andrew Skinner), my Pastry Chef (Patrick Chew) who have been working very hard to support, to mentor, and to equip us with high standards and professional techniques. Also to my senior partner (Pak Wicaya) in this team who has taught me patiently and with whom I enjoy good communication and teamwork. Last but not least, thanks to my whole family and God who has supported and blessed me a lot.  Thank you too to all the people who have been involved in this prestigious competition. 

17 September 2011

Video Highlights from the World Chefs Tour Against Hunger 2011

World Chefs Tour Against Hunger 2011
Video Highlights

More pictures & an article coming up  :)

02 September 2011

Apprentice @ Institute of Culinary Arts

 Breakfast at Apprentice @ ICA, Stellenbosch
The articles, written by the students, were well worth the read, while waiting for your breakfast to be served. 
 Within minutes, the breakfast was served... and it was really good. The kitchen at the Apprentice was managed by the students, and they had done a fantastic job! :) 
 I couldn't resist having a baked cheesecake (for breakfast!), 2nd Year Pastry Chef Telana van Wyk with my dessert.
 3 of the fabulous staff, (from left) Monché, Asanda & Inemari
And the brigade of chefs that made my day, thank you so much!
Apprentice @ ICA
Shop 1, Oude Hoek Centre, Andringa Street
Stellenbosch 7600, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 887 8985     
Website: www.icachef.co.zawww.icachef.co.za

I will have an article written by Monché Muller coming up  :)

22 August 2011

New German Young Chefs Club

Come and check out our new German Young Chefs homepage. Enjoy it!!! :)
Greetings from South Africa
We are currently travelling with the World Chefs Tour Against Hunger.
Warmest regards from Jessica, Sven, Gina and Andi

World Chefs Tour Against Hunger 2011
Johannesburg, South Africa
267 Chefs, with the South African Chefs, from 46 countries
You can download the high resolution Officical Photograph here

20 August 2011

WCTAH Arrivals :)

Arriving into Johannesburg International Airport, all the chefs of the world were met by the smiling faces of the South African Chefs Association, and young chefs volunteers from across Johannesburg. The Young Chefs were also busy by cooking pancakes for passers-by & receiving WCTAH donations for their effort.
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10 South African Rands can feed a child for a day...........!!!
(10 South African Rands = 1.38673 U.S.Dollars)

Help us support the World Chefs Tour Against Hunger that is currently taking place in South Africa from 21 - 30 August, with 260 Chefs from 45 countries.

19 August 2011

World Chefs Tour Against Hunger Chefs Tour

Join us all... World Chefs Tour Against Hunger.
It’s arrived! The chefs have landed and the biggest fundraising event ever in the global chefs fraternity has hit SA.

From 21 to 30 August, over 250 chefs from 44 countries will be in South Africa to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the hungry as part of the Bidvest World Chefs Tour Against Hunger.

29 July 2011

Please find the link to Young Chefs Survey,

 Please circulate to all the young chefs clubs and members.

We are giving away annual subscription of World Chefs Magazine to all participants
Also there will be a draw for 3 WACS Premium Knives.

World Chefs Magazine. 
Issue 4 - Special Report: This Time for Africa

View the electronic version here:http://www.worldchefs.org/wacs2010/en/news/news.php?cat=wacs&id=3118

World Chefs Magazine is a free publication. You can order as many copies as you like for you and your colleagues, paying only for sending cost.

Subscribe here:http://www.worldchefs.org/wacs2010/en/news/online_magazine_subscription.php

You can also advertise in World Chefs Magazine and place your product in the forefront of key decision makers and consumers. 
Please see our advertisement details:http://www.worldchefs.org/wacs2010/en/news/advertise.php

07 July 2011

Many volunteered, including Alan Orreal, for the 2003 World Cooks Tour...

And 2011 will be no difference, chefs from all corners will come together for this special event again.

and you’ll be contributing towards feeding those most in need
- our children

26 Restaurants
25 Hotels
1000 local & international chefs from 42 countries

You can download the PDF version of this presentation here

11 June 2011

The 13th Penang International Salon Gastronomique

With over 800 participants competing in 44 classes of events and more than 1000 entries, this had to be the biggest turn out of the series for Penang International Salon Gastronomique - Battle of the Chefs! In fact this was an increase of 37.5% over the last battle. We received entries from Russian, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippine, Singapore, China and many states of Malaysia. 

This year Battle of the Chefs was endorsed by World Association of Chefs Societies as the “Regional Culinary Competition” and our Penang State Government approved “Penang Signature Event”. Thanks to YB Danny Law, Penang State Executive for Tourism Development for the encouragement and support. 

After 3 days of Battle, 24 gold, 112 silvers, 238 bronze and 269 diplomas were given out by the Panel of 38 International Judges coming from USA, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. 

In addition we have 35 exhibition booths promoting food ingredients and services with more than 6000 industry players and visitors throng the newly laid ground. Awesome was the word often heard thru out the 3 days. 
For results of the 2011 Winners, please visit: http://www.battleofthechefs.com.my/ 
View Peter Chan's BOTC Summary Report:  http://ge.tt/8abrY15?c

Congratulations to all the Winners!!! 

08 June 2011

MLA Team Mandarin Oriental - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, May 2011 – Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur is proud to announce that our culinary team has emerged overall champions at the recent Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) Black Box Culinary Challenge 2011. With 16 teams participating in the bi-annual event, the culinary team at Mandarin Oriental won “Best Overall” as well as “Best Soup Course”. Supplied with only a box of mystery ingredients, the culinary team had only 24 hours to prepare, cook and present a full 4-course menu to be served to 20 guests. 

The MLA Black Box Culinary Challenge is a team-based chef competition showcasing high quality Australian meat products to current and future chefs around the world. For 14 years, the challenge has influenced more than 3,500 young chefs, lifting their awareness and appreciation of Australian beef, sheep meat and goat meat. The competition attracts teams from hotels, restaurants, culinary schools and catering companies. 

The winning team, led by See Lay Na and Zaid Aqeel, comprised of members from both kitchen and service, were required to work with ingredients that were given to them in a black box, comprising of lamb flap, beef brisket, carrots, mushrooms, lettuce, broccoli, cream cheese and strawberry. Out of these ingredients, the team managed to churn out a menu of Broccoli veloute, Slow cooked beef brisket, Lamb variation and Cream cheese bavaroise.


Black Box Gala Dinner
Wednesday 4 May 2011
Team Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Lamb Variation
Lamb Flap Confit, Mushroom Roulade, Apple Compression

Velouté of Broccoli
Cheddar Chesse Custard, Smoked Cream with Thyme

Slow Cooked 65 C Beef Brisket
Basil Gnocchi, Caramelized Carrots, Demi Glaze

Cream Cheese & Bavarois, Kiwi Compote