27 February 2015

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24 February 2015

Cooking at Kaw Mu - Boys Prison, Myanmar

Cooking at Kaw Mu - Boys Prison, Myanmar
World Chefs Without Borders & Young Chefs Myanmar February 2015
The brain child of Parkroyal Yangon s F&B Director Hermann Feigl, the sponsorship of Mr Ong & Ang of MSL Seafood Company, Snorre Foods Michelin Star Chef Markus P. Dybwad from Norway and the never tired WCWB Myanmar Ambassador Chef Thu Rein Htun of Savoy Hotel cheered up the day for 450 boys of the " Hnit Aung San " correction center in Kawmu - Delta Myanmar on 15.2.2015.
The day started as early as 4:00 am for most young Chefs from Yangon under the lead of WCWB Myanmar Ambassador Chef Thu Rein Htun,- pick up the seafood curry which Snorre Foods Michelin Star Chef Markus P. Dybwad prepared already for the 450 boys at Kawmu prison. The long delta road where MCA could carry 25 container full of livelihood items worth of over 12 million $ US in aid after Cyclone Nargis,--- as as usual in a February morning full of fog and one could not see the other side of the road.
With a truck, bus and Season Bakery Pastry Chef Istvans private car the at 5:00 am all were ready the cars packed for a three hours drive to the southern Delta of Myanmar, the market of Kawmu was the first station to beef up the food items for starch, vegetable, salad and soup for 450 hungry boys. Myanmar TV Chef Kyaw Kyaw was all over recognized and granted us best rates at the market as the shop owners remembered us from 20.10.2013 International WACS Chefs day. Purchased :
- 156 kg Rice- 20 Cabbage- 2 kg Coriander- 10 Bdl Radish- 5 kg Carrot- 2 kg Chili- 2 kg Salt &  kg Pepper- 10 pack Black Mushroom- 15 Cauliflower- 8 kg Bamboo Shoot- 12 kg Tomatoes- 20 Eggplants - 100 bdl Roselle Leaves- 15 Pumpkins- 2 kg Ginger- 16 kg Onions- 4 kg Garlic- 3 Bot Oyster Sauce- 2 bot Fish Sauce- 2 kg Shrimp Paste- 10 Ltr oil donated by Thu Rein s wife with thanks
At a total of not even 250 $ US we drove the last part into the jungle style road far into the country side.At " Hnit Aung San " we were welcomed by the manager and the Chef Daw Aye Aye, proudly showed us a new oven donated to the center today first time in use.Quick jobs were divided , Kyaw Kyaw and Zin Myo Nwe group took care the soup and the pumpkin which was to add to Star Chef Markus Seafood Curry.Chef Thu Rein, Moe Moe Khaing group took care the vegetables and salad,---- and most important the young boys of the center , experts in making fire this time light early which granted us a speedy cooking,-- thanks to their quick hands also for Garlic and Onion peeling.
A short time later Hermann arrived with Chef Markus, another Austrian Chef, Mr Ang from MSL arrived with Micasa Hotel s Chef Steven Twang and 450 Banana Cake portions in the car. At 12:00 sharp a feast was served to all boys of the correction center ( from 12 to 18 years mostly street kids which got into conflict with the law ).
The Menu by WCWB & Young Chefs Myanmar for 450 Boys
Roselle Leave Soup with Bamboo
Tomato Salad Myanmar Style
Snorr Seafood ( with Salmon ) & Pumpkin Curry,
Fried Vegetable with Mushrooms, Steamed Rice
Banana Cake
After a prayer and thanks by all boys to all donor and the chefs the 450 boys started to eat as quick they could sure a sign that this was not a daily treat but something very special today. We like to thank Frank Naesheim and Snorre Food, Mr Ong & Mr Ang of MSL, Michelin Star Chef Markus P. Dybwad from Norway , Herman Feigl and Steven Twang for their both Hotels great contribution & Myanmar s WCWB Ambassador - Chef Thu Rein Htun of Savoy Hotel for the excellent sponsorship, arrangements and organization.
Big applause to the near 30 young Chefs from Yangon which joined this, under World Chefs Without Border - Myanmar charity project. Giving the chance that some of these young boys  one day remember the Chefs came and cooked a great meal,-- making them want to become a good Chef in Myanmar for a prosperous and independent live. Looking forward for the next MCA, Myanmar Young Chefs & WCWB  activities and challenging culinary month s ahead which will see many Myanmar young Chefs competing in Asia for culinary awards.
Keep it always Hot and Keep it always Cooking

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders , Ngapali Beach Rakhine State, Myanmar, 16.2.2015 

19 February 2015

Marcus Hallgren Joins the WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Committee Representing Europe

"The WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Committee is delighted to announce that Marcus Hallgren has become the newest member of our Team, representing Europe. Marcus' drive and enthusiasm for Young Chefs in Northern Europe will continue to fortify WorldChefs Young Chefs Clubs in the region. Having Marcus joining our committee is an important step in the further development of Young Chefs Clubs in Europe, his wealth of experience and network throughout the region will benefit and support our Young Chefs Ambassadors, and their respective clubs."
Alan Orreal, Vice-Chairman for YCDT. 

Marcus Hallgren is the head teacher and culinary leader at Ullvigymnasiet, Köping, Sweden. Ullvigymnasiet is the first School in Sweden to become certified by WACS in the Standards of Quality Culinary Education.

Marcus is a farmer's son with a passion for food and beverages, his family had around 100 acres of land and 20 acres of forest, they had many different animals, but pigs breeding was the main activity of the farm.

Marcus started his career in the mid 80's as a scullion, he has been working his way up from Chef to Chef de Cuisine around Stockholm and the nearby towns in the middle of Sweden. In 2004 he started his own restaurant with his brother, they ran the restaurant until summer 2007.

In Autum 2006 he became a teacher in Culinary Arts at Westerlundska Gymnasiet in Enköping, in 2009 he moved to Köping and started as teacher at Ullvigymnasiet and since 2012 he has been the head teacher and culinary leader in culinary arts and beverages knowledge.

Marcus is a board member in Swedish Chefs Association since May 2013 and he is the founder of the Young Chefs Club in Sweden, he works in the Swedish Chefs Association board as senior advisor for the Young chefs in Sweden. He works closely with the young chefs who serve and help the national teams both in the senior and junior cathegory in the training period before the World Cup and Culinary Olympics.

18 February 2015

Roberto Morúa Elliott - WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for the Americas

Roberto Morua C.C.
WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for the Americas

Roberto Morúa Elliott
*Culinary Cup, Costa Rica. Volunteer and official translator for international teams and judges.
*National Chef Association of Costa Rica. Started volunteer work with the Culinary Team. Working with the team and preparing for competitions. Started January 2013 to the date.
*WACS International Young Chef Challenge, Las Vegas, July 2013.
*WACS International Young Chef Challenge, Seoul, South Korea, November 2013. 2 Bronze Medals. Cold Food and Hot Food. Work with excellence award.
*Captain of the National Culinary Junior Team. Costa Rica
*Cooking Assistant for the National Culinary Senior Team. Costa Rica
*3 Silver medals (1st place Cold Food, 2nd place Junior Team) in National Competitions (Costa Rica), WACS and Academy of Culinary Professionals of the Americas.
*WACS Global Pastry Chef Challenge Assistant for Team Costa Rica. Stavanger, Norway. July 2014
*Cooking assistant for Chocolate and dessert classes, at the National Chef Association of Costa Rica

Why are you interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador?
I want my country to grow in the culinary environment. The Young Chefs, are an actively growing group in Costa Rica. I want them to have great opportunities to grow in their field. I want my country to be represented all over the world. I want to learn more and more every day, meet other Young Chef Ambassadors and exchange ideas with them.

What qualities do you bring to this role?
Sharing my passion: I want people around the world to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can be passionate about anything you do.
Sharing my culture: One of the best ways to know about a country is to see how their culture is like. Getting to know chefs from around the world has been an amazing experience for me. World Chefs is a great way to get to know people from around the world.

List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how you would go about achieving them? 
1.    I want to bring more Young Chefs to National Chef Association in Costa Rica, and help our association grow everyday.
2.    Meet other young chef ambassadors and listen from their experiences in their Young Chef Clubs, and how can we make each other grow.
3.    I also hope to inspire young chefs to give back by sharing their talents and knowledge to better their communities.  

17 February 2015

Adrian Vigus-Brown - WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for Africa

Adrian Vigus-Brown

  1. Why are you interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador?
  2. What qualities do you bring to this role?
  3. List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how you would go about achieving them? 

1)  I am interested in becoming a Young Chef Ambassador for the simple reasons that I wish to engage with, inspire, motivate, uplift and enlighten all young chefs regardless of their race, beliefs, financial standing and show them that being a chef is the proudest and most for filling job in the world, with that comes the opportunity to expand and build on the WorldChefs YCC model but here in Africa, I am also very fortunate to have the likes of Chef Billy Gallagher a telephone call away and I want to make his vision come true here in Africa more than anything, he would be so pleased and chuffed to see that happen

2)  The qualities I feel that would assist and push me in this role are, The ability to be confident enough to approach and engage with people from all walks of life, the ability to put my hands up and say I need help or advice, the ability to look past a person’s standing and assist them regardless, the ability to never accept a defeat not look down on a challenge, the ability to plan and execute tasks and roles timely and the biggest ability I feel is the one to accept that advice and assistance is vitally important and to always seek it but also to give it when someone requires it

3)  Objective 1: I would like to look to ensure during my term, that all WorldChefs Accredited associations within Africa have the plan of, or are implementing a YCC in their country and to ensure that they have the support they will need to make this happen
Objective 2: I would like to ensure that there is some form of skills/educational/social interchanging between the YCC’s not only in Africa but internationally to ensure that there is productive growth and social bonds between young chefs, as we all know and have been told, the bond of chefs last years, why don’t we forge these sooner rather than later
Objective 3: I would like to ensure that any tasks, objectives, responsibilities given to me by WorldChefs YCC are executed timely, professionally, prove to be meaningful to the cause and to ensure that I not only do my association proud, but to ensure that I make my mentors proud. I want to also be an example for all young chefs to look at and say nothing is impossible, passion, pride and dedication can get you to where you want to be   

The Countries within my reach are all Young Chefs Club within Africa and Middle East as of now those include:
Qatar, Liberia, Egypt, Namibia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Mauritius, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia,

16 February 2015

T.Y. Leung - WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia

T.Y. Leung - WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia

Culinary Examinations passed:
Jul 2007
The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
²  Basic Food Hygiene Certificate
Vocational Training Council (Career-oriented Curriculum)
²  Certificate in Fundamental Western Bakery and Pastry (Pass with Distinction)
Jun 2006  
The Royal Institute of Public Health
²  Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene (Pass with Credit)

Education Qualifications:

Sept 2013- present
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
²   Master of Science (MSc) in International Hospitality Management

Sept 2010-
Jan 2012
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
²  Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hotel Management with focused area in Food and Beverage Area (Second Class Honours, Division 1)
²  Learning gastronomic history of Mexican, Caribbean, Austrian & Hungarian of empire, Eastern Mediterranean and Russian
²  Did an honor thesis in individual and organizational characteristics impacting on chefs’ creativity
²   Research proposal was presented in the 2011 TOSOK International Tourism Conference organized by Tourism Sciences Society of Korea (TOSOK)
Sept 2007- Aug 2010
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan)
²  Higher Diploma in Hotel and Catering (Pass with Credit)
²  VTC Outstanding Students Award Scheme Nomination
²  Planned and organized the Japanese simulation operation

What quality could you bring to this role?
I am a young chef with an abnormal background from most of the young professionals in hometown. Most of the young chefs in Hong Kong have studied different culinary certificates after college, equipped with different professional culinary skill in school. However, I am now a degree holder of hotel management which focused in food and beverage side and now studying part-time for my master degree for International Hospitality Management. Throughout different working experiences in Spain, Hong Kong and my studies, I am able to manage most of the computer skills and settle the young chefs’ difficulties and proper kitchen management. With my unique background and qualification, it enables me to think out-of-the-box to achieve or recommend solutions.
I consider myself as self motivated and enthusiastic with good interpersonal skills. I am keen to take on position to work in any areas which offer me more responsibilities and challenges.

List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how you would go about achieving them? 
1.  To keep instant online and offline contact with every Young chefs club in Asia by online platform and attending to different WACS- based events or exhibition in Asia countries such as FHA...etc.

2.  One of my wants to fulfill the young chefs who desire to work overseas to gain experience would be my second objectives. Especially nowadays Asian teenagers are aiming to travel for work or go working holidays. We would like to create quality overseas working or staging program for different level of chefs such as student or professional to have a chance to work in their dream or desired restaurant with or without pay. Those restaurants may be very hard for them to reach out there. For example, a young professional cannot think of himself would be able to work in fat duck or other famous restaurant one day. If we could offer help to knock the door, they may have a different future. I have few experiences to sending young chefs to overseas for staging or work through our connections. To launch this program, we need to have different levels of interview or nominations regarding to different levels or requirements of restaurant.

3.  Another objective is to assist some of the countries to launch a young chefs club. And aims to develop and improve the young chefs movement in Asia through discussions and thought. And most importantly is to understand young chefs' needs and wants in different countries with different culture and background.

15 February 2015

Day 5 at Emirates Salon Culinaire 2015

14 February 2015

Day 4 at Emirates Salon Culinaire 2015

13 February 2015

Day 3 at Emirates Salon Culinaire 2015

12 February 2015

Day 2 at Emirates Salon Culinaire 2015

11 February 2015

Day 1 at Emirates Salon Culinaire 2015

06 February 2015

Young Chefs Club England - BCF La Parade des Chefs Gold Medal & Best in Class

BCF Junior Team England - La Parade des Chefs Champions 2015!

The Hospitality Show is the UK’s largest foodservice and hospitality show in the U.K. and consistently attracts an audience of nationwide senior decision makers, all eager to do business. The Hospitality Show is the must-attend event for any chef, hotelier, restaurateur, publican, café or deli owner looking for new products and ideas for their business. The show incorporates the British Cookery Championships which is one of the largest cookery contest of its kind, attracting teams of chefs from all over the United Kingdom.

Please find enclosed photo from the day.

The La Parade des Chefs is the renowned fine dining experience at the heart of The Hospitality Show. 2015 sees a brand new Junior Team Talent event. Teams of five juniors and one senior head chef operated a high spec kitchen and provided three-course meals for 100 covers during the show. The three course dining experience is run under competition rules. Under the guidance of Chef Mathew Shropshall the BCF Junior Team England Manager was successful in the paper judging round to gain only 1 of three places in the final beating every other college or University in the Country.

The team menu:
Pan-fried farmed halibut, crab ‘bon-bon’, pickled onion, radish and cucumber, Romanesco puree, seaweed crumb, dill velouté

Main Course
Peppered venison loin, pommes Anna, fennel and ginger, wilted greens, wild mushrooms, lamb’s sweetbreads, Port and rosemary jus

Valrhona orange chocolate mousse, orange jelly, blood orange sorbet, chocolate soil, crème anglaise, caramel wafer

The result Wednesday supports the great job everyone does at UCB in educating young chefs of tomorrow, also highlighting the standard in which the Grade 1 organisation teaches at!

The Team:
Junior Team England Manager Chef Mathew Shropshall
Junior Team England Chef Edward Marsh
Junior Team England Chef Jack Gameson
Chef Michael West
Junior Team England Chef Luke Duccia
Chef Anna Claringbull
Kitchen Porter/Chef Nathan Lane

The BCF Junior Team England Team competed against the Compass Group Culinary Team & U.K. Combined Services Junior Culinary Arts Team for the prestigious title and after feeding 100 covers took the title receiving Gold Medal and Best in Class award for the whole event.
Quote: Junior Team England Manager Chef Mathew Shropshall
"The five student chefs and 1 kitchen porter are an Inspiration to any young person looking for a career in the hospitality industry! I’m so proud to be involved and watch these talented chefs develop and move forward with their careers, it has been an honour to mentor them through the competition, being the first Chef lecturer to bring back to UCB gold Medal, Best in class at La Parade des chefs is very important and a real honour, all the students hard work paid off. The current BCF Young Chefs Academy is proving to support and develop young chefs of tomorrow!

Quote: Junior Team England Chef Jack Gameson, Former Savoy Trust Young Chefs Academy Student
"Amazing day, I learnt and experienced new skills, taking away some brilliant memories!"

This was a great achievement for Junior Team England being the highest award to date in a culinary competition, the next big competition will see the team compete in Eurfurt, Germany in 2016, before then is plenty of practicing.

05 February 2015

The Launch Event of Egypt Young Chefs Club

Young Chefs, Our Future

Mission of EYCC
To support young Egyptian chefs or Egyptians who wish to work in the food industry and related sectors. EYCC exists to develop their personal and professional skills.

Objectives EYCC

1) Promote the profession of chef among young Egyptians and nurture pride in the profession and the ambition to excel.

2) Provide guidance and mentorship programs for Young Egyptian Chefs so as to assist them in their careers.

3) Develop respect, team spirit and a readiness to share knowledge and experience among culinary colleagues.

4) Provide supplementary training and education for young Egyptians who are working as Young Chefs and wish to pursue a career in the food sector.

5) Promote Professional Chef Certification Programs among young Egyptians so they can acquire accredited titles that will assist them in developing their own careers.

6) Create scholarships and internships for Young Egyptian Chefs.

7) Promote Egyptian cuisine and products and thus protect Egypt’s food heritage.

Congratulatory well wishes from the big family of WorldChefs

On Saturday 31st of January a new baby was born - the Egypt Young Chefs Club - the youth arm of the Egyptian Chefs Association. Its official inauguration was celebrated at the Swiss Club in Cairo.

On a brilliant sunny day Egypt’s young chefs celebrated the launch of the Egypt Young Chefs Club. This is the realization of a dream of the nine member committee involved in its conception and development. Andy Cuthbert, Chairman of the Young Chefs Global Development Team for Worldchefs, had flown in from Dubai to attend the inspirational day and add his celebrity presence to the occasion. The day’s festivities were a marvellous celebration of Egypt’s young talent. 

The Egypt Young Chefs Club (EYCC) is the youth arm of the Egyptian Chefs Association. The new organization nurtures youthful talent in the food and beverage field and is reputed for its distinctive mission, excellent culinary standards and dedication to promoting continuous improvement in the profession.  The launch event brought many young Egyptian chefs together and provided a platform for the culinary professionals to interact, have fun and interact with the rising stars of their profession.

Committee members and their colleagues of the Egypt Young Chefs Club volunteered in preparing a delicious selection of canapés to welcome the guests. After the official inauguration speeches the guests enjoyed watching a slicing and dicing competition and then joined the chefs to watch Nubian musicians give a traditional song and dance display in the gardens. After all this excitement it was time for yet more food. The BBQ stations opened and offered a varied selection of Egyptian fair accompanied with interesting condiments. The festivities were concluded by the official cutting of the celebration cake prepared by the Cairo Marriott Hotel.
 The launch party was a celebration of the committee's aspiration to build a community where young professionals will enjoy an open society in which information exchange and networking are the hallmarks of its mission.
 The Egyptian Chefs Association wishes to say a big and sincere ‘Thank you’ to the main event sponsor Unilever Food Solutions. It also wishes to thank everyone who contributed to the successful launch of the Egypt Young Chefs Club.

To all the Young Chefs in Egypt we say Congratulations! The future is yours!

Membership in the Egyptian Young Chefs Club is open to young Egyptians between 16 and 28 years of age. They should be working in the food industry or related sectors or have a love of cooking and be dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of food preparation in Egypt. Membership is free of charge to those who are already members of the Egyptian Chefs Association.

To enroll: please contact the Egyptian Chefs Association for an application form or Visit: www.egyptchefs.com to download the application form.
Egyptian Chefs Association, Cairo office: 02 376 22 116 / 7 / 8 or 0106 552 7567
Email: amrfawaz@egyptchefs.com
Red Sea Chefs Chapter: Hurghada office, 065 3615920 or 0102 040 5677
Email: neveen.redsea@egyptchefs.com