11 December 2015

Vanuatu Young Chefs Club in action

Port Vila, Vanuatu, 24th September 2015



Chef Chris Bulememe attends Australia’s Fine Food Fair


In October 2014 Vanuatu launched the Young Chefs Club, and its Ambassador, local Chef Chris Bulememe, has been very busy fulling some interesting duties. He has organized the baking and distribution of muffins to the Port Vila Central Hospital’s children’s ward with other YCC chefs, he has been a Culinary Judge for the VIT Cookery students and more recently working with VIT Cookery students to provide delicious lunches at Nabanga Restaurant.


Chef Chris was invited to attend the Australian Fine Foods Fair alongside fellow Chefs Roslyn Tari, Alick Abel and Precilla Bakeo who competed in a pacific culinary competition. The opportunity to attend was too good to pass up, speaking of his experience, Chris said that having access to different kinds of food, seeing new techniques in cooking and trends in recipes was very interesting and exciting. “Attending the Fine Food Fair and the competition has encouraged me to try new creative ideas in my own cooking, hopefully my boss at Sunset Bungalows will be happy about that!” he said.


For the past 5 months Chris has lead a small team of Young Chefs Club members in mentoring and supporting the recent intake of VIT Cookery students. Every Wednesday for the past two semesters Chris has developed recipes alongside his own mentor, Chef David Holiday of Air Vanuatu Catering, and provided an excellent practical learning opportunity for the students cooking the public lunch at Nabanga Restaurant. With the support of the APTC Hospitality School and their students the team put together a lunch menu that is gorgeous, flavoursome and affordable. The partnership has been such a great success that Chef Chris and his small team will be back in the kitchen to prepare a gorgeous three course dinner menu on Wednesday nights from 7th October “We invite you to dinner, to support the students in their training who give up their time to do this because they want to succeed – we’d love to share with you some great food” said Chris.

04 November 2015

Share a Knife Project

Share a Knife Project is brought to you by the Young Chefs Development Team. Please collect sharpen and prepare a message for your knife to be shared with a deserving Young Chef somewhere in the world.
 Stand By for more on how you can Share a Knife with a Young Chef.


14 September 2015

Tiger Chen - Worldchefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia

We welcome our new addition onboard Worldchefs Young Chef Development Team
Tiger Chen, our Worldchefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia 

Tiger Chen Fong-Chen, was born on 15 August 1990 in Taichung city of Taiwan. I start my culinary journey cooking together with grandma when I was in 3rd Grade Elementary School. I have never looked back since.

At the age of 16, I stepped into a French kitchen working and applying the real education of culinary knowledge and skill for 4 years. After a year later, I went back for further studies at Jinwen university. During that same period, I also worked as a cook in Sherwood Hotel, Taipei City. I first joined competition after I finished my Bachelor of Food & Beverage Management, with over 10 awards from 2014. I then decided to go to Shoufu University to attain a Master Degree of Leisure & Recreation Management.

Tiger Chen
Worldchefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia

2015 - Current: 
Master Degree of Leisure & Recreation Management, Shoufu University, Taiwan

2011 - 2013: 
Bachelor of Food and Beverage Management, Jingwen University of Science Technics, Taiwan

1. Why are you interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador?
The opportunity to represent Taiwan in good standing as Young Chef Ambassador is trusted upon me
due to my previous work in guiding, mentoring and educating Young Chefs throughout my engagement and participation in activities of various natures related to culinary Art in my Association (TCA).
I have encountered, on many occasions, the opportunities to mentor others whiles observing the standard of cognitive and knowledge, enduring the possibility to further promote awareness whiles leading youngsters to achieve their ambition whiles promoting motivation to complete the task. In both social and educational fields, I have encounters the awareness of being not only a mentor but being hands-on leader as to further guide the culinary education, bringing together others in unison. 

2. What qualities do you bring to this role?
I strongly believe in my ability of team-building qualities, team management and its promotional aspect which I have strengthened during my current enrollment of attaining my Master’s Degree. I see myself as being proactive, be it communication or delegation. I would do follow-ups and make recommendations so as to enhance the core value of each member individually, and as a group. Through my participation in past culinary competitions on national and international stage, I am able to further motivate, mentor and promote through team-driven collaborations - the essence of an Ambassador. I hope to showcase the talent of our Association members and adhere to its core values, setting great examples for my peers.

3. List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how     you would go about achieving them? 
  • Culinary Arts / Competition Awareness / Fundamental Education

Motivate, Promote, Nurture and Mentor Young Chefs form educational establishment to actively engage in our trade, bring awareness to unite though pro-active participating in culinary competitions, charity events, cooking demonstrations on culinary, social and charity grounds. Relevant information to be submitted of completed task as reports towards Worldchefs Platform
  • Communication Channel, Marketing

To actively promote young chefs by digital means, media, social and charity work on national and international stage during competitions, congresses whiles communication via digital and media on national and international grounds. The communication channels enable me to advise, promote and share common grounds. Lease with other Country Ambassadors as to unite and participate on special projects which may be assigned whiles working hand-in-hand and share information to the betterment as whole. 
  •  Further Education / Exchange Programs

Liaise with educational establishment to promote and support when applicable exchange programs towards outstanding young chefs via the platform of Country Ambassadors. Invite Worldchefs members faculty Instructors to conduct educational lecture and demonstration as to promote trade and awareness of our industry   

02 September 2015

2015 Educational Summer Camp at Changbin Township, Taitung County

2015 Educational Summer Camp at Changbin Township, Taitung County

 The long awaited support in mentoring young students of Secondary Education at Changbin Township in the eastern region of Taitung County upon our mentors from the Taiwan Young Chefs on a volunteer basis came upon us on our arrival on 19 August.
As Changbin lies in the eastern region with coastal mountain range in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east, which is endowed with a long scenic coast and a temperate and humid climate ideal for rice plantation. The area is now dwelled by different ethnicities, including the indigenous Amis and Kavalan tribes, Han people from southern Fujian and the Hakka. Culinary as well as hospitality skills in regards to “Basic Restaurant English Conversation”, “Table Setting Manners”, and “Fundamental Knife Skills” are key learning domains during the culinary training camp.

The mentoring ideas were support by Chef Nick Yang, Po Wai whom serves in the Military Base located at the school in Changbin Invite this group of young chefs arrange this summer camp Ms. I-Ching Lee, Chef Tiger Chen, Fong Chen; and the attendance of young chef members Liao, Hui-Yi; Cai, Jia-Wei; Lin Tse-Wei; Karen Pei Jun Chen; Jordan Dai, Hao-Chun and Kuo, Chun-I and to emphasizing on the fundamental skills in practical, theoretical and oral understanding as to prepare for their future in supporting the event of its highest means towards young students to gain fundamental knowledge as to integrate them to our society further.

Our first day of the camp where used to gain fundamental knowledge of the attending youngsters as to determine each social and individual skills, followed by an introduction by the headmaster whiles understanding the core value of the learning domains. We understood that the learning domains which are highlighted through motivation are core existing.
Detailed progress in the first session of basic  F&B English conversation in a social and individual element where introduced by Ms. I-Ching Lee, with highlights of pronunciations and the meaning of sentences, its structure and approach to core names and basic  dialogues. Courtesy approach, tone and disciplines where highlighted as to give students the theoretical and social skills to enhance communication.      
The basics of table settings, napkin folding styles and table decoration in various aspects where lectured by Miss Karen Pei Jun Chen whiles using guided instructions as to follow each step to master the skills. Creativity, complexity and style are on individual aspects which gave students the skill to express their views and ideas in various settings.
Whiles preparing for the first cooking class, Chef Tiger Chen, Fong Chen gathered food commodities grown at the campus as to illustrate basic food commodities. He emphasized on the core structure in food preparation from the basic MEP to overseeing food hygiene as well as fundamental knife skills and basic food preparation. As to gain further in-depth understanding, illustration where drawn as to give a wider spectrum to follow. Passion towards cooking overcome the motivation as to improvise whiles plating food are explained on individuals preference and ideas. A variety of Chicken dishes were widely explored and skillful demonstrated with the help of our young students.
The morning of day two saw the culinary skills performed by Chef Alex who has demonstrated step-by step the preparation of Banana Cup Cakes. Baking to many is most enjoyable as to mix ingredients carefully weighted to ensure the perfect outcome. Kneading, cutting, whisking, slicing and whiles waiting watching the rise of the cupcake was to many enjoyable as the 5 sensories (touch, taste, look, hear and smell) came to life. Chef Alex highlighted as well the aspect of safety whiles engaging youngsters in questionnaires with guided feedbacks. Fruits, its usage of varieties where evaluated and used to create own ideas such as fruit jellies, biscuits roulades and tarts.
During the afternoon, Chef Jordan demonstrated a variety of Seafood and Vegetables which were explored as to use simple cutting skills as well as easy to use cooking methods. Outlined information on plating with colorful vegetables where highlighted as to give the dish its creativity. Similarity of types of fishes where highlighted and evaluated of their structure and conformities. The use of heat source in the cooking method was reviewed and carefully explained.
On our third day, we have engaged our students to prepare a Charity Luncheon whiles reviewing core food commodities. As to engage everyone, our chefs have prepared a wide selection of food ingredients as to cater for a perfect meal. Learned skills which we demonstrated previously where repeated and individuals where guided with the support of our young chefs. Table settings were skillfully placed which gave our classroom the perfect ambience of a dining room.  
The three day event and third culinary summer camp has mentored secondary school students the basics of culinary as well as hospitality skills in regards to “Basic Restaurant English Conversation”, “Table Setting Manners”, and “Fundamental Knife Skills” which were key learning domains during the culinary training camp. We have witnessed that through motivation, communication and demonstration, individuals from 13-16 years of age have enhanced their fundamental knowledge. Various activities in group performance have engaged all of us to share ideas, learn from each other’s whiles identifying and enhancing our skills. A Certificate of attendance was issued to all students as to further enhance motivation and lifelong learning approach.

Our sincere appreciation goes to all participating young chefs under the guidance of Ms. I-Ching Lee and Chef Tiger Chen with the support of Chef Nick Yang. We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the School Administrative and Headmaster of the Secondary School of Changbin Township as to let as be part of the education and the mentoring towards their students. The entire event was very beneficial to both the students and us as to further understand individual needs whiles exploring opportunities.

10 August 2015

Myanmar Flood Victims Need Urgent Support

MCA and WCWB urgently request your support towards these missions as part of a Relief Aid Plan that will provide 90 bag rice (1/2 bag a family for 2 weeks), 180 kg salt, 2,500 litre water and clothing.  The target date is August 19, 2015. This Plan will aid 165 households and 801 residents in the worst flood hit areas.

MCA and WCWB’s team of 16 chefs and 6 volunteers have just returned from Hintata Township after sending flood relief needs. A second trip is already underway to the Hintada Town where relief needs are being loaded on to a river boat to take the items to Kyaun Tay Village an hour away.  Products of great need include 2,340 litre water, 160 bags of rice, 320 kg salt, 2,500 pieces of clothing, 1,200 port balachaung, fish paste, dried noodles, cookies and cough medicine.
Again, time is of the essence to save the people afflicted by the flooding in Myanmar.
Please join MCA and WCWB in their Flood Aid Mission and Relief Aid Plan.                                                                             
We also urge you and/or your WORLDCHEFS member organization/association/federation to raise support through fundraising events, dinners, group or individual donations and forward immediately to World Chefs Without Borders at:  https://www.worldchefs.org/WorldChefs-Without-Borders  

For updates and further information visit 
Facebook: World Chefs Without Borders                                                    
Contact: Willment Leong, 
WCWB Committee Chairman at mobile +66817355800 or willment@hotmail.com

17 July 2015

Join us for our Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum 2016 in Greece

Young Chefs, you should already be submitting your Annual Leave application, 
Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum awaits you. 
24 - 27 September 2016. Thessaloniki, Greece!

13 July 2015

Traits of a Great Chef















08 July 2015

Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum 2016

Come and Join us at our 
2016 Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum
24 -27 September, 2016
Thessaloniki, Greece

Get updates from our website: www.wacsyoungchefs.blogspot.com

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge 2015

21 teams, 14 countries, one trophy. The team that inspired the most innovative revolution in high tea and emerged the...
Posted by Dilmah School of Tea Alumni on Sunday, 5 July 2015

07 July 2015

Dr Bill Gallagher's Book: Lettuce and a Lady's Breast

The much anticipated book from Dr Bill Gallagher is out now, have you ordered yours yet?

Here is the official link for the book trailer on Bill Gallagher's TV channel

Please see below promotional links to the website and Facebook.

05 July 2015

The establishment of China National Culinary Team in the Olympic German cooking contest

After 22 years of absence China will once again send a National Culinary Team to compete at the 2016 Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany.

The CCA is proud to present to the world the greatness of China's diverse food culture and wide ranging cuisine. A pallet of flavours and rich culinary culture unlike any other, China will stun and amaze the world with our national culinary teams presentations of our truly unparalleled national cuisines.  - Said President Jian Jun Xiang.
Team Consultant Rick Stephens said some of the keys to success for China on their quest for Olympic glory will be firstly, to adapt Chinese cuisine to the requirements and parameters of the event. As an example, adapting to individual plated dishes instead of family style service. Working together to create a champion unified team with a single vision will be the first order of business to create a solid foundation for the team to work towards their combined vision.
Culinary legend and China’s Living National Treasure Chef Yao Yan Li has agreed and committed his time as a mentor to the newly formed China National Team. Chef Li, a 57 years veteran of the Chinese culinary arts was a member of the 1988 team that competed in Frankfurt. This was the only other time China had made an appearance at the Culinary Olympics. His commented, with fond memories, that it was like a long-awaited dream come true to have China appear at the Culinary Olympics for a second time. He was very proud and humbled to be part of this truly historic moment in China culinary journey.


 Pictures taken by Quan Yi Bin

中国新闻网 2015-07-05 01:29  0 
中新网北京7月4日 (记者长忠)中国国家烹饪队4日在北京正式成立。此举为参加2016年德国奥林匹克烹饪大赛准备。

Translated Message:
The establishment of China National Culinary Team in the Olympic German cooking contest

Beijing BEIJING, July 4 (reporter Liu Changzhong) 

4th Chinese National Culinary Team was officially established in Beijing. This preparation for participation in the 2016 Olympics in Germany cooking contest.

German Olympic Cooking Competition was founded since 1900 to date, has experienced hundreds of years of development, is currently the world's top international chefs Federation certified professional events.

Reporters from the inauguration day learned Chinese Ministry of Commerce in 1988 and 1996 consisting of representatives of China's national culinary team participated in the seventeenth and nineteenth Olympic German cooking contest, made seven individual gold medals, a silver medals and a bronze medal and a team bronze medal. 

Vice president of China Cuisine Association frontier at the inaugural ceremony that day, said, in recent years, with the improvement of China's comprehensive national strength and international influence of Chinese food culture has gradually increased, Chinese cuisine has become a trend of global share. Meanwhile, a large number of Chinese chefs and virtuosity of modern philosophy to the fore, fully equipped to compete with international counterparts top international competitions in strength.

He said, by showing the international top event arena long and profound Chinese cultural heritage and advancing cooking skills, strengthen cultural exchanges and art world counterparts to enhance national confidence and cohesion of the industry, after a lapse of 20 years, China's decision to set up the China Cuisine Association National Culinary Team, participated in 2016 in Erfurt, Germany held the 25th Olympic German cooking contest.

According to reports, in order to accurately grasp the essentials of international competition, better to show the level of modern Chinese art, Chinese Cuisine Association was commissioned by the World Kitchen Union Asia Chairman Rick Stephens who serves as the Chinese National Culinary Team General Counsel; former German Olympic Cooking Competition Chinese national team's central figure calyx Yin Ge Li Yaoyun and two masters of China's national culinary team as technical advisor were also invited to the panel.

China Cuisine Association has already singled 10 national cooking team training team members, but the selection process continues. China Cuisine Association, said from across the country within the selection to represent the Chinese standards, excellent, high-quality young chef to participate at the competition.