30 September 2014

Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat winners score Bocuse d’Or stint

Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat winners score Bocuse d’Or stint

18 September, 2014 Danielle Bowling

Queensland South duo Tara Bain and Rachel Male.

Queensland South duo Tara Bain and Rachel Male were last night named the national winners of the 2014 Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat competition.

Bain and Male, from The Brisbane Club, achieved three gold medals to take out the title, and were awarded a trip to Europe that will include a stint in Lyon, France at the world’s most prestigious cooking competition, the Bocuse d’Or World Final.

During the National Final, the duo competed against seven other chef teams, creating a three-course meal in four hours.

Bain and Male were awarded medals for culinary excellence to World Chefs globally approved standards, claiming gold medals for their entrée, main and dessert dishes.

A record number of budding young chefs entered this year’s competition. It received 30 percent more entrants than last year, with standout registration volumes from New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland in particular.

Chef registrations represent apprentices working in an array of establishments, from clubs and pubs to award winning, fine dining restaurants.

Mark Clayton, executive chef at Nestlé Professional said “Our objective is the same now as it was in 1965 - to offer young chefs a spring-board for their career development - so it's extremely encouraging to see so many chefs step up this year, to put themselves forward and give it a go.”




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On September 25 Worldchefs President Gissur Gudmundsson took part in “Delivering Zero Hunger – Demonstrating Impact”, a high level meeting held during United Nations’ General Assembly in New York, USA.

This momentous event and President’s engagement of behalf of Worldchefs and its members, has undoubtedly brought World Association od Chefs Societies a step closer to achieving its mission in Feeding the Planet, creating sustainable solutions within the culinary industry, while empowering Chefs to become change agents and realise what impact they have and what responsibility comes with it.

Started as an action call named “Zero Hunger Challenge” under the guidance of UN’s General secretary Mr Ban ki-Moon in 2012, this year’s summit gathered representatives from UN’s member states, international and UN’s organisations, private and governmental sector and civil society, to provide a platform for #ZeroHunger champions to benchmark transformative partnership, showcase innovative actions and to announce new commitments.

After receiving Secretary General’s letter assigned to Worldchefs members during the Worldchefs 2014 Congress in Norway, signing the Zero Hunger Declaration shortly after in Paris, and taking part in the meeting in New York, Worldchefs President Gissur Gudmundsson commented:

“Knowing the potentials but also the challenges food industry has been facing with, I was delighted to take part in such an important assembly, where I had an opportunity to learn and network, as well as underline the substantial role of Chefs in the Challenge and their contribution to the solution. What I have learned is that only strong partnerships between powerful, like-minded individuals, companies and organisations of various profiles can make a true difference at global scale. Nevertheless, after several milestone action steps between Worldchefs, Zero Hunger and other UN agencies that preceded the event in NY, and now after meeting so many exceptional individuals, I strongly believe we are closer to make a meaningful alliance and create joint projects that will benefit the world!”



29 September 2014

3rd Edition of SICA Culinary Competition and Exhibition 2014

Ngapali MCA – Rakhine Tourism – Season Opening Dinner

9.9.2014 - Ngapali Beach Pre Season gathering of Tourism Leaders – Rakhine Tourism:

“... EVIAN Waters and Preium Food Services sponsored the 2014 -- Ngapali MCA – Rakhine Tourism – Season Opening Dinner
, at Ngapali Beach the pristine Beach Location in South East Asia – Myanmar “/.
Mr. Jan from Evian – Danone , Mrs Wang Li Jun, Mrs Ei Phyo Khine of Premium Food Service initiated this second year get together at Ngapali Tourism Destination Hotel & Restaurant  community with Myanmar Chefs Association Rakhine.....Second time after last years gathering in Ngapali ,- we thank all three for all arrangements at near season a great chance to have all important and friendship people and leading person come together before the great storm of ever growing Tourism numbers arrive in a view days to Ngapali Beach. 
Chef Oliver E Soe Thet and team with Laguna Chef Htwe Min Soe cooked a feast of east meets west, with top culinary products , combined with over 80 % local ingredients from Rakhine State – season but specially  the best and most fresh seafood of Rakhine State out of the Bay of Bengale.... // While the service was taken care by Mrs Pun Sue Aung and team.
Grand Menu at Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel / Beach Front :
- Pizza and Rey Bread with Lemmon Pepper Butter
- Sashimi of Spanish Mackerel
- Cream of Pumpkin with Vintage New Zealand cheese 
- Rakhine Potato Salad and – Basil Tomato Salad
- King Sea bass on Puccini White Wine cream, duo of Lentils and Polenta
- Rich Chocolate Mousse on Orange – Chili Banana and Raspberry sauce
- Fruit
Some more news soon ,  yours
Ngapali Beach Myanmar Chefs Association
Rakhine State – Myanmar
Myanmar Chefs Association, Ngapali  9.9.2014

Fonterra Brands, 1st Pastry Master Class in Myanmar

Today News from Myanmar Chefs Association

"Fonterra Brands, 1st Pastry Master Class in Myanmar"  with
World Gourmet Summit Finalist 2014,- " Pastry Chef Steven Ong " at Premium Food Service – Professional Master Kitchen,  Yangon, 24th & 25th September 2014
clip_image002  clip_image004                clip_image006
Fonterra Brands - Myanmar arranged the First Ever " Pastry Master Class " to Myanmar - with the aim to have more such pastry classes in the next month s - resulting in Pastry Training & Competitions andfinally to the,-
" Fonterra Pastry - Cup Myanmar, 3.6. to 5.6.2015 "
at Food & Hotel Myanmar,- 2nd Myanmar Culinary Arts Challenge 2015 Yangon.
Mr. Brian from Fonterra Myanmar brought World Gourmet Summit Finalist of 2014, Chef Steven Ong to the  Premium Food Service - Master & Show Kitchen, at Aung San Stadium Yangon. A place best known to all Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Myanmar for educational and vocational training to Myanmar s hospitality industry since years. In a best " Win - Win " as usual Premium Food Service offered the venue for this training and joined into an all over training equipment setup with Fonterra Brands Myanmar,-- independence from Equipment supplier a new positive trend in Myanmar for Culinary competitions and culinary trainings ( as also seen already from the Htoo Hotels Group set up all their 14 Chefs stations for their Culinary Challenge event 11.9.2014 by them self as from equipment supplier side in Myanmar commitments to training and competitions for the young generation of our Industry is still extreme low to not existing at all ).
More easy to set equipment for a training or competition in Yangon now….,--- Free from equipment supplier s daily often changing moods, - these equipments are now available at any time for more training, show & competition events for Myanmar Chefs, Pastry Chefs & the whole hospitality industry of Myanmar. Fonterra Brands Myanmar & Premium Food Service did a onetime investment and the way is free now for a series of pastry and chefs trainings in Myanmar.  
First ever Pastry Master Class in Myanmar
( request your DVD on the pastry training program from angel@myanmar.com.mm )
SHATEC  Singapore s  assistant Director in Culinary Studies ( Pastry & Bakery ) Pastry Chef Steven Ong, there in charge for the Diploma programs and also the owner of " Center Patisserie Singapore " ( Center Ps ) for customized desserts, chocolates and pastry came to Yangon for this 2 days Pastry Master Class sponsored by Fonterra Brands Myanmar and Premium Food Service and in cooperation with the Myanmar Chefs Association and the here MCA Pastry Alliance Myanmar.  Top Myanmar pastry Chefs from different Hotels and different  tourism destinations were invited. Arrangements by HR and management of Bayview Beach Ngapali - Rakhine State Tourism, Shangri - La, Micasa , Kandawgyi Palace, Chatrium, Savoy, Belmond the Governors, Parkroyal, Summit Parkview, Acaia, El Dorado, Seasons Bakery, International Pastry & Bakery Training Center Myanmar supported with two pastry chefs each for such a unique, for Myanmar very fist time ,-  but very important Pastry Master Training.
The two days Pastry program included the topics:
- Petit Gateau - French Pastry ( Chocolate & Citrus Cheese Gateau  & Hazelnut Pralines & Feuilletine Gateau )
- Entremets / Cakes                     ( Flaming Red Velvet Cake & Blueberry Cheese Crumble )
- Patisserie                                        ( Passion Fruit Meringue Tart )
- Petites Fours                                ( Caramel & Fleur de Sel Macron & Raspberry Macron 
Viennoiserie                                  ( Croissant )
- Plated Dessert                      ( Pan - glazed Sarawak Pineapple with cream cheese sherbet )
- Hot Savory                           ( Quiche Loraine )
So Chef Steven Ong with all his international expertise and experience from Tokyo - Japan, Las Vegas - USA, Lyon - France, had a lot of talks also on the use of the right and best ingredients as " Japan Flour " as softer, the difference and challenges between a typical bakery oven compared with a convection oven as Rational or Electrolux and others. Here at the spot noticed that everyone should be very careful when China made products are offered, as just here seen with a brand new Baking Oven,- in the details was the Devil - a shown 180 Degree Celsius came out as 130 Degree only in real. A direct on steel or metal only system had negative results at baking process compared to stone based one.
So the many tips and tricks from the many year experience by Chef Steven Ong caught the big interest of the Myanmar pastry chefs, noted down direct next to a full Pastry Recipe book to all chefs provided by Stephen Ong.  From MCA we had Seasons Bakery Master Chef Istvan Madai and Oliver E Soe Thet joining the event.
" Fonterra Pastry Cup - Myanmar, 3.6. to 5.6.2015 "
at Food & Hotel Myanmar,- 2nd Myanmar Culinary Arts Challenge 2015 Yangon
Mr Brain of Fonterra Bands Myanmar discussed with MCA members the set up of several more such Pastry Master Classes which would have at each end a small pastry competition at WACS standard judging,- a several month s ongoing pastry challenge 2014 / 2015 which will result in the final Myanmar s latest Pastry Challenge event the " Fonterra Pastry Cup - Myanmar 2015 " in conjunction with the Myanmar Culinary Arts Challenge 2015 during Food & Hotel Myanmar   , 3rd June to 5th June 2015 at Yangon s latest Convention Center in People s Park near Sanchaung & Shwedagon Pagoda ( Queen Shin Saw Phu street ).
Premium Professional Show Kitchen for sure an excellent venue for the Master Classes and pre competitions, with all equipment there now a best working condition to boost the vocational training for young Myanmar,- chefs and pastry chefs alike.
A Dick Professional Knife set will be awarded to the Winner (400 $ US worth)
Pastry Chefs register for next Master Class - December:
We like you to spread the word already today and activate many Pastry Chefs to train and prepare for the first and upcoming Pastry Master Classes and Competitions, the first one we plan in the first or second week of December 2014. Contact the Myanmar Chefs Association, MCA Office at 01 532278 / 09 513 8411 and best by e mail:angel@myanmar.com.mm - also visit www.myanmarchefs.wordpress.com by VP Chef Andrew@Tin Shwe  and MCA Face Book account by Chef Than Naing Tun.
In a best team work system Pastry Chef Stephen Ong arranged all the 26 pastry chefs at beginning each team of two got a recipe to measure and do the mise an place,- than one by one was worked and trained through with the whole group,- hands on training and vocational pastry education. In between always time to discuss among all the young Myanmar pastry chefs and Chef Stephen Ong.
We all like to thank Fonterra Brands Myanmar, Mr Brian and his team and Premium Food Service Company and all staff involved, for the fantastic opportunity to have Master Pastry Chef Stephen Ong in Yangon for this most valuable and pastry team building " Pastry Master Class ". A sure benefit for the whole hospitality Industry of Myanmar, the young generation of Myanmar pastry chefs and at the end a real benefit to the growing Tourism Industry of Myanmar as a real capacity building program,-- just the first one and the plan set for early December to continue and upgrade until the golden Final the looking forward to see you all active and training……
 " Fonterra Pastry Cup - Myanmar, 3.6. to 5.6.2015 ", in Yangon

With best Culinary and here Sweet Greetings, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
National Training & Certification Committee member
Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders
Yangon 24.9.2014 - Myanmar 

28 September 2014

Young Chef Ambassador Rasmus Munk is cooking up some really great cuisine

Worldchefs President was honoured to take part in Delivering ZeroHunger meeting at United Nations Headquarters

23 September 2014

Highlights from the UAE Real High Tea’s Gold Medal winners

22 September 2014



The time has come to reveal the International Chefs Day 2014 theme: PASS IT ON!
Each year, on October 20, Worldchefs and its members celebrate the International Chefs Day. This important date goes hand in hand with an annual theme, aimed at giving pride and honor the profession, while using the opportunity to make a positive change within Chefs vocation, local communities and beyond.
This year is no different. What is more, the 2014 International Chefs Day theme comes with a twist and is named: PASS IT ON.
The 2014 “PASS IT ON” theme aims to potentiate the importance of knowledge and skills exchange, while underlining communication, open-minded approach and action for a cause, as one of the key elements to achieve sustainable development, preserve Chefs legacy, and nevertheless – make a good deed.
As the slogan states, Chefs all ranks and age around the world have been called up to pass on their knowledge and know-hows, while bearing in mind a meaningful impact they have on sustainability and society in general, and what an important role they play as mentors, change agents and humanitarian pioneers at global scale.
In the light of how to give this year’s festivity a more significant meaning, Worldchefs President Gissur Gudmundsson adds:  
“Example of what you can do is go to schools and pass on your knowledge, work with humanitarian aids on a local level, surprise kids in kindergartens, visit hospitals, orphanages... and bring back smiles to less fortunate ones. Once you hang up your Chefs jacket think about your actions, have they made a difference in the end of the day, and ultimately share your story with us”.
October 20 is your day Chefs, share your skills, passion and joy, and PASS ON your story to us: editorial@worldchfes.org

New issue of Worldchefs Magazine Sept - Nov 2014 is out.

Worldchefs to select most sustainable restaurant in the world in 2015

Global chefs, who rarely venture out of the kitchen, are finally coming out to speak globally on an issue that they are responsible for: wasting food in the kitchen.
“We want to cut down on kitchen waste. We want to encourage people to use smaller plates. It has been estimated that 30 per cent of food on a plate is wasted,” Gissur Gudmundson, President of the World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) told the Business Times in Male, capital of the Maldives, in a recent interview.

Gissur Gudmundson
“We want to teach people how a difference can be made by using a 21 cm plate against a 24 cm plate. Customers need not worry about the size of the plate … they will fill it anyway but won’t eat all the food on the plate,” he said. The next few years would be focused on sustainable development, he added.
Gudmundson, who hails from Iceland, was attending a Chefs Culinary Challenge competition in the Maldives on August 24-26 which coincided with a 3-day Food and Hospitality Asia 2014 exhibition last month.
He said they were preparing a new curriculum with the support of Unilever for culinary schools on sustainability. “I think we should even go further and teach sustainability in kindergartens because the next generation can make a difference even if we are unable to.”
Chefs, he said, in many ways are planning to change the world towards sustainable development through UN recognition of its profession and creating awareness on ways of minimising food waste in all aspects to help planet Earth. Selecting the most sustainable restaurant in the world is also on the cards.
The organisation with 10 million chef-members in 100 countries is due to sign a cooperation agreement with the United Nations this month aimed at securing recognition for the profession.
“We have set up rules to select the most sustainable restaurant in the world and that would happen next year on October 20 International Chefs Day,” he said, adding that Worldchefs is also working on a good food and nutrition (chart) for children. “This is where we want the support of the UN.”
He said chefs need more recognition as their responsibility is similar or more than what a doctor is to society. “For example we deal with food and that is a huge responsibility – we can kill if we want to. Every time a customer walks into a restaurant, he puts his life in our hands.”
On challenges faced by the profession, he said healthy food was the key to the future. “The demand has come from the customer seeking healthy food; you go to a restaurant and you want a good choice of vegetables.”
He said chefs have been ignoring this aspect of food in the past and the challenge now is in giving them the proper education. “That’s the reason why we have started with many seminars in the world – teaching people more about nutrition, sustainability and health.

2014 Nestlé Golden Chef's Hat Award

Events at ICCA Dubai: Dilmah High Tea Challenge


21 September 2014

Spearheading and raising awareness of the American Culinary Federation Young Chefs Club

 Well done Josh! Keep up the great work there in the USA! We look forward to hearing from all of you the great accomplishments your team are achieving. Do share your updates with us.

Monday September 6th, our Young Chefs Club Vice President, Josh Winokur CJC, traveled to the Art Institute of Philadelphia to speak to a couple of classes to educate them on the new and coming Young Chefs Club and its benefits. 

Josh spoke about the infrastructure, networking opportunities and upcoming plans for the combined regional conference being held in Baltimore MD in February. Josh also spoke about the local chapter which he is an active member in (Delaware Valley Chefs Association/ACF Philadelphia Chapter) and the member benefits on a local level. 

When closing his lecture, Josh gave some advice that he has learned over time 
Focus on the basics and classical techniques” and 
Your passion leads to your drive”. 

Thank You to Chef Roger Kelly CEC, AAC and The Art Institute of Philadelphia for this great opportunity. 

The Myanmar Chefs Association Women's Chapter

The Myanmar Chefs Association Women's Chapter

September 2014

Chef Moe Moe Khaing

Chef Moe Moe Khaing born in 1983 in Yangon started her career at the Sedona Hotel in 1999,- the family well-known in Culinary art as her brother is one of the few excellent Fruit & Vegetable carvers of Myanmar - apparently working still in middle-east since over 10 years as so many talented and now best international trained Myanmar Chefs….

In mid 2005 Chef Moe Moe Khaing went to middle-east to gain more international experience a time when in Yangon and most Myanmar good chefs and international chefs were rare due to the financial Asian situation as well due to many local owner did not see the importance of capacity building in the human resource rich hospitality industry.

Chef Moe Moe Khaing joined the " Fruit & Habtoor Grand Resort and SPA in Dubai - U.A.E for French and Italian fine dining, in 2005 she came back and joined the Summit Parkview for a while - just to have the second set of international culinary training and more experience from international well known chefs as in Myanmar still there was a big lack of a top culinary scene and she went back to Dubai again, until mid-2014.

Quickly she rose to fame in the Middle East, by winning several bronze and silver medals and top awards in the middle-east culinary competitions over the past years as individual as well as team member plus the special awards as.
Female Chef of the year 2008,

Best Hygiene Chef in 2013,

Gold medals " 1. Prize" as team member in 2012 and 2013,-

International Train the Trainer certification 2014,

Chef in charge for several Mediterranean Kitchens

These are just some stations Chef Moe Moe Khaing mastered with excellence in her young live.

Sure Chef Moe Moe Khaing is a good candidate for the 2015 upcoming invitations to Myanmar chefs and international culinary competitions in the Asian region. She loves food competitions and the challenge which comes with it.

"….. I am proud of our Country Myanmar and that is why I want to improve myself all the time and so to improve our country Myanmar for a better future…", she said  "….. Now I love to work in Myanmar and be with MCA and like to work hard to become a famous Chef in Myanmar... ", Chef Moe Moe Khaing continues.

At the age of 10, she joined the daily cooking of her mother and day by day it became clear to her that " To be a good Chef one day " was her vision. It proves that most good chefs in the world come back to their mothers excellent cooking and seasoning skills what so ever cuisine it is -- does not matter,- the training of the pallet and to make the most of little - make people happy through food is what a mothers - most mothers daily challenges and so happiness is.

Chef Moe Moe Khaing told us that she enjoys every minute cooking and loves to create new dishes and food for others.

She just came back from Middle-east and will start soon to work in Myanmar at a fine Dining kitchen preferred. At present she takes some time off but not to just do nothing -- direct she joined the Young Chefs Myanmar and the Food safety workshop, the Pastry training project and supported MCA event on 20.8.2014 with USDA and US Trade for Myanmar Cuisine with US Products and Traditional Myanmar Cuisine promote to USA cities and restaurants.      

A few minutes working together with Chef Moe Moe Khaing and she will show you all the experience she has not much words but jobs get done in a flash, clean and highly professionally done,- and the ability to think around the corner and for others ahead of issues, with mostly a solution already at hand.

This is an ability not easy to find in Myanmar - so it is an essential tool for a chef to stay the daily challenges and pressure at a job which is not always easy, which does not always fits into social activities where the close friends are already.  

Chef Moe Moe Khaing sure has the right spirit, big experience of international top fine dining and the right human attitude to grow big in the hospitality of Myanmar soon.

We wish her all the luck - our full support & culinary trust she gained within a shortest time already happy to have her around, among the many other young Myanmar chefs of a great generation - ready to take the helmet in the near future and lead Myanmar Hospitality independent as Culinary over experts at international standards.

For info only, we will have such feature now monthly in the MCA Myanmar Chefs website 

15 September 2014

Global Chef 2016

Young Chefs Clubs around the world, please kindly share this with your members.

Click HERE to download the 21-page PDF document of the GLOBAL CHEF 2016


Global Chef  2016 
The semifinals in 2015 will be a 3 course menu for 6 persons – your region 2015 
The world final in 2016 will be a 4 course menu for 12 persons – Athens, Greece 2016 
The Global Chefs Challenge is an international cooking contest that is open to all member countries of the World Association of  Chefs Societies that have fully paid their membership dues. To select your country’s candidate, it would be envisaged that each country would select their current ‘Chef of the Year ‘or major competition winner.  

The semifinal would then be a 3 hours cooking competition + service for 6  people and held as a Continental Semi Final in your region.  

The World Final would then, become a 6:45 hours (included serving) for 12 people and would be at the Worldchefs Congress 2016 in Athens, Greece. 

The World Association of Chefs Societies does not charge an entry or application fee for this event. 

CANDIDATES  At the end of each Worldchefs Congress, a new competition will begin in each Worldchefs country. The following year each continental region of Worldchefs will stage its final (the semi‐finals) to select one single continental candidate from each region of Worldchefs to participate in the World Final. 

• The semifinal will be a one person competition and only cooking for 6 persons.  
• For the World Final : Each of the seven finalists can bring an apprentice/student/commis to assist them who must be born after January 1st  1991, passport as verification will be sort with the final entry.  
• The apprentice/student/ commis will be permitted to assist on the whole menu. • The resulting costs will be the competitors’ or countries’ responsibilities. 

• A photocopy of the competitors’ passports must accompany their entries into the World  Final competition and that of their assistants as well. 
• The world finalist must supply the organizer with a recent CV of themselves and their assistants these must be sent to the Director of the Global Competitions and the Worldchefs Head Office General Manager 

Congratulations on the formation of Young Chefs Club Czech Republic


Over the last year Junior club hosted many interesting activities. Among the most important are picking up the membership and participation of new schools in the activities of Junior club. Created a new project Culinary Arts and realized several successful courses in Bidvest gastrostudio.

Photo Gastro Junior

In February 2014 the seminar took place by Junior Academy of pastry skills under the supervision of a member of the Bidvest Gastro Team Carolina KOCIÁNOVÁ, patisserie chef at Kempinski. In early June, Junior Academy seminar  performed the subject of barbecue under the leadership of owner and chef of Grill Steak Jaroslav Honzajk. The upcoming seminar was in October on the topic of Fish and familiarize students to new input of competition Gastro junior TOR. BLACK BOX. For more information and video can be found on www.gastrostudio.cz and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTaS5c11iaE.

Photo Junior Academy

Foto Junior Academy

The biggest news of this school year 2014/2015 of educational project is the establishment of Culinary Arts Mr. Jiří Roith. This project has involved more than ten schools from September, it will teach vocational subjects precisely according to the methodology of culinary art. For more information and an introductory video can be found on the www.kulinarskeumeni.cz or https://www.facebook.com/kulinarskeumeni.cz .

On 18 June took place in Brno gala transmission plaques Golden Czech hands, which were awarded the winners Bidvest Gastro Junior for cooking and baking skills. The prize took Jana Drobílková of centers of practical training at Intercontinental Prague and Jan Horak from the Private Hotel School Bukaschool Ltd. in Most.  We congratulate to both students and wish all the best in their future career.
Photo Czech hands

 Thank you for your support and look forward to cooperate…
Junior klub AKC ČR

KYRLAKIS KOSTANTINOS - Young Chef Ambassador Cyprus

WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Team welcomes our newest Ambassador KYRLAKIS KOSTANTINOS from Cyprus.

KYRLAKIS KOSTANTINOS currently works at Four Seasons Hotel Mavromatis/Vivaldi restaurants. 

·         Silver Metal  on the Cyprus Gastronomic Culinary Competition in 2010 Organized by Cyprus Chef Association (CCA)
·         1st Award on Anti-Pasto at the International Culinary Competition ( Grand Trofeo d’oro  ) that took place at Brescia in Italy
·         3rd Award as a team on the same competition in Italy
·         Silver metal on the Cyprus Gastronomy Culinary Competition in 2012 Organized by Cyprus Chef Association (CCA)
·         Participation on the 8th International Culinary Competition of Southern Europe organised by the Chefs Club of Northern Greece
·         Silver metal on live competition at  the International Young Chef Challenge  organised by  The Korean Cooks Associations (KCA)
·         Silver metal on aspic  buffet  at  the International Young Chef Challenge  organised by  The Korean Cooks Associations (KCA)
·         Young Chef of the Year on the  Gastronomy Culinary Competition in 2014 Organized by Cyprus Chef Association (CCA)

Why are you interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador?

I am interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador because I would like to be involved in the evolution of my profession. Also, I would like to represent my country to the global level. Furthermore, I would like to meet other Young Chefs Ambassador from all over the world and Learn from them.

What qualities do you bring to this role?

Firstly, one of the qualities I bring to this role is my passion for cooking which I had since I was a child.

Secondly, another quality of mine is the tremendous passion that I have to every task that I am being assigned to fulfill and do my best
Thirdly, one more quality that I am a team player, I learn in the hotel where I work now, that you can’t succeed anything alone, you have to work as a team and everyone has to work harmoniously to ensure the timely production of quality food.

Last but not least, a quality that I have is humanity, my parents uphold strongly in me about the well-being of humanity, to give my time and the available resources that I have to other human beings that can’t afford some essential needs.
List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how you would go about achieving them? 

Three of the objectives that I wish to achieve in my 2-year term as Ambassador are:
·         to socialize and make good relations with other Young Chefs from all over the world.
·         to achieve is to make Cyprus Culture, Gastronomy and some of the traditions known to the rest of the world and learn from other Young Chefs their culture and their gastronomic revolution through the years .
·         to achieve in my tenure as the Ambassador of Cyprus is to participate in world chefs competition and congress’s and promote the ethos of my region club.