26 May 2013

2nd Annual Youth Chef Table , 10th April 2013

YCCMalaysia - 2nd Annual Youth Chef Table , 10th April 2013 , A lifetime experience in the world of banqueting

Expanding my culinary knowlege from the YCCI Herbs and Spices Field Trip

Hello! Greetings to all the Young Chefs around the world

It’s us from YCCI Jakarta chapter ! Have you watched our recent uploaded video? Yes! It’s about our recent Study trip. It has already been posted on the WACS Young Chefs Blog & Facebook. Click HERE to watch the video presentation.

YCCI Jakarta took “HERBS & SPICES” as our main topic for our first ever Educational field trip. So on a sunny early morning on May 18th, we bunched (pun intended) together around 42 Young Chefs from all around Jakarta to spice up our day. Excited? Yes we’re so super excited that most of us couldn’t sleep the night before the event. (watch our video..lol)

Our destination - Melrimba Garden in Puncak Area, Bogor, West Java. The journey took us 2 hours , since the implementation of the “one-way traffic” to reduce congestion (Thanks to Mr. Police). Right after the arrival, we went straight to the frontyard garden, we sat in an open space infused immediately from all the aromas around us. It surely gave fresh air to the briefing for all the YCCI members (and especially the new members) about YCCI and that we all shared the same vision and mission on developing Indonesian Culinary.

Next, we went to assembly hall for a Know-More-About session of the herbs and spices that were planted, grown, and used in most of Indonesian dishes, from Kluwek to Temulawak, from Torch Ginger to Cinnamon. And also commonly used herbs like rosemary, dill, Stevia, etc. We ended the session with an impromptu cooking class using the herbs and spices. Chefs doing what they do best, we sprung into an adrenalin rush like we always do in the kitchen. First dish was Stewed Beef served on a puff pastry; the second and the best one is Indonesian Spiced Chicken cooked in Bamboo.

And guess what? It was Lunch time!

With energy fully recharged, brain cells overloaded with knowledge… it was time to fight the afternoon ZZZzzzz monster and the best way was a Get-To-Know your herbs & spices walk around the garden. We got the chance to see the various methods and how the herbs were planted, the growing process, and not only herbs but also numerous species of beautiful flowers, what a vibrant view!

We also did a tea garden walk, hiking up to 3 km to the top, some were exhausted but rewarded by the amazing panoramic and breathtaking scenery and the cool crisp breeze from above. We were also given some information about the “Tea Process”. That’s a bonus!

One of the best things during any YCCI gathering is the focus on bonding and ensuring that the new members know they are now an integral in the Culinary Family. Thus, we  had some games to bond us more as a strong community. I’m confident that the new members felt warmly welcomed into the family, like I did when I first joined YCCI.

What a day! We’ve learned, we’ve shared, we’ve cared, and we’ve laughed together. Though it was only a short trip, but we grasped many lessons, we made many new friends, and we enthused the spirits to throw another better event. Well, YCCI hope we could one day bring all the young chefs from around the world together.

Meantime, I hope I will have that opportunity to participate in the WACS Bill Gallagher Forum at Stavanger in 2014!

Culinary regards,
Patrese Vito
YCCI Jakarta Chapter.

Editor's Note: You can also read Patrese's previous article HERE , it is rewarding to see the growth and the potential of a young chef like Patrese. 
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Congratulations to the winners

Blogpost from WACS Young Chefs Facebook... have you LIKEd us yet?

25 May 2013

Bur Juman Young Chef of the Year 2013 - Dubai

A well-deserved GOLD WITH DISTINCTION for this piece of work .... Well Done! :)

Click HERE to view the gallery.

Herbs & Spices Field Trip - from YCCI

Such a cool video from the Young Chefs Club Indonesia - Jakarta Chapter on their recent field trip for a greater appreciation of the herbs & spice.

Awesome video... IMAX version, with crystal clear sound... make sure you watch it from a cinema near you! :)

15 May 2013

The Culinary Artist Magazine

Dear friends and Colleagues 

    We would like to share with you our new magazine The Culinary Artist, please feel free to share with all your colleagues and encourage them to do likewise. We would welcome contributions and images (minimum 2Mb), and of course advertisers. 

Please click on the link to enjoy the magazine

All comments are welcome. 

With culinary regards
Dr Bill Gallagher

14 May 2013

Nestle Golden Chefs Hat Competition 2013

Nestle Golden Chefs Hat Competition 2013
I Liezl Bruce and Thlali Masekela went to the “Foodiction” kitchen at Nestle for the black box reveal. When we arrived there where 5 other teams and you could feel the nerves and the anticipation in the air. Chef Jodi-Ann Pearton made a welcome speech and she revealed the prize it was a trip to Singapore to work in the world renowned Sentosa world resort and spa with Chef Alan Oreal. Chef Jodi then drew team numbers out of a box and assigned mentors ours was Chef David Higgs from The Saxon and she told us to use our mentors to our advantage learn from them. Thlali and I also had two other mentors Tlholo Nytalo and Doug Momberg from the University of Johannesburg.

We went in to the kitchen for the reveal of the black box and the anticipation was over in the black box was lamb belly, lamb rump, sea bass, baby squid and the compulsory nestle products was milky bar dessert topping  Milo crumble, Maggi oil free dressing, Maggi Gravy and Maggi mash.
Now the real work started. After work we went to spend sometime with our mentor and I spend an evening in the Five hundred restaurant just absorbing all the food and the plating. We then discussed our menu ideas and we fine tuned it. We decided to make wild rocket pisto seared sea bass , sweet corn panacotta , pickled leeks , olive oil poached cocktail tomatoes and Broccoli “cous cous” for the starter. For the Main course we decided to make lemon Braised lamb belly that is pressed, grilled cumin spiced lamb rump, yogurt aubergine mousse, pomme dauphine, honeyed carrot puree.  For dessert it was a vanilla compressed beetroot mat with Milo crusted white chocolate Mousse, Basil ice cream, vanilla gel and beetroot chips.

We practiced after work and on the weekends we had three weeks of practice and then it was the day of the competition  at Hostex chefs Village we arrived early to calm our nerves and familiarize ourselves with the kitchen and the environment. At 9 am the competition started 3 hours of pressure all the eyes of the hungry crowd on all of us under the supervision of two scary kitchen judges watching your every move. At 12 pm we sent our four plates of starters and then followed by the main and dessert to be judge by four SACA judges. Now the waiting begins this is the most stressful part of the competition. We started asking ourselves did we do enough we could have done this or that better but we just had to wait for the big reveal at the gala dinner at the Sandton convention centre.

At the Gala dinner on the Wednesday we sat down to a lavish seven Course menu but the nerves were at an all-time high on await for the results. when they called third and second place, doubt started to arise and we thought there is no way that we could place first , but then they called our names we where in shock . I think it will only set in that we have won on the day we get on to the plane off to Singapore. (Liezl and Thlali)

It was a great experience and the exposure for me I thank the South African chefs association in conjunction with the department of tourism for giving me the opportunity to become the young chef I am today. I also want to thank the chefs my mentor Doug Momberg, Tlholo Nyatlo  at the University of Johannesburg School of tourism and hospitality where I am doing my practical’s for believing in me and not forgetting Liezl Bruce my Competition partner who also believed in me and gave me a chance to be competition partner (Thlali).

Recipes from Chef Mojmir Siftar

Check out and try some of Chef Mojmir Siftar's recipe 

You can download by clicking here

12 May 2013



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On 7 May 2013, the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) launched one of the most exciting developments in the culinary industry this year:  the WACS global culinary certification scheme.
The scheme, developed in partnership with City & Guilds, is the first global culinary certification scheme in the world.   It has nine different levels which are aimed at cooks, chefs and culinary educators who wish to gain recognition for the skills, experience and knowledge they have gained while working in the industry.
‘It has been a lifelong ambition for WACS to give something back to the culinary community’, says Gissur Gudmundsson, President of WACS.  ‘There is hardly anything available for chefs and cooks who may not have had the opportunity to obtain a qualification or were just too busy building their careers and did not manage to find the time to go back to formal education’, Gudmundsson continues. 
WACS is a global network of 93 national chefs associations founded in 1928, representing over 10 million professional chefs.  WACS dedicates all of its activities to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of cuisines around the world.
‘We want to celebrate success’, adds Gissur Gudmundsson, President of WACS.  ‘We want to encourage cooks, chefs and culinary educators to continue learning as this is the only way in which we can help to raise standards within the industry.‘
As well as targeting cooks and chefs, the scheme also recognises the role culinary educators play in the training and education of the next generation of chefs.
‘The work of teachers and trainers is often overlooked in the industry’, says John Clancy, Chairman of the WACS Education Committee. ‘The scheme brings to the forefront the invaluable contribution of educators around the world and allows us to formally acknowledge the positive difference they make in the professional and personal development of young cooks as they are starting out in the industry.’
WACS joined forces with City & Guilds, one of the world’s leading certification bodies, to develop the scheme.    ‘We only work with the best and are delighted to have City & Guilds as our certification partner’, notes Gudmundsson.  City & Guilds has led the work around setting the standards and defining a suitable quality assurance mechanism which will provide sufficient flexibility to operate the scheme at a global level without compromising on quality.
The two organisations have spent two years planning all the details of the scheme to ensure that it is relevant to employers and reflects the typical career progression within the industry.   
One of the key features of the certification scheme is the innovative use of technology so that it can reach out to as many individuals as possible around the world.  The application and the assessment processes are done electronically which makes the scheme affordable and accessible.  Applicants can take the time they need to prepare their evidence which will then be submitted to WACS using an electronic portal called Learning Assistant.
‘The scheme complements qualifications and certification schemes available around the world’, notes Clancy.  ‘It is all about recognising industry experience and re-engaging professionals in learning in a way which is not always possible through formal qualifications.   We have made a conscious effort to incorporate existing certification schemes and competitions into the requirements where it was appropriate to do so.  For example, we will accept Master Chef and Master Pastry Chef certificates from around the world as part of the entry requirements for applications at the WACS Certified Master Chef and Master Pastry Chef levels.’
The scheme has been unashamedly designed in a way that it can bring value to employers as part of their recruitment, training and staff retention programmes.   WACS has undertaken extensive consultation with the industry and found that the most important qualities that employers are looking for include attitude, passion and motivation as well as having the right skills.  The scheme allows chefs and cooks to demonstrate to an existing or potential employer as well as their own customers that they are willing to go the extra mile and have met an international benchmark while doing so.
‘It is going to be a very exciting time for chefs’, commented in Gudmundsson.  ‘The future is beautiful’.
And who could argue with that?
About WACS
WACS is the leading authority in global cuisine, dedicated to defining and promoting standards within professional cooking and hospitality around the world.
Through educational programmes, international culinary competitions and congresses and assemblies, WACS has been leading the way in shaping the role of the professional chef since it was established in 1928.
WACS membership includes cooks, chefs and culinary educators from over 93 countries; representing over 10 million professionals.

About City & Guilds
City & Guilds is one of the world’s leading vocational education businesses, offering over 500 qualifications across 28 industries.   The organisation operates in 80 countries with a network of over 20 regional offices around the world.
City & Guilds has over 130 years of experience in designing qualifications and assessment and its qualifications are considered by employers to be the benchmark for workplace excellence around the world.  Last year alone, nearly two million people studied towards City & Guilds qualification.
The City & Guilds Group comprises City & Guilds, the Institute of Leadership & Management (management and leadership qualifications), Learning Assistant, the Centre for Skills Development (research arm) and City & Guilds’ latest acquisition, Kineo, an awarding winning e-solutions company.
City & Guilds, unlike many other certification bodies, is a charity and therefore a not-for-profit organisation.  Any surpluses made through its work is reinvested into education or used to support educational programmes.

11 May 2013

WACS Global Chef Asia & HOFEX 2013

Every two years, chefs from around the world gather in Hong Kong during HOFEX, the largest food and hospitality tradeshow in the Asia-Pacific region.  This year’s HOFEX 2013 was held from 7 – 10 May. Hong Kong International Culinary Classic (HKICC) and WACS Global Chef Asia Competition were being held.
And every time, the HKCA and the Hong Kong Young Chefs Club (HKYCC) organize a Chefs Corner to welcome local and international judges, local professionals and competitors and serve great food and drinks with the support of generous sponsors.
At this year’s HOFEX, more than 80 students and members assisted to sponsors to prepare food at the Chefs Corner.


On behalf of the HKYCC, we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to the different institutions that loaned us their students to run the Chefs Corner, namely Institute of Vocational Education (IVE ) Chai Wan and Haking Wong, Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre (HITDC), the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
As well, I’d like to thank the many sponsors that provided food, support and logistics to make this a welcome corner for all chefs.


Hong Kong Young Chefs Committee with Chef Alan Orreal.
WACS Global Chef Asia 2013 Results
Congratulations to all the winners!




Global Chef


Hong Kong

CHOI Chun Fai Calvin

1st Runner-up:


Jaclyn KONG

2nd Runner-up:



Hans Bueschken




1st Runner-up:

Hong Kong

LAU Lap Pong

2nd Runner-up:


Pratchaya CHOPNGAM

Global Pastry Chef




1st Runner-up


TAI Chien Lin

2nd Runner-up:


TAN Wei Loon
By T.Y. Leung

10 May 2013

International Young Chefs Challenge

International Young Chefs Challenge
Continental Competition

 International Young Chef Challenge in KOREA 2013 
We are greatly honoured to host “2013 International Young Chef Challenge in Korea”. This competition will provide channels that would promote culinary experience, skills and abilities of Young Chefs from all over the world. The people of Korea invite you to a once in a lifetime experience, where you can build friendship with fellow Young Chefs from all over the world! The competition will be challenging and exciting but also bring you together with comradely as a professional young Chef – Our arms are open to greet you ! 
Korea Cooks Association President Young-sun, Ra 

Dates and Deadlines 
• Registration period: ~June. 30th 2013
• Duration of the Exhibition : 2013. 11. 6~9(4days) 
• Registration is first-come first-serve basis, and is completed only after payment has been submitted. 
• The International Parade of Nations will take place at the Welcoming Party on the 5th of November. 
• Judge will be available daily at 3pm for a briefing on your entry. 
• Daily Awards will commence at 5pm. 
• Please note that some events have limited number of entries. 
• The awards ceremony for each day's events will take place in the Exhibition Hall at 5pm . 
• The winner of 2013 International Young Chef Challenge will receive $ USD 2000 And holder of The International Young Chef Champion Trophy for the next four years. 
Date : 6th - 9th November 2013