29 April 2015

Adrian Vigus Brown - Young Chef A Credit to the Profession

Young chef a credit to the profession

April 28th, 2015 by Susan Reynard | 

African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel has appointed 25-year old Adrian Vigus Brown as chef de cuisine of the five-star hotel. He manages a 28-member kitchen brigade. 

General manager, Tania Malan, says: “We have so much respect and admiration for Chef Adrian, whose food meets the highest standard for our well-loved hotel and whose hands-on management style shows on every plate that gets carried out of the kitchen to the guests.” His long-standing love of hotel kitchens and his enthusiasm for top-notch hotel food manifests in his approachable, but firm leadership of the kitchen, Malan adds. 

Vigus Brown is currently the chairperson of the South African Chefs Association (SACA) Young Chefs Club and is an ambassador for World Chefs Young Chefs Africa and Middle East. 

At age 16, he emailed the now-president of SACA, Stephen Billingham, asking him for his professional advice on how to pursue a career as a chef. What followed was a year of unpaid work to gain experience, of which Vigus Brown says: “What that first experience taught me, more than anything, was how to remain calm under pressure.” 

He worked at Sheraton Pretoria Hotel as an in-service trainee and graduated four years later top of his class. He worked at the Buccament Bay Resort in the Caribbean and was promoted to senior chef de partie within six months. He was took up a position at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel in April 2014, promoted to executive sous chef in October and then chef de cuisine in February 2015. 

Vigus Brown says: “Guests are guaranteed a gastronomic experience here at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel: a perfect balance of wholesome, natural ingredients, innovative and complementary flavours, with an African twist.” He sources local, good quality produce and respects their inherent flavour, incorporating the colours, tastes and aromas that inspire him daily. 

Danny Bryer, Protea Hotels director of sales, marketing and revenue, says: “Chef Adrian embodies the African Pride spirit. His roots are here, his experience is here, his passion is here – and it all shows in the quality and tone of his dishes.” 

Additional Texts below from your loved ones:
From us all at WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Team, and all your fellow peers from around the world:
Congratulations Adrian!! We take great pride in your achievements, and we know how hard you have worked to get to where you are today.You have great time management with your commitment as Chairperson for the SACA Young Chefs Club, and as an Ambassador for WorldChefs Young Chefs of Africa and Middle East.  

So, not only did you make your Mum proud, you make us proud too! 


26 April 2015

Formation of the Liberia Young Chefs Club

Worldchefs Young Chefs Development Team are delighted to share the great news and welcome the formation of Liberia Young Chefs Club

Credits to Chef Edwin Josiah, President of Liberia Professional Chefs Association for his support and energy in driving this forward.

Liberia Young Chefs Club
Motto: Transmit to Generation

Jerry L.K. Dolo

Lydia S. Dorbor
Vice President

Christiana Findley

2.1   To be the youth arm and support the Liberia young Chefs Association to promote Culinary activities                                             
2.2    To promote young culinarians' interest in the field of culinary and hospitality
2.3    To promote research and education of culinary and hospitality
2.4    To convene and hold meetings and conferences for discussing subjects relating to
culinary scene in Singapore and Internationally
2.5    To bring together and to provide a central organization for youth below the age of 23 who are working or understudying Food and Beverage related Field, so to improve
the status of young culinarians from the  Liberia Young  Chefs Club, and to promote
co-operation and mutual assistance amongst them
2.6    To accept grants of money and donations, gifts, subscriptions and other assistance in
furtherance of the objectives of the committee
2.7    To represent the views and opinions of the Liberia Young  Chefs Club, on matters
relating to the objectives of the interest group
2.8    To be a club that nurtures future talents in the Food and Beverages field, reputed for the young culinarians' character, excellent culinary skills and the thirst for continuous
2.9     To inspire enthusiastic culinarians to be fun and daring junior chefs for opening doors of interactions with rising stars of the industry and to craft new, bold dimension of
ideas that trigger creativity and innovation and blossom the club nationwide

Liberia Young Chefs Club
Coleman Avenue
14th Street - Liberia
Tell: +231 (0) 776-015-411

22 April 2015

A part of history. Dr Bill Gallagher

From the journal of Chefs Victor and Kim... Inaugural Bill Gallagher Young chefs Forum Tour 2015

A part of history. Dr Bill Gallagher; How lucky, blessed, and inspired. Chef Billy has created bonds of friendship that will last forever. Living the dream.

From everyone at WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Team:
Thank you Dr Bill Gallagher for giving our 2 Young Chefs Victor and Kim, an invaluable and enriching experience we are sure they would not forget throughout their culinary careers. 

2016 is drawing close, Dr Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum at Athens awaits your participation. Join us at the forum, meet great Chefs, famous Chefs, fellow Young Chefs from all around the world. Make a date with us! 24-28 September 2106.

19 April 2015

Durban - Curry-Bay City (Part 2)

From the journal of Chefs Victor and Kim... Inaugural Bill Gallagher Young chefs Forum Tour 2015

Pictures of Unilever and local beer tasting

Durban - Curry-Bay City

From the journal of Chefs Victor and Kim... Inaugural Bill Gallagher Young chefs Forum Tour 2015 

Durban - Curry-Bay city.

After landing in Durban, we check in to Elangeni & Maharani hotel.
A warm greet by executive chef, Shaun. We have general site seeing of the beach around the hotel. We tour the Sun Coast Casino Durban and have a simple dinner. 

The next morning, we have breakfast at Verve & Vigor restaurant which is the Maharani all day dining restaurant. After breakfast, we went to Unilever Food Solution and met the executive chef, Craig Elliott. We tour the R&D kitchen and the food solution office. After the tour at Unilever, we left to site see at Hops Ballito and sample local beers, Black Label and Castle beers. We return to hotel and went for dinner at  Grill Jichana, Elangeni hotel. 

The next day, we were invited to Panorama cafe at Elangeni hotel for breakfast, we met the Shaun and we have a tour for the whole facilities of the property. After breakfast, we went uShaka water theme park & aquarium. We took a tour of all the restaurants & kiosk by executive chef Warren. At that evening, we were invited by Craig Elliott to his house to have wood fire pizza dinner. We met some other chefs from Unilever, South African Chef Association, Durban Convention Centre. We learned the curries that is in green, red & yellow. How to update certification between working chefs & student chefs. 

The next day, after the breakfast we went to Beverly Hills, is a 5 star hotel since opening and is 51years old. Also the first hotel of Tsogo Sun group. We met executive chef, Tony Knocke and give us a brief tour to the 51 years old kitchen but still function well that running breakfast, lunch, high tea, fine dining dinner that feed 140 covers. We had our one last curry before we heading to airport to Johannesburg. 

Arrives at Johannesburg, we were welcome by Adrian at Melrose Arch hotel by African Pride. He gave us brief tour to the kitchen & the rest of the property. We met the sous chef & the dinner was prepared by the sous chef. 

We are looking forward to the next few days, and we going to SAXON, lion park, Moyo restaurant, HTA Culinary school, meet SACA president Stephen Billingham and of course Dr. Billy Gallagher. 

Kim & Victor.

16 April 2015

Bunny Chow from Durban - Bill Gallagher Young Chef Tour 2015

From the journal of Victor's Facebook... Follow our daily updates from Chefs Victor and Kim... Inaugural Bill Gallagher Young chefs Forum Tour 2015 

Victor Kendlehart

Hello all! 

We are having a wonderful time in South Africa. We have finished our tour of Cape Town which has earned a reputation for its fine wine and food scene.  We were invited to a wine dinner by our Wine Master, Bennie Howard, a leading authority within the wine and hospitality industry. All of the wines were from South Africa and most of the paired wines had a double gold award( highest standard/standard you can achieve through the Veritas Wine inspection( leading wine critics and authority in South Africa and Mr. Howard is the Vice President of the society).  

South Africa is known for their verity of grapes but the most important varietals would be the Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Pinotage. The Pinotage grape variety was specifically engineered in South Africa and is very much part of the wine scene representing South Africa wine.  

We then flew from Cape Town to Durban where we are staying for the next three day. Today, we learned a new dish called "Bunny Chow" (FIRST picture below) and it is a very common dish from Durban, "Bunny Chow" incorporates curry and South African elements. Overall an exciting day. 

Bunny Chow, a Must-Try dish when you are in Durban

15 April 2015

6th Penang Chefs Challenge 2015

Message From Chef Peter Chan Weng Seng PJK PJM
Chairman, Chefs Association of Malaysia, Penang Chapter
Organizing Chairman, Penang Chefs Challenge 2015, 

Warmest greetings from Penang Chefs!
We are pleased to extend our humble invitation to welcome you to compete in this unique and most challenging Culinary Competition ever created, the Penang Chefs Challenge for it’s 6th edition!
Penang Chefs Challenge is team live cooking competition whereby a team of 4 Chefs cooks a 4 course menu for 4 persons in 90 minutes. This competition feature a combination of Iron Chefs, Black Box and Secret Ingredients concept and it runs over a league and knock out system!
You must be physically and mentally strong to take up this challenge! Please read through the rule-book carefully and do your training daily on your customer as there will not be no specific menu. Everything will be on the spot! That’s why is very challenging and tough! Good Luck guys!
Also I would like to call upon the youth of the world (below 22 years old) to compete in our Penang Greenhorn Chefs Challenge 2015! There are about 14 classes of competition events awaits you. Show me your culinary skills and come share the latest innovation in our industry!
Over RM20,000 cash and prizes awaits the top winners! So why wait.....

Best Culinary Regards,

Peter Chan Weng Seng PJK PJM
Chairman - CAM Penang Chapter
Protem President - Penang Chefs Association
Director - Asia Food Festival 2014
Global Master Chef (Penang)
Culinary Adviser - KDU Penang Campus
WACS Approved “B” Judge

Nederburg Winery Experience from Bill Gallagher Young Chef Tour 2015

From the journal of Kim's Facebook... Follow our daily updates from Chefs Victor and Kim... Inaugural Bill Gallagher Young chefs Forum Tour 2015 

Nederburg Wine Cellar - Best wine in the country. So many varieties of wines to taste, so much knowledge gained, definitely a Masterclass experience to wine tasting and appreciation.
Feeling extremely blessed to have been fortunate to experience all this. Salute. 

It was an excited moment to visit the cellar, it tell us the story, craftsmanship & history of Nederburg wine-making process and the different techniques used for different wines. How fantastic it is to understand and experience it.