06 November 2018

NingBo International Young Chefs Challenge October 2018

NingBo International Young Chef Culinary Challenge (NIYCCC) will be the region’s leading Young Chefs Culinary competition dedicated to the promotion of culinary excellence. With strong support from the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) and the regional culinary schools, it is the ultimate arena for budding culinary talents from around China to display their masterly skills and be accredited by a panel of internationally acclaimed WorldChefs judges.

Pre-match Training Course for the 20th FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition

In order to enhance the participants’ deep understanding of the rules of the FHC competition and help they further improve their skills, Shanghai Young Chefs Club training session for pre competition training was held in EFun Culinary Education on November 3, 2018. Chef Clinton Zhu, Jacquline Qiu, Louie Ye, and Edward Zhong all attended.

Entire the training, the competition rules were interpreted, and the spirit of the competition was conveyed!