31 October 2014

Support our Australian Young Chefs Club hosting a Charity Dinner event

We at the Australian Young Chefs Club are hosting a charity dinner on 
Tuesday November 18th. 
If you are interested in attending click the event and find out more.

21 October 2014

Myanmar World Chefs Day 2014

" Pass it on " - Myanmar World Chefs Day 2014 - Yangon
Fried. Dick Professional Knifes & Myanmar Young Chefs
International World Chefs Day - Myanmar 20.10.2014 supported by Fried. Dick Professional Chef Knifes from Germany. Young Chef & one of the 4 Myanmar TV Chefs - Kyaw Kyaw was awarded with a full set of Professional Knifes from Friedrich Dick GmbH & Co. KG for his " Over all Best Chef " in Hot Cooking at the Myanmar Culinary Arts Challenge 2014.

" Pass it on " as the this years theme of WACS - World Chefs by President Gissur, we are happy to see Chef Kyaw Kyaw s spirit to reach for higher level of culinary skills as YOUNG CHEF, pass tools on to him & congratulate Chef Kyaw Kyaw 2014 International World Chefs Day.
The hand over team with BES - ALLWORLD Mr. Fraser Hawkes , U Than Lwin MCA Liaison Secretary, Chef Than Win, Belmond Governors Residence Chef Ricardo Lujan, Chef Kyaw Ho, Chef Aghee & Zaw Oo Lwin from Myanmar Pastry Alliance, Dominic Mang ( Myanmar Young -     Y-MCA, Chefs patron ) , and junior chef Giacomo at front . Chef Kyaw Kyaw in middle under the MCA Logo.
Looking forward for the coming Food & Hotel Myanmar 3rd June to 5th June 2015 and the 2nd Myanmar Culinary Arts Challenge 2015,- time runs fast and committee work starts today.
Special thanks to Professional Knifes from Friedrich Dick GmbH & Co. KG, for their endless & high valuable support to Myanmar young chefs.

Oliver E Soe Thet
Myanmar Chefs Association * Young Myanmar Chefs Association, Yangon 20.10.2014

World Chefs Without Borders - Myanmar

HK Young Chefs International Chefs Day Charity event at Disneyland for the underprivileged.

Happy International Chefs Day! Pass it on!!!!! We are serving a buffet lunch to more than 600 disadvantaged person and child in HK Disneyland hotel. Thank you so much to all the sponsors;)

Happy International Chefs Day event held by YCC Indonesia - Bali Chapter

Bali, Indonesia - October 20th, 2014. This year is no different. The 2014 International Chefs Day theme comes with a twist and is named: PASS IT ON. The 2014 “PASS IT ON” theme aims to potentiate the importance of knowledge and skills exchange, while underlining communication, open-minded approach and action for a cause, as one of the key elements to achieve sustainable development, preserve Chefs legacy, and nevertheless – make a good deed. In Bali, both BCP (Bali Culinary Professional) and YCCI Bali Chapter (Young Chefs Club Indonesia) celebrated The International Chefs Day 2014 with SOS Children’s village Bali. This event has supported not only from BCP and YCCI Bali chapter it selves but also by ISA Bali-Chapter (Indonesia Sommelier Association), Mesa Hotels and Resorts, and Prama Sanur Beach Bali. Big Gratitude for them which supported this event. It such a challenge for us to think about how the event supposed to be. At the end we decided to give them not only an entertainment but also education activities. Most of children from SOS Children’s Village Bali are talented, skillful, and gorgeous. That’s why we made many attractive activities like outdoor and indoor activities; at the end they enjoyed it. What unforgettable moment that we could see their beautiful smiles and well accepted in with SOS Children’s village Bali. They are the future of Indonesia and we hope they can catch their dreams. Happy International Chefs Day 2014 and “PASS IT ON!!!”



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On September 24‐28, the Taiwan Charity Organization “Formosa Budding Hope Association” a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) organized their yearly “Hope for Cambodia‐Medical Mission” charity event towards poor Cambodians, many to who have never seen a doctor. The Association was established in 2010 by a dentist who has been providing free dental services in Cambodia since 2006. In a gesture of long‐term commitment by helping others, Budding Hope opened a branch in Cambodia in 2006. It is one of the few Taiwanese NGOs to register in Cambodia, which does not have diplomatic ties with Taiwan. On each Medical Mission to Cambodia, an estimated 100 doctors and volunteers provide mainly dental services as well as treatments for skin, eye and stomach problems.
Please click here for the PDF attached file to fully appreciate the great work and commitment from the Taiwan Charity Organisation.

20 October 2014

2014 International Chefs Day in Taichung City Hall Square

Are you Ready! 2014 International Chefs Day in Taichung City Hall Square, on the 20 Oct 2014

The Taiwan Chefs Association under its Presidency Chef Jerry Chen and its members are proud to introduce the 2014 International Chefs Day for the fourth time whiles following the global theme “PASS IT ON”.

With the great support of the Taichung City Government, the 2014 International Chefs Day “PASS IT ON” will be held in the Taichung City Government Square (Taichung Road, Taichung, Taiwan Three Sections No. 99 on 20 October from 09:30 am – 15:00 pm.

Through offering direct interventions set in a surroundings of 40 stalls from around Taiwan; stimulating activities, games, illustrated shows and sponsored food services for over 800 people, will lead children with disabilities to outdoor activities whiles receiving community care and warmth. The importance of being able to communicate, interact and action for cause can archive a community unity in being open minded, act as mentors and lead by heart.


由台灣廚藝美食協會 理事長陳詠佶師傅和全體理監事成員及引領的世界廚師聯合會(WACS-Worldchefs)榮幸推出2014年世界廚師日的全球主題為”傳揚”。

在台中市政府社會局的極力支持下, 2014年世界廚師日”傳揚”將在台中市政府廣場舉行,時間是10月20日上午09:30 至下午 15:00.通過提供直接協助,來自全台灣各地的美食店家佈置40個攤位,免費提供美味佳餚安排活動節目、互動遊戲、等服務,吸引身心障礙大、小朋友們參與戶外活動,得到社區的關心和溫暖。溝通、互動和參與的重要意義是可以通過開放的心態、導師的輔助以及悉心的引領,營造一個團結的社會

Happy International Chefs Day 2014: Pass It On Young Chefs Video

Wishing everyone a Happy International Chefs Day 2014.
Thanks TY Leung for putting this clip together, and thanks to all the young chefs who have participated in the making of this clip. :)

Dr Bill Gallagher's Happy International Chefs Day message

May I wish all my colleagues around the world a very happy International Chefs Day; this day was created especially for chefs to celebrate our noble profession and to highlight the role and responsibility that we share. Always remembering that it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation of chefs with a sense of pride, enthusiasm and commitment to the future.


Anticipating World Food Day and International Chefs Day 2014, Worldchefs Board members created a very special video, underlining the importance of education and most of all - the exchange of different skills, knowledge and professional experience as the key elements for futher growth of the profession. Participating in the Board meeting held in Durban, South Africa, and inspired by this year's International Chefs Day theme: "Pass it On", members of the Worldchefs Presidium took a moment to share only a piece of their skills, but a mouth full of wisdom, aimed at inciting Chefs around the world to keep Passing it on!



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The 2014 International Chefs Day under the theme “Pass It On” was celebrated with TCA at a licensed approved Disability Community Centre in the remote mountain hills of Li-Shan, Heping‐Tawian which is located at 2050 meters above sea-level. The Smart Centre under its establishment name 103 “Faith-Hope-Love” actively supports the development of childhood from birth to age 6 by providing community support to family members on early child disabilities, physical aid, childhood-adult teaching and family guidance.

To read more of their activities for this event, please click here for the attached PDF


SJCC "Pass It On" event for International Chef Day 2014


Are You the S.Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year 2015?


S.Pellegrino launches a global talent search to find the best new Young Chef in the world, who will be elected during Expo Milano 2015: find out how to apply.
If you’re a chef, sous chef or chef de partie, 30-years-old or under, we suggest you whip out your sharpest knife, perfect your biggest idea and master your tastiest creation: S.Pellegrino is starting a worldwide search to find the best Young Chef 2015.
From today, you can pre-register here to receive e-mail reminders about participating in the challenge.
This is an international hunt involving 20 different world regions and some of the best chefs in the world, who will act as mentors and jury members.  And that’s not all. Chefs who participate in the search will also have the chance to have their signature dish reinterpreted by a young fashion designer handpicked by the worldwide famous fashion magazine Vogue Italia.
The event will culminate with a unique show in front of an international jury at Expo Milano 2015 to award the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015  in June 2015, in Milan (Italy)In the same occasion, the Best Couple Chef/Designer 2015 will also be awarded.
To be in with a chance of winning the global talent search and being crowned S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015, young chefs from all over the world are invited to apply through our online platform, from 1st November until 15th December 2015.
Here’s how it works.
Until 31 October 2014
Simply leave your email here to preregister for the search. You’ll be notified when the application process opens on 1st November.
1 November - 15 December 2014
Chefs are asked to fill in some simple online forms and provide some basic details, uploading their cv, a recipe for their signature dish and photos of the their dish.
16 December 2014 – 15 January 2015
ALMA (the world's leading international educational and training center for Italian Cuisine) will select a maximum of 10 semi-finalists for each of the 20 world areas.
16 January – 28 February 2015
The semi-finalist chefs of each area will have to to cook their signature dish for a Local Jury who will select one finalist from their area.
1 – 31 March 2015
Vogue Italia chooses one young fashion designer from each of the finalist 20 areas. At this point 20 couples chef/designer will be formed.
1 April – 15 June 2015
The finalist chef and designer from each country will work together to interprete the chef’s signature dish with his/her own original creation. Both the signature dish and fashion creation will be presented at the final event in Milan.
25 - 27 June 2015
All finalists will be at Expo Milano 2015 (Italy) or the Grand Final. During the event, the finalist chefs prepare their signature dish to be judged by an International top chef Jury. The Jury will award just one as the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015. The 20 chef/designer couples' work will be judged by the Grand Final Event guests (journalists, PR agencies, etc.) and one duo will be awarded as Best Couple Chef/Designer 2015.
This is an exciting search and what is one of the world’s first truly global hunts for emerging young talent inside the kitchens of the world.
If you think you have what it takes; a mastery of ingredient selection, the skills to transform raw materials into wonderful dishes, the genius required to explore new horizons and constantly stay creative, the simple beauty of the dish and, if you think you have something to say, a true message to deliver, what are you waiting for?

2014 International Chefs Day in Taichung City Hall Square

07 October 2014

Great Intro of WorldChefs Congress 2014 by our Young Chefs Development Chairman Andy Cuthbert

Our very own Young Chefs Development Chairman, Andy Cuthbert gave a great intro at the amazing Worldchefs Congress 2014, held in Stavanger Norway in July 2014. 

Were you with us for the WACS Stavanger 2014? If not, will we see you at the WACS Greece 2016?

Steaks 101: Know the Popular Steak Cuts.

If you’re a total noob at eating steaks, knowing what type of steak to order at fancy restaurants can be overwhelming or intimidating. Let’s beef up your knowledge so you’ll know how to order the perfect steak.
Meat quality is primarily based on two factors: the cut of the beef and the grade of the beef.
The first step to being able to order a steak is to know the cuts. (Knowing the different grades of beef will be covered in the next article.)
There are many types of steaks and you should at least become familiar with the popular ones.
A steak is a piece of muscle cut from different areas of the cow. Tenderness is affected by location of a particular cut. A general rule is that the less used a cow’s muscle is, the more tender that piece of meat is when cooked. Muscles located furthest from the neck, legs and rear will be more tender. The more tender the cut, the higher the price.
Beef Cuts 
The type of steak cut you choose will determine the level of flavor and tenderness of steak, amount of marbling (streaks of fat within the meat), as well as the price you’ll pay.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon
Also known as: Tenderloin Steak
Description: The most tender beef cut. And the smallest. And the most expensive. Mild steak taste. Buttery texture. Not the most flavorful. The cut should be thick (1.5 to 2 inches). Very little fat so it’s a good option for those watching their weight or fat intake.
Fat content: Low

Strip Steak

Strip Steak
Also known as: Kansas City Steak, New York Strip, Strip Loin Steak, Shell Steak
Description: Juicy “steak” flavor. Available boneless and bone-in. Lean, moderately tender with strong beefy flavor.
The filet mignon might be the most tender cut, but what good is tenderness if there’s no flavor? With a strip steak, you sacrifice some tenderness but get a lot more flavor.
Fat content: Medium

T-bone Steak

T-Bone Steak
Description: If you can’t decide between the filet mignon and strip steak, why not get both? A T-bone steak combines the two steaks. T-bone steak = tenderloin + strip steak connected by a T-shaped bone. If the width of the tenderloin is smaller than a golf ball (between ½ and 1.5 inches wide), it’s usually considered a T-bone.
Fat content: Medium

Porterhouse Steak

Description: A bigger version of the T-bone steak. If the width of the tenderloin is larger than a golf ball (at least 1.5 inches wide), it’s generally considered a Porterhouse. Hai Chix  and Mamou  are good places to give this cut a try.
Fat content: Medium

Ribeye Steak

Ribeye Steak
Also known as: Delmonico steak, Scotch fillet, Entrecôte
Description: The best all-around cut. The default choice of steak connoisseurs. Fine-grained steak. Rich, beefy flavorful. Considered the most juicy and flavorful of all steaks. The ribeye has more texture (not as tender) than the tenderloin. Price is usually more expensive than a strip steak, but cheaper than a filet mignon (when based on price/oz). Elbert’s Steak Room , Mamou , Prime 101  and Stockton Place  are known to serve some delicious ribeyes.
Fat content: Very High

Bone in Meat vs Boneless Meat

Bones make cooked meat taste better. If you’ve eaten sinigang or bulalo, you know the meat between the bones is special. Same goes for steaks. When you cook meat on the bone, the marrow and other substances from the bones flavor the meat, adding succulence and a depth of taste that just does not exist with a boneless cut. The bones also help keep the meat moist, and help conduct heat throughout the meat so it cooks more evenly.

Tomahawk Steak

Also known as: Tomahawk Chop, Bone-In Ribeye, Cote du Boeuf (pronounced COAT duh BERF)
Description: The Tomahawk Steak is a bone-in ribeye steak cut with the entire rib bone intact. This long bone is frenched (trimmed of meat and fat), leaving a handle with the meat that looks like a Native American’s tomahawk .
This thing is a beauty when placed on the table and deserves its own selfie on Instagram. The Tomahawk has the largest amount of marbling, making it the most flavorful cut. It is cut based on the thickness of the bone and is typically two inches thick, weighing in between 30 and 45 ounces! Usually made for sharing due to its size. Places like l’entrecote  and Chops Chicago Steakhouse  offer this cut.
If you want to bond with your cavewoman (or caveman) on a date, share this piece of meat.
Fat content: Very High

Cowboy Steak

Cowboy Steak
Also known as: Tomahawk, Bone-In Ribeye
Description: Sometimes also called a Tomahawk Steak since it’s basically the same thing. It might weigh a little less, usually around 32 ounces. The biggest difference is that a Cowboy Steak is meant to be eaten alone. Like a hungry cowboy.
The bone serves as a handle, so a cowboy can hold and eat this gigantic piece of meat without a plate or utensils.
If you want to impress your cavewoman (or caveman) on a date, completely finish this steak. Then order a filet mignon for dessert.
Fat content: Very High

Flat Iron

Flat Iron Steak
Also known as: Book Steak. Butler Steak, Lifter Steak, Petite Steak, Top Blade Steak
Description: Well-marbled, tender and juicy. Second in tenderness only to tenderloin and usually about half the cost. A boneless steak that has excellent beef flavor.
Fat content: High

Prime Rib

Prime Rib
Also known as: Standing Rib Roast. Ribeye Roast
Description: Prime rib is a classic roast beef made from the rib cut, usually roasted with the bone in and served with its natural juices (au jus). Rich flavor, juicy, tender, with generous marbling throughout.Prince Albert Rotisserie  is known to have a mean prime rib.
Fat content: High

Ground Beef

Ground Beef
Also known as: Minced meat, Hamburger
Description: It’s not a steak cut but used to make burger patties. A combination of cuts from the chuck, round and sirloin chopped by a meat grinder.
Fat content: Low-Medium

Other Cuts

This wonderful infographic from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board  and the National Cattleman’s Beef Association  from the United States contains everything you need to know about all the beef cuts and how they should be cooked.
Beef Cuts Chart 


UAE Young Chef Team preparing for competition

05 October 2014


The 2013 International Young Chefs Challenge in Seoul COEX was a resounding success, were you there? We look forward to seeing you and your participation in 2017 IYCC.
Congratulations to Hong Kong Young Chefs for the win!