12 November 2011

Chef of all ages shall descend on South Korea to the city of Daejeon for the bi annual WACS congress 2012. This congress is a gathering from around the world of chefs from the various associations of The World Association.

As with past congress’s, this congress shall also feature the Bill Gallagher Young chefs forum that is aimed at young chefs under the age of 25 that are attending the congress to come and have some dedicated sessions alongside the main congress. There is a focus this year on networking and experiencing the cuisines of the host country couple with fun.
There are specially designed sessions for the young chefs that are away from the main congress but also time is made to ensure the Young chefs are exposed to the main congress sessions that are of interest to them and that they are given time to network with the senior chefs also attending the congress which is a priority for the young chefs.

The very first session for the Young chefs is a pre-opening cocktail networking session where Dr Bill Gallagher will deliver a speech and be available for the young chefs to meet in person, Dr Gallagher is a mentor of many and this will be a life time experience for the Young chefs to have the chance to meet this great human being. There are a number of visits away from the main congress for the young chefs, with a highlight being the visit to the Main Daejeon market and Kimchi factory, there is also planned an evening out with all young chefs together.

The Yong chefs will also have the opportunity to view the Hans Beauchkins culinary competition and the Global chefs challenge .Hands on workshops and fun cooking sessions are planned.

Special guests speakers shall speak exclusively to the young chefs about their careers and their passion for their art and this will be a chance for the young chefs to learn from masters that have climbed the ladder of success.

The 2012 Bill Gallagher Forum is destined to be the highlight of the congress for the young chefs and we look forward to welcoming all young chefs from around the work to Daejeon in South Korea in May 2012.

Click here to view the suggested programmes we have planned for BGF 2012  :)

10 November 2011

Shanghai Junior Chefs Club

We are member of:
China Cuisine Association
Shanghai Cuisine Association

  • ·         The SHJCC is a non-profitable organization that supports our young chefs in Shanghai.
  • ·         The SHJCC is formed in order to further develop the culinary standards within Shanghai.
  • ·         Create a world class of chef’s development platform; bring the oriental energy to the gourmet world.

To provide fresh energy to culinary industry of China, improve culinary industry standard.

  • ·         Cooking Knowledge Training
  • ·         Culinary Competition
  • ·         Junior Chef’s Commutation

1. To organized junior chef culinary competition in Shanghai with FHC Food show.
2. To participated international culinary competition by Shanghai Culinary Team
3. To organized culinary knowledge training
4. To organized junior chef’s workshop
5. To organized monthly junior chef activates
6. International Chefs Day

Shanghai Junior Chefs Club

Louie Ye/ President
Email: louie.ye@hyatt.com

Benny Dong/ Vice President
Email: bennydong@gmail.com

Colin Ni/ General Secretary
Email: colin.ni@lindysconsultant.com   

WACS  Representative  &  Communication 
Clinton Zhu/ Competition     
Tel: +86 21 34537431
Fax: +86 21 3453 7432   
Mobile: +86 18616309339     
Email: clinton@whitestripefoods.com.cn   

Office address:   
Room 313, No 107 Fuzhou Road, HuangPu, Shanghai   
Tel: +86 21 33135647   
Fax: +86 21 34537432   
Email:  shjuniorchefs@gmail.com     
Website:  www.shanghaijuniorchefs.org (will be available soon)

Louie Ye / President

Benny Dong / Vice-President
Collin Ni / General Secretary
Clinton Zhu
WACS Representative & Communication

09 November 2011

Taiwan Formosa's Chefs Association 1st conference for their Young Chefs Arm, with about 220 young chefs & students at the event.

From TFCA President Jerry:
  Young Chef Association is an excellent example of industry and education collaborating to develop young talent to provide industry with excellent chefs for the future , develop you skills further and give yourself the best future possible! You never know, you could be the next top chef of the world! Young Arms had send the standard get “better and better” Young Chefs is the future teach them well and let them lead the way. 

World Chefs Without Borders and Thai Chefs Association mobilised to aid flood victims

World Chefs Without Borders and Thai Chefs Association mobilised to aid flood victims.

More than 300 people have been killed in the worst flooding to hit Thailand in decades. Residents of seven districts of Bangkok have been told to move valuables to higher ground and be ready to evacuate, as flooding which has swamped northern Thailand approaches the capital.

The Thai Chefs association is mobilised under the umbrella of World Chefs Without Borders and is working with the army to get food and water to flood victims. Our friends and colleagues in Thailand are doing a tremendous job and we call on the whole WACS family to show solidarity and provide all the support they can so a further human disaster can be prevented. The most urgent need right now is to bring fresh water to the population in need.

World Chefs Without Borders is calling on donations to support our dear friends in Thai Chefs Association.

Your contributions are highly appreciated. Please make donations to:
Bank details: BNP PARIBAS (code 02484), P.O. Box 449, 51065 Reims Cedex, France
Account: WACS-World Chefs Without Borders
Account number: 00010325333
IBAN: FR76 3000 4024 8400 0103 2533 323
The first newsletter for World Chefs Tour Against Hunger. 

We will hopefully get a update our every three to four months.

Antonette Kennedy (AOC, OIDEA)

08 November 2011


Bali, 14 October 2011… Shouts of jubilation resounded when the Bali Culinary Professionals (BCP) team member, Dias Raditya Widjaja was awarded Silver medal, with the highest point score at the recent Salon Culinaire Malaysia 2011, beating 27 competitors from local and international hotels, restaurants and education institutions. More notable recognition came BCP’s way to Mardhika, receiving a diploma for his apprentice category.

Dias, having trained hard in preparation for this competition in the kitchens of Bulgari Bali Hotel, presented a fish main-course. Alongside him were his team members Helmy Wijaya trained at ST Regis Bali for meat/poultry main-course category and Mardhika Prasetya Nugraha Homan trained at Nikko Bali Resort and Spa for the apprentice chicken/salmon main-course.

Dias admitted that the three-month training for him and his fellow students was a challenging experience. “We had sleepless nights practicing and fine tuning our technical skills for the competition! I am very happy that our hard work and efforts paid off. I have our mentor chefs, family and friends to thank for what I have achieved at this competition,” he said.

“I congratulate and thank the team who helped in adding this win to BCP’s notable list of achievements. This win made it more meaningful as we look forward to even greater achievements in the future of young chefs development. This is definitely only the beginning of more to come!” said a happy Chef Andrew , president of BCP, “BCP is very excited with this latest success. Competing with industry professionals was a great eye opening experience and excellent opportunity for the young chefs  development.”

About Culinaire Malaysia
Organised by the Malaysian Association of Hotels, Chefs Association of Malaysia and The Malaysian Food & Beverage Executives Association, Culinaire Malaysia is the region’s largest culinary competition and is held in conjunction with the Food & Hotel Malaysia Exhibition (FHM). Culinaire Malaysia aims to set a higher benchmark on the culinary standards in the Malaysian hospitality industry, and to recognize and motivate individual chefs who excel in their field of culinary arts that match world standards.
Held on a bi-annual basis, this year’s Culinaire Malaysia was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 20th to 23rd September and attracted over 1,500 participating entries from around Malaysia Germany, China, Taiwan, Korea, Nepal, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico and many more countries.