20 July 2014

GreenBox Pizza Box

Congratulation to South Korea Team

Thailand Culinary Academy 4th oversea competition in Singapore 17 - 18 July 2014. Got an special award for foreign team prepare India Food. Congratulation to South Korea Team being the over champion.

18 July 2014

Welcome Our Newest Member: ACF Young Chefs Club

Dear All 

We welcome the newest Young Chefs Club to the team the United States of America. 

Congratulations to you all and we look forward to working with you and the team Victor and Joshua. 

The Young Chefs Development Team are here to assist and support and will reach out to you for information. 

Warmest regards 
Andy Chairman, Young Chefs Development Team




Watch how this supermarket got people to buy their trash

Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day can seem like a difficult task if you aren't counting fries within that number. Sadly, approximately 300 million tons of food is wasted in a year; including those vegetables you never got around to eating. Intermarché, a chain of French supermarkets decided to do their part by purchasing the fruits and vegetables their suppliers usually throw away and sell them at a discounted price. For people to realize that the misshapen vegetables and fruits were just as good as their regular produce, they distributed "inglorious" fruit juices and soups. The end result? A success! They quickly sold out, and brought both attention and an easy solution to food waste. Genius Germans Invent Supermarket So Radically Simple You Don't Have To Speak German To Get It Original from The Epoch Times. This super German supermarket idea was featured on The Kitchn and TakePart, where you can learn more about the concept and the super successful campaign (it's in German too) to fund the first one.

17 July 2014

Interesting video to share with our YoungChefs

Extracted Facebook Post shared by WACS Young Chefs Club.

16 July 2014

We are... we are... the YoungChefs

Some Seriously Fun times were had in Norway at the BGF 2014

Extracted from Facebook Post by WACS Young Chefs Club.

15 July 2014

SJCC HotChefs Team Challenge

Our Milestone - SJCC HotChefs Team Challenge
In 2005, SJCC work with Tabasco to organized a young chefs team competition. That when the "SJCC Hotchefs Team Challenge " begin. This competition had given a platform for the young chefs to show their skill and creativity in corporate Tabasco in all the finger and tapas food. Over the years this competition had pick up many talented young chefs which became the members of the Singapore Junior & National Culinary Team. The greatest achievement is SJCC working together with Hong Kong and level the competition to the 'Battle of the Hottest Chefs". Where the champion team of the both country battle out to be the Hottest Young Chef Team.

Extracted from Facebook Post by WACS Young Chefs Club.

Thank You Dilmah for your support

2 Generations of teamakers and the next generation of WACS leaders, outstanding, thank you Dilmah Tea for your support.

Extracted from Facebook Post by WACS Young Chefs Club.

Dr. Billy Gallagher Skyping with YoungChefs at WACS Congress 2014

Such a thrill to have Dr Billy Gallagher skyped in for a session with our Young Chefs.
It was an unexpected treat for us all, we were truly delighted.

Thanks Dr Billy Gallagher! You are our Inspiration.

Extracted Facebook Post by WACS Young Chefs Club. Thanks Francis! :)

Chef Kirsten and Willem from South Africa, Winners of Nestle Golden Chefs Hat

Extracted from Facebook Post by WACS Young Chefs Club.

12 July 2014

Sterling White Halibut is YoungChefs Biggest Sponsor

Thank you Mr Magnus Skretting of Sterling White Halibut for your continuing support and believing in our Young Chefs to be the future of World Chefs. Your generous support will help us to provide educational opportunities and exchanges for Young Chefs around the world.

We thank you for allowing our Young Chefs to see first-hand your truly Sterling operation at the Sterling Halibut Fish Farm. And to taste the remarkably delicious white halibut straight from the water was an experience that none of us will ever forget. 

South Africa Nestlé Professional Golden Chef’s Hat Winners in Dubai

The first day in Dubai - hot, humid but ready to go. Chef Kirsten and Willem from South Africa.

   Chef Ace from Madinat Jumeirah ready to give the young chefs a great week of learning and networking, thanks Chef Ace!!!

The Nestlé Professional Golden Chef’s Hat Award is dedicated to helping junior and apprentice chefs develop their cooking skills and broaden their culinary horizons. The competition was reintroduced in South Africa in 2011 and since then has shone a spotlight on young talent. Previous winners have already made great strides in furthering the country’s foodservice industry. 

Young chefs from across the country submitted their applications to the competition via Facebook earlier this year. To be considered, they had to submit a completed entry form, motivation letter and original recipes and images for a starter, main course and dessert. 

Lead by SACA’s competitions director, Jodi-Ann Pearton, a panel of SACA-accredited judges chose the five semi-finalists teams of two who battled it out in SACA’s Tsogo Sun Centre for Culinary Excellence kitchens in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

The winning team jets off to Dubai for the culinary experience of a lifetime, as they work in the kitchens with Chef Stephen Wright, Executive Chef Al Qasr & Dar Al Masyaf - Madinat Jumeirah. An all-expenses paid trip, the young chefs will be able to soak up the best of Arabian hospitality and enjoy accommodation at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management.

Networking event from our South African Young Chefs

Kudos to our South African Young Chefs Adrain and Lux, for their initiatives in promoting our
Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum. 

If you did not attend the BGYCF in Stavanger 2014, your next best option is to attend this networking event and find out how you can join us at our next BGYCF in Greece 2016.

Adrian & Lux, best wishes with your networking event. We are so proud of you both.  :)

11 July 2014

Official Picture of WorldChefs Stavanger 2014

Here's a picture taken on the last day of the Congress.
For a high resolution copy, please click HERE.

09 July 2014

Fruit Carving at Stavanger 2014

Our last activity - Fruit Carving. 
Most of the YoungChefs were carving for the first time. 
YoungChefs Nat, Jessi, and Natasha started the ball rolling.
 For the boys, it was all about planning, and stenciling before anything else.
But I think Prarit and Francis were just having a ball, literally.
 YoungChef Nat from Thailand was not only quick to get the carving started, she was there to lend a hand to fellow mates. And she even lent her carving knife. Very gracious lady.
 Work of ART carved by First-Timer, Francis. 
 Female YoungChef at HACE 2014 taking pride in her work. Go Egypt!
 YoungChef Kim carved a decorative melon beautifully and effortlessly, I think Kim played too much Sepak Takraw during his free time in Malaysia.
 Before long, YoungChef Nat was onto her second project, a flower pattern carved on the watermelon.

 All about teamwork. Nat sharing her carving knife, while Kim added some touches to it.
 There you go, all out at the Fruit Table of 75metres long... with some of the creations carved by our YoungChefs.

 Thanks for all the hard work and effort put into these fruits. Well done YoungChefs! :)

 I asked the Chef to pick up her favourite piece, and it was Francis.
Can Francis please come to the Frontdesk to claim his present, lots of candies awaiting you at the Lobby. LoL

Nestle Masterclass

Nestle has conducted a Masterclass for our YoungChefs on the last day of the BGYCF. 

 We were introduced to some of the new product range, and with some fresh ingredients from Norway, we were able to sample restaurant quality food in minutes. 

 Simple yet elegant.
Nestle Chefs were busy cooking up a storm while the YoungChefs were engaged in appreciating the mixology of the ingredients, texture, combination, etc...

Thank you Nestle for the Masterclass, and for sharing some great dishes at the presentation. 

08 July 2014

YoungChefs Congratulate Chairman Andy Cuthbert for receiving the President's Award

YoungChefs were at the Congress for the Award Presentation. 
Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum was awarded the Communicator of the Year Award
All the YoungChefs were invited to the stage to receive this award, it was a great win for all. 
 South African Chefs Association won the Humanitarian Award
for their contributions and dedication to charity and voluntary work.
 Chef Otto Weibel was bestowed the Life Achievement Award, he has been instrumental for the Singapore Young Chefs Club formation 10 Years ago, and he continues sharing his knowledge with the YoungChefs all over the world.
 And now, for the President's Award....
 Our Chairman Andy Cuthbert was honoured for his dedication and constantly pushing the boundaries for the YoungChefs. A well-deserved honour and recognition indeed!
Congratulations from all of us, Chef Andy on winning the President's Award.
 Chef Andy thanking the YoungChefs for making this possible.

 Cheers from the YoungChefs! :)
Chef Dale Lyman and Chef Jodi-Ann Pearton, we wished you were here to accept the awards with us all.
Both of you are part of the equation. We miss you both.