26 August 2017

Billy Gallagher Young Chefs Tour 2017 Day3

Day 3 Dr Gallagher's Young Chefs Tour
We started our day with Chef Courtney Wood and tour guide, Jimmy Maroana. Jimmy took us on a tour through Soweto, a town of Joburg where we were able to witness the extremities of various lifestyles all happening and one location. The rich, the average and the poor. It was very important for us to be able see this. It shows that although South Africa is one of the most competitive culinary nations and holds many great advances as a country. Big communities of the people are still struggling very hard. We get to acknowledge the fact that globally, our industry should not only focus on providing just the best food service, but also everything in our power to give everyone a good chance at life. This is something that the SACA is being a wonderful role-model for.

We continued on the tour learning about the history and development of South Africa and the spark that changed it all with the 1976 Soweto revolt, bringing us to the positively developing South Africa that we see today! The tour ended with a visit of Nelson Mandela's house.
Courtney left us for the evening and Duane took over the hosting with Executive Chef Gerard Vingerling and Chef James Khoza. We were taken on a tour of Sandton Sun Hotel and Sandton convention centre. This was the last major project that Dr Gallagher undertook before the hi-jack incident. It has kitchen that provides 400 staff meals in a session, 326 en-suite hotel rooms along with 5 levels of function rooms allowing the centre to hold a total sit/stand of 9000/18000 people!
We proceeded to have our meal at the restaurant San, located inside Sandton Sun which was served beautifully with impeccable service from Phillip. A thank you to Chef Gerard Vingerling for providing us with the dining experience and special delicacies. We spent the evening learning more about Dr Gallagher and industry advice from Duane Riley which was a wonderful experience filled with knowledge.
Later in the night Chef Courtney Wood took us out to experience a night after work SACA Young Chefs style! Where we met chefs Ryan, Tristan and Davlan and had an awesome time together at Billy the BUMS (Business upmarket socialites) and Stones Fourways!
Thank you to Duane Riley for the time and effort that you have provided us up until now.
And a thank you to all chefs involved tonight!
Tomorrow we go to Cape Town!

Australian Young Chefs ask RUOK ? an important message

In 1995, Australian sports star Barry Larkin was far from ok. His suicide left family and friends in deep grief and with endless questions. In 2009, his son Gavin Larkin chose to champion just one question to honour his father and to try and protect other families from the pain his endured.

Staying connected and having meaningful conversations is something we can all do. You don't need to be an expert - just a great mate and a good listener. So, if you notice someone who might be struggling - start a conversation

Recently some high profile chefs and talented young cooks have lost their battle with depression in Australia.
Australian Young Chefs clubs, aim to start the conversation, in an extremely demanding industry with challenges such as long hours, alcohol, drugs and anti-social hours.

What is R U OK? About?
R U OK? is an Australian suicide prevention charity. The mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and to support anyone struggling with life

What is R U OK? Day?
A national day of action to remind all Australians of the importance of regularly checking in with our mates, colleagues and family and asking "are you ok?" It’s on the second Thursday of every September (in 2017, September 14). Get involved
RUOK web site

Young chefs Victoria attended the Australian Culinary Federation, Victoria chapter and Les Torques Blanches , Victoria  Forum on Mental health wellbeing .
Guest speakers
Josh Jones - ROUK?  Ambassador: Founder of #JBNPROJECT (just be nice project)
Dr Jo Mitchell - Director the mind room
Raymond Capaldi- Chef Restauranteur
Cynthia Carter- People and Culture

Dale Lyman
Young Chefs Global Development Team Member for World Chefs

24 August 2017

Day 2 Dr Billy G Young Chefs Tour 2017

Day 2 Dr Gallagher Young Chefs Tour
For today our host was Courtney Catherine Wood - Chef of 3sixty - Liquid Lounge and Secretary of SACA Young Chefs club.
We took off early in the morning through Magalisburg(rural 'Joburg') and headed to Maropeng, cradle of humankind. Where we would be co-hosted by Chef Peter Langa, Executive Chef of Maropeng operations for the last 10 years. Which consists of a 40 seater boutique hotel restaurant, a 250-400 sit/stand restaurant Tumulus, and 2 cafe venues that operate every day to provide the tourists and visitors a quicker meal option. With all of this happening, Chef Langa still put out more than half a day of his time to guide us through the exhibit/museum which has gathered and provided the research of the origins of man kind.
After the museum tour we proceeded to have lunch at Tumulus which was served by Sous Chef Marcus. Providing us with a wonderful lunch and demonstration of simple food being done well. During the lunch we had the opportunity to learn about the experiences and knowledge that has made Chef Langa who he is today. A man of great personality and mentorship, he described to us how he wanted to be a geologist, but due to certain circumstances he went into the hospitality industry whereby he realised that cooking from his soul is what he ended up wanting to do.
When lunch was finished we went on to explore the Sterkfontein Caves, an exhibit showing what started off as a gold mine turned into an archeological excavation providing us with 3 million years worth of answers, through the discoveries of Mrs Ples, Little foot and more!
To finish the night off we got dressed up and had a night of fine dining at Punchinellos Restaurant within the hotel Southern Sun Montecasino. It is an Italian themed restaurant providing Venetian cuisine and mediterranean flavour inspirations with emphasis on ingredient freshness and simplicity of preparation. We dined with Courtney and hosted by Kenneth Ngubane providing us with a beautifully tasting bottle of De Wetshof Wines Riesling to go with our flawless dinner.
Another thank you to all those involved! Stay tuned for more guys!

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Dr Billy Gallagher Young Chefs Tour 2017 Day 1

Dr Billy Gallagher young chefs tour 2017 Day 1

Day 1 Dr Gallagher Young Chefs Tour
For today Duane was our host.
Firstly we went to the Billy Gallagher & Linda Gallagher memorial site. Where we got to spend some time appreciating the beautiful grave stone and what this man has done to allow the progression of Young Chefs clubs.

We then proceeded to a tour of South Africa's Avolands, the only organisation that provides avocados all year round. They only work with avocados to ensure that they are providing the best of this fruit to the country. Providing South Africa with a monthly supply of 20 tonnes of avocado. From supermarkets, retailing and private restaurant groups. Later we got to taste some catering options that showcased how avocados can be added to the meal!
Last thing for the day was a tour of Hta ChefSchool, where we saw such an interesting layout with so many different types of test kitchens and practice restaurant designs. Following the tour was a late lunch in the presence of:
Heinz Brunner - Multi award winner and best friend of Dr Gallagher
Thomas Overbeck - South African Chefs Association GM
Stephen Paul Billingham - SACA President
Duane Riley - Business Developer at BGA
Tremaine N Theron - Dr Gallagher's previous PR assistant
Kabelo Segone - Award winning SACA board member
Adrian Vigus-Brown - SACA Young Chef President
Alexia - Member of SACA Young Chefs and our future host!
Where we got to learn plenty about the history of the chefs club and it's progression, also some fresh ideas that we hope to take home to improve our respective clubs!
Stay tuned for more!

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