22 August 2011

New German Young Chefs Club

Come and check out our new German Young Chefs homepage. Enjoy it!!! :)
Greetings from South Africa
We are currently travelling with the World Chefs Tour Against Hunger.
Warmest regards from Jessica, Sven, Gina and Andi

World Chefs Tour Against Hunger 2011
Johannesburg, South Africa
267 Chefs, with the South African Chefs, from 46 countries
You can download the high resolution Officical Photograph here

20 August 2011

WCTAH Arrivals :)

Arriving into Johannesburg International Airport, all the chefs of the world were met by the smiling faces of the South African Chefs Association, and young chefs volunteers from across Johannesburg. The Young Chefs were also busy by cooking pancakes for passers-by & receiving WCTAH donations for their effort.
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10 South African Rands can feed a child for a day...........!!!
(10 South African Rands = 1.38673 U.S.Dollars)

Help us support the World Chefs Tour Against Hunger that is currently taking place in South Africa from 21 - 30 August, with 260 Chefs from 45 countries.

19 August 2011

World Chefs Tour Against Hunger Chefs Tour

Join us all... World Chefs Tour Against Hunger.
It’s arrived! The chefs have landed and the biggest fundraising event ever in the global chefs fraternity has hit SA.

From 21 to 30 August, over 250 chefs from 44 countries will be in South Africa to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the hungry as part of the Bidvest World Chefs Tour Against Hunger.