18 August 2014

Recipes of Worldchefs Congress BG Young Chefs Forum - Nestlé Professional Demo (Stavanger, July 2014)

“The use of traditional preservation methods fermentation, smoking and drying in modern Nordic Cuisine”

A. Field and Forrest dish: Porridge – Egg yolk – Asparagus – Broth ( 10 covers)

 Oatmeal porridge
150 g      Oatmeal (fine)
50 g        shallots, finely chopped
50 g        butter
200 ml    CHEF Chicken stock, 100% naturel
100 ml    apple juice
50 g        smoked leg of lamb
Sauté the shallots in butter. Add the oatmeal and cook it like risotto with chicken stock and apple juice. In service, season with brunoised smoked leg of lamb, salt and pepper.

Egg yolk
10 pce    egg´s M/L
70 g        brown butter (slowly melt standard butter until golden brown and a nutty taste)
                Sea salt to season
Grease small porcelain bowls with brown butter and season with salt. Separate eggs into yolks and white´s and place a yolk in each of the greased porcelain bowls.  Cover with clear cling film and bake in the oven at 58 C for 2 hours

Wild garlic oil
100 g      wild garlic or garlic chives
150 ml    taste neutral oil
Blend the wild garlic with 85°¢ oil at high speed for 4 minutes in a food blender.  Refrigerate overnight and strain through a cloth, to get clear garlic infused green oil.
(You can use all kinds of green herbs. To adjust the colour use spinach)

Chicken broth (fermented asparagus juice)
250 ml    CHEF Chicken fond, 100% naturel
40 ml      fermented asparagus juice
                Salt and pepper
Heat and season the chicken stock with fermented asparagus’ juice

35 g        Fermented asparagus
75           fresh green asparagus
Slice the green asparagus’ lengthwise on a mandolin and keep in ice-water to crisp up.
Cut the fermented asparagus’s in 1 cm chunks

B. Sea and Coast dish: Langoustine – Bacalau – Sea buckhorn – Dill (10 covers)

Langoustine Tatar
10 pce    raw fresh langoustine tails
10 g        sea salt
8 g           sugar
2 g           sea buckhorn powder
Deshell the langoustine meat from the shells and freeze for 6 hours.
Chop the tails with a knife and cure with the seasoning of salt, sugar, sea buckhorn 30 min before serving. 

Bacalau chips
80 g        Bacalau, soaked and drained
Boil the Bacalau in water for 25 min and strain.
Flake the Bacalau, by beating with a whisk until a “powder” and dry in the oven for about 6 hours at 80c and 0% humidity.

Dry mussel and seaweed powder
300 g      blue mussels
50 ml      apple juice
2 sheets wakame seaweed
Clean and poach the mussels in apple juice. Save the mussel fumet and set aside.
Remove the mussel meat and dry in the oven at 60c for 48 hours.
Blend the dried mussels with seaweed to a fine powder.

“Seaweed salad”  
30 g        sold seaweed from Iceland
                Mussel fumet
                Olive oil
Soak the seaweed for 30 min in cold water, rinse in cold water and dry it on paper-towel.
Reduce the mussel fumet to a glace and set a side. In service marinade the seaweed with olive oil and mussel fumet

Langoustine Foam
2 dl         CHEF Langoustine fumet
20 g        SoSa Pro espuma cold
Season the langoustine fumet with salt and pepper.
Mix the fumet with Sosa pro-espuma and pour in to a Siphon and add 2 gas chargers.

Dill oil
75 g        Dill
150 ml    taste neutral oil
Blend the dill with 85°¢ oil in a blender at high speed for 4 minutes.
Refrigerate overnight and strain through a cloth to get clear green oil.

20 g        fresh Dill

C. Mountain and Lake dish:  Artic chare – Watercress – horseradish – camomile   (10 covers)

Salted artic chare
500 g      Arctic char, fileted, skin on
8 g           dried camomile
15 g        sea salt
10 g        sugar
Remove the nerve bones from the artic char and freeze it for 4 hours.
 Grind the salt, sugar and camomile to a powder with a pestle &mortar.
 Rub the flesh side of the fish with the seasoning and wrap in clear cling film, refrigerate for 24 hours.
At service cut in in to thin slices, without skin

Watercress puree.
250 g      wild watercress
100 g      spinach
50 g        butter
400 ml    CHEF Fish bouillon, 100% naturel
0,2%       Xanthan gum
                Salt and Sugar to season
Clean the wild watercress and spinach and sauté in butter. Add fish bouillon and boil for 4 min. Strain into a bowl. Reduce the liquid to 100 ml and blend liquid with the water cress/spinach to a smooth puree. Season with salt and sugar. Thicken the puree by blending with Xanthan gum into the puree for 1 min and pass the puree through a sieve. Refrigerate until serving.

Sour crème
100 ml    organic fresh sour crème 18%
15 ml      MAGGI Fish Fond, Liquid Fond Concentrate
Season the sour crème with fish fond concentrate

Rye bread crumble
10 g        Scandinavian Rye bread
40 g        Beurre Brun (butter, slowly melted until discoloured to brown colour)
10 g        Maggi Fish bouillon powder
Crumble the rye bread in a Robocoupé blender with the brown butter. Dry the bread crumbles in the oven at 140c for about 45 min.   Spread crumbles on a paper towel, to soak the excess fat and season with fish bouillon powder. Keep in an airtight container 

Pickled onions
75 g        small pearl onions
50 ml      water
4 g           salt
50 ml      apple vinegar
2 stems lovage
Peel onions and bring to the boil with the all the remaining ingredients’. Refrigerate overnight.

50     G             fresh Horseradish  or wasabi
100   G            Löjrom  ( Salmon Roe)
Wild water Cress leaves
Regular cress
Forrest sorrel
Farmed water cress
Clean and pick the herbs.
Grate the horseradish over the dish
And fill spoon the Löjrom over the dish. 

Recipes courtesy of Nestlé Professional. 

06 August 2014

Chef Alan Orreal awarded the All Japan Chefs Association's Medal for Highest Achievement Technical Culinary Skills

05 August 2014

Boiling Point and Water Content

04 August 2014

Congratulations to YoungChefs Ambassador Victor Kendlehart for his ACF President's Medallion Award

Congratulations to all the recipients, and especially our YoungChefs Ambassador Victor Kendlehart, for his prestigious ACF President's Medallion Award. Only 64 of these were given out.

We are so proud of you and your achievement!

From all of us at YoungChefs Development Team.

Press Release

American Culinary Federation Announces 2014 National Award Winners

St. Augustine, Fla., July 30, 2014—The American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF) honored chefs, culinary industry professionals and foodservice establishments at the 2014 ACF National Convention, hosted by ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association in Kansas City, Missouri, July 25–29.
More than 1,000 chefs, cooks, students and foodservice professionals attended the annual event held at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. The ACF national convention provided attendees with opportunities to advance their professional development and enhance their culinary skills through hands-on workshops and seminars, cutting-edge demonstrations, a trade show featuring nearly 100 exhibitors, national competitions and ACF’s national awards.
This year’s presenters included Pat LaFrieda, third-generation meat purveyor and owner of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, North Bergen, New Jersey, who demonstrated the art of butchery; Jacquy Pfeiffer, co-founder/academic dean for student affairs, The French Pastry School, Chicago, who shared his knowledge and expertise for making desserts; and Becky Wortman, chef/owner, Imagine Something Sweet, Clayton, Washington, and one of Dessert Professional’s 2014 Top Ten Cake Artists in America, who demonstrated the art of sculpting buttercream showpieces.
During General Session, July 26, Rochelle Trotter, wife of the late renowned chef Charlie Trotter, HHOF, announced that the Charlie Trotter’s Culinary Education Foundation will donate $25,000 to the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation for culinary-arts education scholarships.
General Session included a panel tribute to Charlie Trotter by former employees and colleagues who shared memories of working with Trotter and outlined their plans for The Trotter Project, an initiative to promote culinary arts, service and education. Homaro Cantu, chef/owner, Moto, Chicago, who was also a panel member, gave a molecular gastronomy-inspired culinary demonstration.
At national convention chefs faced off in several ACF national competitions, demonstrating their culinary skills and leadership. ACF also presented awards to chefs and establishments for advancing the culinary industry and profession. Below are the 2014 ACF award winners and honorees:

U.S.A.’s Chef of the Year, sponsored by Unilever Food Solutions

Timothy Prefontaine, CEC®, executive chef, The Fort Worth Club, Fort Worth, Texas; ACF national member

ACF Pastry Chef of the Year, sponsored by Plugrá® European-Style Butter

Stephan Schubert, executive pastry chef, River City Casino & Hotel, St. Louis; Chefs de Cuisine Association of St. Louis Inc.

Chef Educator of the Year

Jean Yves Vendeville, CEPC®, department chair/instructor, Savannah Technical College, Savannah, Georgia; ACF Chefs of the Low Country

Student Chef of the Year, sponsored by Custom Culinary, Inc.

Chase Grove, chef de partie, The Grey Plume, Omaha, Nebraska; student, The Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College, Omaha; ACF Professional Chefs and Culinarians of the Heartland

Dr. L.J. Minor Chef Professionalism Award, sponsored by MINOR’S®

Michael Garbin, CEC®, AAC®, executive chef, Union League Club of Chicago, Chicago; ACF Windy City Professional Culinarians Inc.

Hermann G. Rusch Chef’s Achievement Award

Hartmut Handke, CMC®, AAC®, chef/owner, Culinary Fast-Trac, Dublin, Ohio; ACF Columbus Chapter

Student Team National Championship, sponsored by R.L. Schreiber, Inc.

ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association; Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas; Raquel Kramer, Katie O’Connor, Matt Phillips, Kathryn Ratzlaff and Jessica Seely; Felix Sturmer, coach

Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl, sponsored by American Technical Publishers and US Foods

Guilford Technical Community College, Jamestown, North Carolina; ACF North Carolina Chapter; Aisha Boston, Jessica Bower, Alexia D’Egidio and Michael Nasrallah; Linda Beitz and Patrick Sanecki, CHE, coaches

ACF Industry Partnership Award

Plugrá® European-Style Butter; Kansas City, Missouri

ACF National Chapter of the Year

ACF Monterey Bay Chapter; Monterey, California

ACF Region of the Year

ACF Western Region

Culinary Community Spirit Award

Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association; Detroit

World of Thanks Award

ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association; Kansas City, Missouri

ACF President’s Medallion Recipients

L. Edwin Brown, HAAC, HHOF, ACF ambassador, St. Augustine, Florida; ACF Pittsburgh Chapter
Russell Campbell, CEC®, army sustainment command food advisor, U.S. Army, Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois; Old Dominion ACF Chapter
Charles Carroll, CEC®, AAC®, executive chef, River Oaks Country Club, Houston; ACF Professional Chefs Association of Houston
Biagio Dente, CEC®, AAC®, HOF, retired, Pittston, Pennsylvania; ACF Professional Chefs of Northeast Pennsylvania
Jim Douglas, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®, HOF, retired, Marysville, Washington; ACF Washington State Chefs Association
Roger Kelly, CEC®, AAC®, instructor, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Philadelphia; ACF Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chefs Association
Victor Kendlehart, CC®, restaurants supervisor, Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Bowling Green, Florida; ACF national member
Adam Hagar, CSC®, CPC®, instructor assistant, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio; ACF Columbus Chapter
Harry Hoffstadt, CEC®, AAC®, HOF, retired, Tinley Park, Illinois; ACF Chicago Chefs of Cuisine Inc.
Paul O’Toole, CEC®, AAC®, executive chef, The Cliffs at Glassy, Landrum, South Carolina; ACF Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chefs Association
Lisa Ramsey, CEC®, CEPC®, chef instructor, The Art Institute of Tennessee–Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee; ACF Middle Tennessee Chapter
Tene Shake, owner, Tene Shake Signature Restaurants, Monterey, California; ACF Monterey Bay Chapter
The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York

Cutting Edge Award Recipients

Bob Brassard Jr., CEC®, culinary educator, Broadmoor Technical Center–Shawnee Mission School District, Overland Park, Kansas; ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association
Mike Allen Chrostowski, culinary-arts instructor, Olathe Public Schools Culinary Arts Program, Olathe, Kansas; ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association
Virgil Emmert, CEC®, CCA®, executive chef, Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center, Chaska, Minnesota; ACF Minneapolis Chefs Chapter
Dwight Ferguson, vice president business development, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; ACF Windy City Professional Culinarians Inc.
Michael Kester, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®, Southeast area training manager, Sodexo, Columbia, South Carolina; ACF Midlands Chapter
Ray McCue, CEC®, assistant professor, Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island; ACF Rhode Island Chapter
Brandon Parry, CEC®, executive chef, United States Navy, Honolulu; ACF Honolulu Chapter
Michael Scott, CEC®, AAC®, executive chef, Northwood Club, Dallas; Texas Chefs Association
Robert White, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®, national director of culinary operations, The Goodman Group, Chaska, Minnesota; ACF Minneapolis Chefs Chapter

Achievement of Excellence Awards

American Bounty Restaurant, The Culinary Institute of America; Hyde Park, New York
Café Reconcile; New Orleans
Capers; Little Rock, Arkansas
Cyrano’s Farm Kitchen; Chicago
David’s 388; South Portland, Maine
Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria & Ristorante; Bensenville, Illinois
Monastero’s Ristorante & Banquets; Chicago
M.Y. China; San Francisco
Myers Park Country Club; Charlotte, North Carolina
Old Fisherman’s Grotto; Monterey, California
Pizzalley’s Chianti Room; St. Augustine, Florida
Quartino Ristorante & Wine Bar; Chicago
Remington Tavern and Seafood Exchange; North Tonawanda, New York
R’evolution; New Orleans
Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici & Al Forno Trattoria, The Culinary Institute of America; Hyde Park, New York
Siro Urban Italian Kitchen; Orlando, Florida
The Bocuse Restaurant, The Culinary Institute of America; Hyde Park, New York
The Gatesworth; St. Louis
The Sardine Factory; Monterey, California
The Signature Room at the 95th; Chicago

American Academy of Chefs® (AAC) Awards

AAC Chair’s Medal
Mark Wright, CEC®, AAC®, department chair of hospitality management, Erie Community College, Buffalo, New York; ACF of Greater Buffalo New York
Lawrence A. Conti, CEC®, AAC®, HOF, Chair’s Achievement Award
Salvatore Campagna, CEC®, HAAC, retired, San Carlos, California; ACF San Francisco Chapter
Joseph Amendola Award
Gale O’Malley, CEPC®, AAC®, pastry chef instructor, Kapiʻolani Community College, Honolulu; ACF Honolulu Chapter
Chef Good Taste Award
Scott Gilbert, CEC®, AAC®, director of culinary, Custom Culinary, Inc.; Lombard, Illinois; ACF Windy City Professional Culinarians Inc.
Lt. General John D. McLaughlin Award
Russell Campbell, CEC®, army sustainment command food advisor, U.S. Army, Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois; Old Dominion ACF Chapter
Sharing Culinary Traditions Award
Thomas Recinella, CEC®, AAC®, program director of culinary and beverage management, The Culinary Institute of Michigan of Port Huron, Port Huron, Michigan; ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association
Celebrated Chef
Rick Moonen, chef/owner, rm seafood, Las Vegas

AAC Culinary Hall of Fame™

Harry Brockwell, CEC®, AAC®, HOF, corporate consulting chef, Westlake Village, California; Ventura Chefs Association
Fawzi Ottman, CEC®, AAC®, HOF, executive chef, Odyssey Country Club, Tinley Park, Illinois; ACF Chicago Chefs of Cuisine Inc.
Leopold Schaeli, CMC®, AAC®, HOF, retired, West Bloomfield, Michigan; ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association

AAC Honorary Culinary Hall of Fame™

Jim Singerling, HAAC, HBOT, HHOF, chief executive officer, Club Managers Association of America, Alexandria, Virginia; ACF Nation’s Capital Chefs Association

AAC Fellows

Darrin Aoyama, CEPC®, AAC®, executive pastry chef, River Oaks Country Club, Houston; ACF Professional Chefs Association of Houston
Mark Brown, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®, executive chef, Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club, Oklahoma City; The Southwest Florida Chapter of the ACF
Jesse Cobb, CEC®, AAC®, corporate executive chef, Nestlé Professional, Naperville, Illinois; ACF Chicago Chefs of Cuisine Inc.
Mark Cochran, CEC®, CCA®, CFBE, AAC®, culinary instructor, Culinary Arts Institute of Platt College, Oklahoma City; ACF Culinary Arts Society of Oklahoma
Claudio Ferrer, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®, corporate chef, Electrolux North, Latin America and the Caribbean, Charlotte, North Carolina; owner/chef, Kiko’s Catering LLC, Naples, Florida; ACF Caxambas Chapter of Naples & Marco Island
Thomas Hunt, CEC®, AAC®, executive chef, Columbus Culinary Institute–Bradford School, Columbus, Ohio; ACF Columbus Chapter
Jeffrey Mitchell, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®, executive chef of culinary and nutritional services, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, New York; ACF Syracuse New York Chapter
M. Glenn Pruden, CEC®, AAC®, assistant director/executive chef, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia; ACF Virginia Chefs Association
Michael Rigberg, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®, chef instructor/executive chef, Land O’Lakes High School–Pasco Country School District, Land O’Lakes, Florida; ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association, Inc.
Paul Santaularia, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®, culinary-arts instructor, Northland Career Center, Platte City, Missouri; ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association
Fred Wright, CEC®, AAC®, chef/instructor, Washoe County School District, Reno, Nevada; ACF High Sierra Chefs Association

AAC Honorary Fellows

Elizabeth Bergin, HAAC, vice president/creative director, Michel Bouit International Inc., Chicago; and owner/designer, Elizabeth Bergin Enterprises, Inc., Chicago; ACF Chicago Chefs of Cuisine Inc.
Mark Eggerding, HAAC, vice president of product sales and culinary education, US Foods, Rosemont, Illinois
Todd Hatoff, HAAC, president, Allen Brothers, Chicago
Addiemae Rolle-Farrington, HAAC, chef lecturer, The College of the Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas; Bahamas Culinary Association
Felix Sturmer, HAAC, culinary instructor, Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas; ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association

ACF Culinary Youth Team USA

Megan Bamford, pastry cook, The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Kristyn Chatlosh, student, Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Illinois; ACF Louis Joliet Chapter
Jordan Gardiner, demi chef, Myers Park Country Club, Charlotte, North Carolina; ACF North Carolina Chapter
Tracy Morris, pastry cook, Chevy Chase Club, Chevy Chase, Maryland; ACF Rhode Island Chapter
Jesus Olmedo, line cook, Somerset Club, Boston; ACF Epicurean Club of Boston
Josh Page, line cook, Grandfather Golf & Country Club, Linville, North Carolina; ACF North Carolina Chapter
Lydia Ross, CC, student, Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, North Carolina; ACF North Carolina Chapter
Trae Shriner, student ambassador, Oregon Coast Culinary Institute, Coos Bay, Oregon; and line cook, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Bandon, Oregon; ACF Bay Area Chefs Association of Oregon
2014 ACF National Convention Sponsors are: ACE Bakery, LLC; Alabama Gulf Seafood; Allen Brothers, Inc.; American Technical Publishers; Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water; Barry Callebaut; BelGioioso Cheese, Inc.; Browne Foodservice; Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute; Canada Cutlery Inc.; Central Region State Beef Councils; Chef Rubber; Custom Culinary, Inc.; Ecolab®; Grey Poupon; Idaho® Potato Commission; Johnson & Wales University; Lactalis Foodservice; Lang Manufacturing Company; MINOR’S®; National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc.; NEWCHEF Fashion Inc.; Par-Way Tryson, makers of Vegalene®; Plant Based Foods, Inc.; Plugrá® European-Style Butter; R.L. Schreiber, Inc.; S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water; Sysco®; THE FRENCH’S FOOD COMPANY; Tyson Food Service; Unilever Food Solutions; US Foods; Valrhona; Victorinox Swiss Army; Villeroy & Boch; Vita Craft® Corporation; Vitamix® Corporation; Wayne Farms LLC; Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

About the American Culinary Federation

The American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF), established in 1929, is the standard of excellence for chefs in North America. With nearly 20,000 members spanning 200 chapters nationwide, ACF is the culinary leader in offering educational resources, training, apprenticeship and programmatic accreditation. In addition, ACF operates the most comprehensive certification program for chefs in the United States, with the Certified Executive Chef®, Certified Sous Chef®, Certified Executive Pastry Chef® and Certified Culinary Educator® designations accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. ACF is home to ACF Culinary Team USA, the official representative for the United States in major international culinary competitions, and to the Chef & Child Foundation, founded in 1989 to promote proper nutrition in children and to combat childhood obesity. For more information, visit www.acfchefs.org. Find ACF on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ACFChefs and on Twitter @ACFChefs.

03 August 2014

Filleting a Halibut

02 August 2014

Cooking Demonstration for SJCC

Extracted from Facebook Post by WACS Young Chefs Club.