28 October 2008

Penang Junior Chefs

Here is a Picture of the First Penang Junior Chefs Club Committee
Great work Penang 
Get ready for
WACS Congress 2010 at Santiago, Chile
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24 October 2008

International (Young) Chef Day – Singapore

International Chef Day – Singapore

International Chef’s Day 2008 was celebrated in Singapore quite differently as compared to previous years. Instead of visiting homes for the elderly and cooking for them, chefs from the Singapore Chef’s Association(SCA) invited more than 100 youths from Andrew & Grace Home, Northlight and Care Corner Family Services Center Woodlands to learn the ways of the chef at At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy. The objective of the chefs was twofold: to teach the young participants how to cook delicious and nutritional food and inspire them to enter the chef profession. “We wanted to share our skills with the underprivileged kids, and teach them that eating well may not be an expensive affair. With the right culinary skills, such as how to handle meats or cut vegetables the right way, they can be empowered to whip up a delicious, healthy meal at home anytime at a low cost.” Eric Teo, president of SCA.

The day began in the early afternoon at At-Sunrice, where, after a short introduction, the kids aged 12 to 17 were taken for a tour of the spice gardens surrounding the academy. After a returning to the academy and taking a short break — a break punctuated by the laughter of the kids as they donned their chef garb — the kids were divided into three teams and brought into the kitchens to see the instructors in actions.

It would be an understatement to say: “It was then the participants’ turn to cook”, for the aroma wafting through the air as each kitchen was a bustle of activity was unbelievably mouth-watering.

In the words of Bridget Hootan, a participant from Andrew & Grace Home who had previously attended other cooking classes, International Chef’s Day 2008 was “a new experience because the first cooking class we attended they spoon-fed us everything. So now at least we get to walk around and understand different aspects of cooking.”

“I think it was a very good event and there was very good response. I think bringing all those kids from those various schools to the academy today was a very meaningful event to do and I think they will leave with great memories and hopefully give them some interests about what cuisines and food is all about and to understand the importance of good nutrition and food knowledge which today has the tendency to be forgotten,” said Christophe Megel, chief executive officer of At-Sunrice.

The day ended with a communal dinner at At-Sunrice, where the kids dined with their new friends, the chefs.

Article from Singapore Chefs Association

23 October 2008

Results Table at IKA 2008

Click on images below for larger sized pictures of the results table for both National and Junior Teams.
From the National Teams
Category A: Germany
Category B: Norway
Category C: Singapore
Overall Winner: Norway

Military: Switzerland

From the Junior Teams
Overall Winner: Germany

The only Gold with Distinction for Sugar Piece

This amazing Sugar Piece was crafted by  Chef Na Sung Ku from Korea

Well done and congratulations for being awarded the only Gold Medal with Distinction for an individual at the Culinary Olyimpics IKA 2008

Norway Wins the 2008 Culinary Olympics

Germany Junior National Teams Wins Culinary Olympics IKA 2008

WACS Junior Teams Receiving Hot Kitchen Awards

Final Day Awards Highlights

National Teams Cold Table Highlights Day 4

Cold Table Junior Teams Day 4

Hot Kitchen Action Junior Chefs Day 4

Culinary Olympics 2008 IKA Results Table - National Teams

Click on image for a larger format of the results table for the National Team at IKA 2008.

Results of National Teams at IKA 2008, as at 21 October 2008.
Results for 22 October 2008 will be posted shortly

22 October 2008

Culinary Olimpics 2008 IKA Results Table - Junior Teams

Click on the picture for a higher resolution of the Results Table for the Junior Teams, another update will be added at the end of today's competition.

I will be posting the Results Table for the National Culinary Teams in a short while... check back for more updates, or subscribe to www.wacsjunior.blogspot.com (located on left sidebar)

Japan Juniors Win Gold

For their very first international appearance, the Japanese National Junior Team has taken Gold in the Cold Table Display at the Culinary Olympics IKA 2008.

This is the first time any Japanese Team has won a Gold Medal for Cold Table at the Culinary Olimpics.

"We are thrilled beyond all expectations for the Junior Team as they are young and not very experienced for this level of competition but clearly they have risen to meet the challenge."
Alan Orreal - Team Advisor

The Japanese Junior Team has also won itself a Silver Medal for Hot Kitchen on Day One of the competition.

20 October 2008

Opening Night Pictures of IKA

Opening Night for Japan Juniors

"Are We Really Here"?

Hot Kitchen Action Day 1

IKA Day 1 Hot Kitchen Junior Teams
United Kingdom

IKA Day 1 Some Cold Table Pics from National Teams

Junior Teams Cold Table Day 1 - Denmark

Denmark 2

Junior Cold Table Day 1 - Czech Republic

Czech Republic 2

Junior Cold Table Day 1 - Italy

Junior Cold Table Day 1- Scotland