17 May 2012

19 May 2012 - Food Revolution Day

Let this date: 19 May 2012 be the Food Revolution Day. 
Check out Jamie Oliver's videos

10 May 2012

Worldchefs - Bringing worlds together

Here is a quick video that we did to allow our members to remember that they are a part of a global family.

Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum Evaluation Form.

Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum Evaluation Form. 

We value your feedback and it will definitely help us improve in planning and organising future forums.
Please click on the link below to download the document.

Kindly email the completed evaluation to us at:
wacsyoungchefs AT gmail DOT com
by 15 May 2012

Thanks once for being part of 2012 BGF WACS in Daejeon!

09 May 2012

2012 WACS Congress: Bill Gallagher Forum (Funny Faces)

Great introduction of all the Young Chefs who came & supported BGF at Daejeon...
There are some of us who may not be as young, but are young-at-heart. LoL

Thanks Felix for putting this together! :)
Anyone with videos to share, just email wacsyoungchefs AT gmail DOT com
or simply tag us on Facebook! :)

Anton Mosimann with WACS Bringing Worlds together

Chef Anton Mosimann interviewed by Jesper Jek, WACS Young Chefs Ambassador WACS World Congress Daejeon Korea 2012

06 May 2012

a few fun videos...

a couple of videos of our Young Chefs having fun... enjoy!  :)
There will be more... if you have videos to share, send the link to us at
wacsyoungchefs AT gmail DOT com

05 May 2012

BGF Finale - Cook Off

Day 5 - BGF Finale Cook Off.... I like to move it move it... 

WACS Young Chefs in groups of 4 and whipping up a dish in just 20 minutes, from a selection of ingredients they were given
Everyone's a winner... because it was all about teamwork, and they all work well together. Well done!
We then had Andy, Alan, Dale and Steve participating as well, joining different groups. It was a good way to end the Dr Bill Gallagher Forum. :)

WACS Young Chefs are doing their final activity now.... they are all in groups of different countries and creating their dishes - ONE POT COOKING is going on NOW 
We are also streaming LIVE from WACS Daejeon, log in and join us:

04 May 2012

Day 4 - BGF Presentation at the Congress

Day 4 was an exciting day... nerve-wrecking at some point for some, while others stayed up late at night to ensure that they delivered a flawless presentation of their clubs.

Andy and the Young Chefs Development Team were invited onto the stage by President Gissur.
(from left) Jodi-Ann, Dale, Andy and Alan
Alan and Andy gave a brief introduction and then welcomed the Young Chefs onto the stage. 
 I like to move it move it... I like to move it move it... everyone all pumped up, and grrrooveed, and mmmmoooovvvvved it :)   President Gissur was no exception 
 Keep on mmmoovvvvvinnnngggg...  :)

seemed like the 5 chefs in front were having more fun moooooving

 President Gissur was presented with a flashy bow-tie by the Young Chefs
 oh.... a multi-purpose bow-tie... a suitable hair band for a Fancy Dress party
 Yep, I am keeping this one handy in my luggage :)
 President Gissur was a great sport :)
 To finish off her term as Ambassador for the Young Chefs, Kelly presented what she had done over the last 2 years. 

 We have the new Ambassador, Jasper sharing with us his thoughts, visions, and what he hopes to be doing for the next 2 years.

 Bonding among the Young Chefs came very naturally, the Origami-making session during our bus trip to Hanul Kimchi Production was a good example....
and so we had the chefs having a bit of fun... bonding 
Cornelia from Canada, Markus & Mirjam from Egypt (pictured below)
 Our Young Chefs Jatu and Budi from Indonesia bonding with a table of Chefs and giving some tips on how to transform a piece of paper to a beautiful crane.

 Look!! It's a Crane... Dale made it into a plane
 and it was a fighter plane...LoL
 Back to business, Belinda from Singapore delivered her presentation

 Hong Kong Team, led by TY, delivered a group presentation

 Heather from Nova Scotia introduced what their club members are doing back home

We wanted to throw a surprise for the participants/chefs at the Congress... and what do we know.... 
Dr Bill Gallagher surprised us all, calling us on SKYPE and addressing the chefs. Everyone was excited to hear from Dr Gallagher, the reason why we have Bill Gallagher Forum.

And, we had our little surprises for Dr Bill Gallagher too.
Cornelia, a long time friend and great supporter of Bill Gallagher, read out a beautiful poem dedicated to our mentor - Dr Bill Gallagher.

 Jodi-Ann made an excellent speech, and put together a Tribute presentation - totally awesome!!!
Thanks Jodi-Ann for sharing with us at WACS Young Chefs

We then continued with our presentation, from Malaysia 
together with Penang 

 Zane and Adam both got the opportunity to share with Andy what their clubs are also doing in their home country.
 And last but not least, we have Juta and Budi sharing with us what their clubs are doing in Jakarta and Bali
 Andy and the Young Chefs Development Team thanked everyone for their participation, and wished them all the best in their endeavours.

A BIG "Thank you" to Steve McFarlane, for sharing most of the pictures from this event for our WACS Young Chefs Blog

Bill Gallagher Forum streaming LIVE in Daejeon

03 May 2012

Jon Garratt takes initiatives on Hunger Awareness

An initiative taken by our WACS Young Chef Ambassador Jon Garratt from Canada on Hunger Awareness and the importance of giving back to the community. Food banks supply meals to needy families, and they need your support.

Watch the video & think of how you can contribute in your community... Jon Garratt is certainly contributing to his
Well Done Jon! :)
WACS Young Chefs are proud of your work and your commitment.

BGF presenting Cassandra Austin

Dr Bill Gallagher Forum (BGF) was honoured to have an exclusive up close & personal session with Cassandra Austin ...

Cassandra had all the Young Chefs actively discussing, debating, and sharing their views on women in the industry, especially the different cultures and respect women face in the kitchen, from different countries. The message was clear:
Young Chefs, regardless of gender, can make a positive impact & change the mindset of the industry today,

The session ended well, with our Young Chefs knowing that they have an avenue to turn to if they or their organisations need advice. 

Another great session! :)

If you have any question(s) for Cassandra Austin, email us and we will put you in touch with her.

Up close & personal with Chef Bent & Chef Anton

 The Billy Gallagher Forum was treated to a very special once in a lifetime event, they had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with 2 of the world's top chefs: Chef Bent Stiansen & Chef Anton Mossimann

Young Chefs asked many questions about careers, opportunities, directions & culinary experiences, which were answered directly with words of encouragement from both chefs.

The message was clear:
Work hard... study hard... share knowledge... have fun... and don't be afraid to ask or take chances... 
but mostly, work hard!

 Chef Anton Mossimann, together with our WACS Young Chefs Development Team that made this session possible: Alan, Jodi-Ann and Andy
 Like everyone else, Chef Anton is a huge idol for Jodi-Ann
 Our Promising Young Chefs from Indonesia
Zane from New Zealand & Adam from Welsh, with Chef Anton
 Our Penang Young Chefs

 Chef Andy happily queued for his picture with Chef Mosimann too :)