28 April 2009

25 April 2009

With less than 2 weeks to go, the excitment is building for what will be another excellent HOFEX event. Keep your eyes on WACS Junior as we will be posting LIVE from Hong Kong Convention Centre from 6-9 May 2009.

22 April 2009

Association of Malaysia over all champions at the first
Asian Junior Chef Challenge in Jakarta.
From left –Bong Weng Chuan, Syamsul Bahari, Goh Sok Siong, Malcom with Zubir Zain
Malaysian Junior Team walked away with gold medal and overall champion in recent Asian Junior Chef Challenge category in Indonesian Salon Culinaire, held in Jakarta from 15th-18th.April 2009.The young team represented by Bong Weng Chuan, Syamsul Bahari, Goh Sok Sion Malcom and led by Zubir Zain as team leader.
In this competition the team, cooks and served a 3 course set menu within 2 hours using some fresh vegetables and dairy products from a mystery box. According to team leader, Chef Zubir Zain, the team has undergone several training session prior to the competition and this sweet achievement has proven all the hard work were paid off!!!
The Junior team, will like to thank the committee of the Saloon Culinaire in Jakarta and especially the president chef Vindex, and Chef Eduard Betez for the hospitality at the Borobudur Hotel and all the help provide .
We will like also to congratulate the Singapore Junior team, placed at the second place and our sister Penang Chefs Association Malaysian chapter that brought back the Third place and the over all best Junior Chef with two silver medal Chef : Fong Chung Yew.
Article contributed courtesy of:
Federico Michieletto
President Chefs Association Of Malaysia

18 April 2009

Quick Update:
Congratulations to the K.L Team, they are the overall winner at the First Junior Asian Chef Challenge.
More to come soon...

16 April 2009

Day TWO at the 7th Indonesian Salon Culinaire 2009, Jakarta

The Teams competing at the Asian Junior Chef Challenge

See them in Action...

Picture gallery of what the teams created at the competition...

Some highlights at the event at Day TWO

05 April 2009

Junior Asian Chef Challenge

With only two weeks to go before the first ever Junior Asian Chef Challenge takes place in Jakarta at the Food and Hotel Indonesia 2009 as part of the 7th Indonesian Salon Culinaire, the teams are lining up for a hot cooking competition that will be long remembered.

" We have reached our final stage of the preparation of the event, great news on the Junior Asian Chef Challenge, we had already 16 teams including 1 from Singapore Chef Association, 1 from Malaysia Chef Association, 2 teams from Penang, 1 from Bali and the rest are from several schools and establishment from Jakarta.

 Chef Otto will be our Chief Judge and several others judges from overseas such as Marco from Thailand, Heinz Kohler from Phuket, Tony Khoo, Kenny Kong from Singapore and several others also the from our fellow partners BCP (Bali)." 

WACS Junior wishes all competitors good luck and good cooking, and as Chef Otto always says, "Don't do anything too fancy, just keep it simple but make sure it tastes good."