30 October 2018

NingBo International Young Chefs Challenge

NingBo International Young Chefs Challenge
Congratulations to Tori Pickens & Billy Fox who have just competed in the Ningbo Young Chefs Challenge China 2018 and did a fantastic job, Tori & Billy are both the chairpersons of the Young Chefs Club in their home states of WA & NSW as well as holding places on the Culinary Youth Squad. They were accompanied by Peter Tischhauser.

President of the NingBo Gulin Vocational School Yu Haoqi
"The overall objective of the Culinary Challenge is to continue to add another dimension to the growing need for our young chefs to learn and experience different food styles”
 “This competition will provide channels that would promote culinary experience, skills and abilities of Young Chefs from all over our region. The competition will be challenging and exciting but also bring you together with camaraderie as a professional young Chef.”

Continental Director Asia Dr. Rick Stephen
“The aim of any competition is a learning curve for all and with the additional introduction of the
Masterclasses by some of the best chefs around only add to the knowledge and skills that you will gain by been a part of this event"

On the first Day of the competition was the Two to Tango where A team of 2 prepared 3 portions of cold or warm seafood/fish appetizer and 3 portions of beef or lamb western style, with in a 1 hour cooking time. Billy & Tori won a Silver Medal

On day 2 the chefs competed individually Billy in the Farm to Plate challenge where he had 60 minutes to prepare & serve 3 portions of main courses using Duck, Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Pork he took home a Silver Medal.

Tori competed in the Ningbo Seafood Challenge where she also had 60 minutes to prepare serve 3 main courses using fish & or seafood. This time it was Gold Medal for Tori & Best in Class trophy with the top score.