28 October 2011

26th October 2011

Dear Asian Presidents,

One of the commitments I made when doing my presentation and standing for election for WACS Continental Director for Asia position was, that I would appoint two assistants, to help me cover the vast area of Asia as Assistants to the Continental Director.

The idea was to have one in the West and one in the North and myself covering as much as possible in the South East. This process has taken me a little longer than I had originally planned, but then again I had to show protocol and request permission from their respective Presidents. After this  process, I had to present this plan to the WACS Board meeting that recently took part in South Africa.

I would like to introduce you to Ms. Shang Haling who is the Secretary General of the China Cuisine Association and will help me promote WACS in the Northern regions of Asia. And our West Asian representative will be Baranidharan, P or as he prefers, Barani who works with Custom Culinary based in Bangalore, India.

We are planning to set up Skype meeting between the 3 of us to help promote our region and the Chefs of Asia, their tasks will not be limited to this but also to liaise with various countries who request help that I cannot meet with in regards to Education, Training, Marketing, WACS’s Chefs Without Borders program, Competitions and having Universities and Colleges WACS approved.

Please join me to thank these two dedicated people for their time and energy they have already started to commit to WACS and the future of our industry, we look forward to working more closely with our current WACS family and family members of the future.

Kind regards
Rick Stephen
Continental Director - Asia

20 October 2011

Good morning Chefs !!!

Today is International Chefs Day, it time to reflect back on our last 12 months, you're ups and your downs, it is also a time to reflect that we are in a dynamic industry where no two days are the same and that is why you choose it !

Chefs have no borders, and that is why our industry is so unique, our industry is not like to corporate world and if a colleagues is in need no matter what company he works for, we are there to help and this is what camaraderie is all about.

It is also time to look at our changing world with flooding in Thailand, storms in USA and this should make us more aware of 'Sustainable Cuisine' and the big challenge on ' How to feed the planet in the future ' The world is growing rapidly, and the farm lands are becoming smaller and less desirable to work and maintain.

International Chefs Day gives us as chefs the opportunity all over the world to celebrate the ingenuity of our great profession, it is indeed a day and our industry to celebrate and to appreciate how lucky we are and also to appreciate the good things in life FOOD !

Happy cooking to everyone.

Kind regards

Rick Stephen CMC

Continental Director - Asia