21 August 2018

Liberia Chefs to participate in West African Food Festival

Profile of chefs from Liberia who will be participating in the West African Food Festival in Ghana. The Liberia government will be fully involved and will be part of the delegation to Ghana, which will be a huge boost to the association.

20 August 2018

2018 TCA “Cooking for Love - Cooking for Taiwan” Tour

What a summer vacation it was indeed. The annual event of supporting our community by “Cooking with Love - Cooking for Taiwan” Tour, from Central to South, North to East was for many students, lectures, young chefs, volunteers and our association committee and its members no option for a second thought! Who says you cannot have fun whiles cooking on the road?

The call by the Taiwan Chefs Association–Young Chefs Club headed by our committee Vice President Chef Simon Chan received numerous feedbacks as to spend their vacation with members of our society who are underprivileged. The preparation with the support from over 17 colleges and sponsorship from 37 food manufactures from all provinces lasted 4 month and was held for 18days from July 5 until July 22. 2018.

Like in the Olympics, we stuffeled by passing on the “Cooking with Love” fire from Central district to the South district, taking over from the North district to the East.
Our first journey on 5 July took us to Hongdae Technical University were we supported the “Xìn Wàng Love Smart Development Centre”. A themed exotic food carnival luncheon filled with games, dances and magic was presented to the joy of members whom are underprivileged in regards to academic and mental health.
A luncheon on 8 July was served at the Child Protective Service Nursery, Tounan, Taiwan with a wide selection of food, games, magic show and an extra ordinary appearance and performance with TVBS. A rewarding tribute to our casting members.
We continued our drive and arrived on 12 July at Aoyama Castle Peak Nursery, Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County, Hsinchün, Taiwan where we prepared a wide variety of luscious meals for the community, there family and kids. Cooking classes, games and a lavish entertainment filled the day with amuse to all, in majority to the youngsters.
We arrived 13 July for a visit with a prepared luncheon for community members at the Pingtunng South Peony Township East Source Tribe. The fun-filled day with an in-depth insight on the live within a tribe was rewarding to all of us as we have shared, mentored and lived among nature and the laughter of children’s in specific.
 On 22 July we travelled North from Taichung as we reloaded our food materials at pre-dawn and arrived at the Nanya Institute of Technology, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, were we were greeted by the “Poor Family Association”. Heart-warming smiles filled the day as we entertained, shared live stories and prepared a luncheon buffet followed with some games and a fun-filled afternoon.

 A night at a nearby Temple gave us shelter and a chance to reflect our life with what we have so far experienced. Our journey continued on 23 July early in the morning to the “Flower Native Children Home” in Nanao-Yilan Country, East Taiwan; home for members suffering Autism; were we met underprivileged children in great needs. The visit was specially arranged as to make donations of material and food commodities for the daily usage and joy to its members.
Great appreciation and sincere thanks towards Master Chen Siu Lun for the great sponsoring of a closing dinner on 24 July at the completion of the tour.
All in all, the 18 days of a summer vacation 2018 TCA “Cooking for Love - Cooking for Taiwan” Tour was greatly enjoyed by all, filled with fun and was to all of us a extreme learning curve in appreciating life and sharing moments with members of our society whom are underprivileged.


06 August 2018


The 2018 World Chefs Congress held in Kuala Lumpur sore more than 140 Registered Young Chefs representing their countries. The most on record world chefs has seen so far. Young chefs from all over the globe registered and participated in the Bill Gallagher Young Chef forum in Malaysia. This is a forum organised by Andy Cuthbert (Chairmen), Allan Oreal (Vice Chairmen), members of the youth development committee and the Malaysian Young Chefs Club. Australia had representatives from Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania. This congress, we were represented by more than 20 young chefs and did Australia proud. 

The young chefs participated in four days of the congress with the forum tailored pacifically for young chefs. We had many outings, including having the privilege to pack 100,000 meals for the ‘Rise against hunger’ campaign. We all geared up with hair nets, gloves and packed meals for the mal-nourished. This was an extremely humbling experience for the young chefs to be involved in, all thanks to Sunway University Malaysia.

We also had a 5.00am start to experience the ‘wet market’, where we were split in small groups for a guided tour through the market. We were taken through the meat, seafood and produce section of market where hundreds of people would shop for their fresh produce. This was an extremely interesting start to our day.

The four days were planned very carefully with one-on-one conversations with guest speakers. We were able to ask questions and interact with some amazing and inspirational chefs. No question was off limits, however tight on time it became an integral part of the forum, to be able to hear about the lives and stories of these great role models and learn from their careers.

We also experienced the formalities of the conference, attending the award ceremonies, elections and congress bid for 2022. Many friendships were made and minds were blown away, with over 1000 chefs and delegates in attendance.   The expo was a great chance for chefs to walk through and discover new products, showcasing industry products from all over the world. We also had a chance to check out the competitions which ran over three days. Global Chef, Pastry Chef and Hans Bueschkens competitors were then awarded on the final night of the Gala dinner.

We can’t thank the hard workers behind the success of the Bill Gallagher Young Chef’s forum enough for sustaining and encouraging the future of the culinary industry. We hope all the Australian young chefs have learnt all things food, sustainability and charity and have made long life friends through this life changing experience.