24 April 2014

Alan Orreal Awarded Highest Culinary Technical Skills Medal by the All Japan Chefs Association

I am Humbled and Honoured to have been awarded the All Japan Chefs Association's Medal for Highest Achievement Technical Culinary  Skills. President Toshi is a friend and mentor to me and I am stunned to have recognised in this way for my work by being awarded this rarest of medals.

In reading of the citation President Toshi commented-
"For his dedication to promoting and fostering further Culinary education of the underprivileged Youth of Asia and long-standing effort to promote Young Chefs issues in the region, Alan Orreal is recognised by the All Japan Chefs Association by this citation and awarded the Medal for Highest 
Technical Culinary  Skills."

President Toshi and all the AJCA Presidents of Japan domo arigatou gozaimasu

02 April 2014

WorldChefs Young Chefs Congratulate Neil Abrahams, the new President of the Australian Culinary Federation

It is a great honor and quite humbling to be appointed the position of National President to the largest most active Chefs Association in Australia. The ACF National Committee and I are committed to continuing the work of our outgoing President - Peter Wright, but we are also planning for the future. Our primary focus will be on members, sponsors and the financial security of the ACF. I personally wish to see the ACF growth in regional centers creating ACF Branches in country areas. We will continue to work with all State Presidents and Committees to ensure the success for our culinary competition and push for more social and professional events.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter for his many years of service to the ACF and Members, this is a volunteers position and requires hours of work each week, at times it is a thankless task and takes you away from your family. Peter you have been a true professional and we thank you for your service to this wonderful industry.

In Culinary Friendship

Kind Regards,

Neil Abrahams
President, Australian Culinary Federation