20 July 2012

Fund raising event for the Australian National Junior Culinary Team

Chef Kurt von Buren, Head Chef of Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club hosted the above 3 course dinner including beer, wine and soft drinks, on 2 July 2012. 
All funds raised that evening will be used to get the team to the competition.

The team will represent Australia in upcoming culinary events as they work towards the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany 2012.

The team members are selected from all over Australia. Guests had the chance of meeting the team members as they prepared competition dishes for the Australian Team Dinner.

17 July 2012

Global Development of Young Chefs Committee

One of the main tasks of the Young Chefs  Development team is to grow the Young Chefs Clubs globally and we hope with the support of all continental directors and Presidents we shall see this happen.



United Arab Emirates



South Africa


Czech Republic

Czech Republic






Congress Diary of a Young Chef, by Belinda Ng

WACS – Congress 2012
Congress Diary of a Young Chef (Page 23 of WorldChefs - July 2012 issue)

Belinda Ng from the Singapore Junior Chefs Club Learns a Thing or Two

Today was another interesting day at the Bill Gallagher Junior Chefs Forum. Chef Rick Moonen shared about Sustainable Seafood, and how it is important to source ingredients from the right suppliers, to ensure that suppliers are doing their part to keep the eco-environment sustainable. Some examples are such as not over-fishing/over trawling, and also reduce by-catch by fishing with sustainable methods instead of trawling. A given example was Shrimp trawling, where there was a 20:1 discard ratio.

Possible good solutions would be marine aquaculture. But it is important that they maintain the aquaculture in a closed contained system, and not in the ocean, as this will cause other possible risk to the environment, such as overcrowding that could lead to illnesses of the fishes, effluence, etc. Which then leads to the introduction of antibiotics, pesticides/germicides, to the environment, affecting ocean ecosystem as a whole.

As chefs, it is possible that we make a difference! Chef Rick shared his definition of sustainability, which is “not taking an active role in the extinction of a species”, which can help prevent the extinction of certain species. An example would be the “Give Swordfish a Break” campaign.

What really set me thinking was Eric Nilsson’s speech, titled “Home-made from the factory”, where he encouraged people to look at labels. When a packaging say “home-made” is it really home made? Look at the labels carefully and see what is in there. What are you eating? Are there any  chemicals? He showed pictures from Peter Menzel’s book, “What I eat?”, highlighting what different households/families around the world eat in a week, and how many eat natural food, and also, how many actually consume processed foods.

It was an awakening moment. I’m starting to think, “Am I eating what I really am eating?” If you realised the types of additives that are in the market, it is even possible to create the “flavour” of strawberry, without
even using a single strawberry.
Honestly, how many people really look at the label when buying food these days? With so many  convenience  food available in the market today, and with the busy lifestyle, most of us would just buy frozen convenience food off the shelf, as our hungry late night snack. But it is time, that we start looking
at what we are eating! I would like to urge all young culinarians, to look at the label, the next time they go shopping at the supermarket or when they pass a convenience store!

Welcome aboard to our 4 New Young Ambassadors:
David Kral - Czech Republic
Rasmus Munk - Denmark
Mojmir Siftar - Slovenia
Sergey Sinitsyn - Russia

16 July 2012

Women in WACS Questionnaire - Shonita Kayla Raui

Women in WACS Questionnaire

Shonita Kayla Raui

20 years

Home Town/Country: 
Rarotonga Cook Islands

1. What kind of formal education do you have (include apprenticeships)?
City & Guilds Culinary Arts Diploma

2. What made you decide to enter the culinary profession?
To become a pastry chef

3. Culinary childhood memories (e.g. Who did the cooking at home? Did you watch or participate? Favorite dishes that you still occasionally prepare?)
My parents did the cooking at home, I did participate at times

4. At what age did you first enter the food service industry? What was your first job?
At 19 years of age

5. Did you or do you have a mentor? (Who is that person? How has s/he helped you?)
Yes, Sam Timoko, he is my cookery tutor training and teaching me all the core skills that are involved in the hospitality industry as far as culinary Arts

6. What is the male/female ratio in your current job? 
1 female to 8 males

7. Describe your current work conditions (including average hours per day spent on the job; do you work weekends/holidays? do you have changing shifts?)
Working at Tumunu restaurant about 4 to 5 hours per day, working 4 to 5 nights per week and 1 day at the weekend 

8. Are you single, married or in a partnership?

9. Do you have children? What age are they?

10. What is your advice to young women entering your specific field?
Prepare yourself as much as you can by gaining as much knowledge and experience. In the kitchen, be respectful, confident, strong and take no prisoners, you can do a better job than the person next to you! 

11. What are your interests outside the culinary field?
Shopping, swimming and reading Cook books

12. Do you manage to integrate those interests in your life?
I try to as much as I can, it’s good to have a balanced work/ life!

13. What are personal and professional interests that you would like to pursue within the next 5 years?
Further education in patiserie, open my own cake/patisiere shop or business

14. Would you be willing to be a mentor to other women in WACS? (If yes, indicate by what means: via email/SKYPE/a stage at your business if the woman seeking help provides for her own travel expenses, board)
Yes, I’d like to promote younger woman in our industry. I believe that it is important to have a balance of female/male Chefs in the Kitchen, I know there are more now than in previous decades however, this will increase in years to come. 
Email: shaunee_kayla@live.com 

03 July 2012

Guidelines for Setting Up a WACS Young Chefs Club

The Young chefs development team is pleased to announce that the below guidelines are now ready to be used for associations wishing to formulate a Young Chef Club under their guidance. 

One of the main tasks of the Young Chefs  Development team is to grow the Young Chefs Clubs globally and we hope with the support of all continental directors and Presidents we shall see this happen.

You can download the PDF file of the YCC guidelines from the link below:

British Culinary Federation Young Chefs Club

The British Culinary Federation Young Chefs Club believes that its primary objective is the education of chefs and is dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisine. The government is now focusing on teaching all young people to cook in schools and our young chefs club supports that initiative.

BCF Young Chef Club aims to encourage young people to:
- Develop cookery technique & skills
 - Develop food knowledge & presentation skills
 - Consider career options
 - Prove their skill through being mentored and competing in culinary competitions
 - Prove their ability to cope in a demanding industry while upholding BCF values

BCF Young Chef Club provides opportunities:

Junior Chefs Team/Salon
Junior Master Class/Events
BCF/WACS Junior News
Junior Competition

Europe West

British Culinary Federation Young Chefs Club

Welcome Onboard: Chef Clinton Zhu to the Young Chefs Development Team

The young chefs development team are very pleased to announce the appointment to the Young chefs development team of chef Clinton Zhu.

The young chefs development team are very pleased to announce the appointment to the Young chefs development team of chef Clinton Zhu. Chef Clinton is a very active member of the Shanghai Young chefs club and Chinese cuisines Association and is a welcome addition to our growing team. Chef Clinton will work on a number of activities with the main one being the development of young chefs clubs throughout china with the help of young ambassador Jasper Jek of Singapore
We are very proud to announce Clinton onto our team and look forward to seeing the growth of the young chef movement in china.
Clinton Zhu graduated with distinctions from Shanghai Tourism School Culinary Specialist and began his career at the Okura Hotel French find dinning restaurant in Shanghai with Master Chef Araki at 1996, who was the head chef at the time. After completed his apprenticeship in Okura Hotel, he was working his skills in different international hotel group and restaurants like ING, Accor, BLN group & Max und Moritz restaurant. He has won awards at culinary competitions in China & Hong Kong and judged different competition in Thailand, Taipei, Shanghai and Beijing. Clinton has traveled worldwide including countries like Australian, USA, France, Swiss, Austria, and German where he learned a lot about the different cuisine cultures. In 2007, Clinton has represented China in WACS Pacific Forum in Kuala Lumpur. Currently he is the visiting professor of Shanghai Institute of Tourism, member of China Cuisine Association and founder of Shanghai Junior Chefs Club to train the younger generation and improve the junior chef professional. As a chef, Clinton would like contribute his whole life and doing the best for junior chefs. 

WACS World Congress 2012, Daejeon, South Korea

See you in Stavanger Norway 2014