18 January 2009

YCCI Young Chef Club Indonesia - NEWS

The Young Chef Club Indonesia Jakarta Chapter is ready to lunnch into 2009 

WACS Junior congradulates the YCCI for making a reality of their dream to form their own club in Jakarta.

This coming Jan 29, 2009, they will announce the Committee during their Monthly Association meeting and follow by that in February they will make the Inauguration (Probably the second week).

"We just finalizing the Logo and all the necessary legal requirement of the club. We will call the Club: YCCI (Young Chef Club Indonesia Jakarta Chapter)" said  Vindex Valentino Tengker  

"The contact person for this club is Mr Oqke Prawira, He is one of the seniors who are expert in the Educational sectors, He is one of the Food Production Lecturer at our STP Trisakti (One of the Institute of Hotel and Tourism in Jakarta). He will be incharge as the advisor to the Club." 

"Our first task will be to prepare teams for our Junior Asian Chef Challenge which will be coming soon in April 16, 2009 in conjunction of Food Hotel Indonesia (15-18 April 2009). We will send official invitation to all the team in Asia and hope we all can be there to support these event."

Pls click the link here for our rule book for Salon Culinaire 2009 for your reference.

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