26 January 2013

Culinary Education Without Border

Culinary Education without Border

 Taiwan Chefs Association Young Chefs Club
“Culinary Education without Border”
Just before the New Year of 2013, Taiwan Chefs Association organizes a culinary workshop for the Young Chefs Club; we specially invite Chef Willment Leong from Thailand, to share his knowledge in International Culinary Competition with the young Chefs. The workshop was take part in two university of Taiwan, 12/26 in Taichung Hungkuang University and 12/28 in Taipei Jinwen University

The Workshop is basic in two topics
1/How to Become Professional Chef
2/How to Compete in Culinary Competition

Chef Willment is Singapore-Chinese, in 1991~1996 is Member of the Singapore Chef Association, 2007~2009 Broad of Director of Thai’s Chef Association, in 2009 he became the Vice President of Thai Chef’s Association,

Founder Chairman-Thailand Culinary Academy, Thailand Culinary Academy established in 2010, a cuisine Training Institute established specifically for the young chefs, In this 3 years Thailand Culinary Academy Training Institute winning international culinary competitions many award, he was one of the very important driving force.

Chef Willment has been emphasized that this is not a person's credit, this is a team spirit!
Young Chefs have a lot of energy, we have to step by step lead them in positive for the future.
In addition to Chef Willment, also leading Thailand Culinary Academy Training Institute students put into relief efforts 2011 Bangkok

Becoming a chef, Chef Willment is not pursuit of Fame and wealth, he would like to do is give back to the community!

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