04 July 2013

It's all about Foie Gras... lucky YCCI members

Greeting for all Young Chefs around the world.

Last Thursday, June 27th 2013, Young Chef Club Indonesia (YCCI) with Classic Fine Foods Indonesia and ROUGIE were held a seminar named "It's all about Foie Gras". The object we learned was absolutely a Foie Gras. It is held at "Miele Kitchen Showroom" Jakarta. Here, we learned from the history of Foie Gras until how to cook it in some ways. This event was open for public with limited seat, just for 25 person. 

The seminar was started by a speech from Mr.Benjamin Fanca, as a Marketing Assistant from Classic Fine Foods Indonesia. He welcomed us and introduced himself. After that, we were going to the main part, the seminar about Foie Gras with Chef Jocelyn Deumie. He is a chef from France, but he is working in Japan. He used to work at the Restaurant La Grande Table de Kitamura (Nagoya, Japan) before joining ROUGIE Japan's team as a Culinary Advisor. Chef Deumie showed us a presentation about history of Foie Gras and the story after until the present. He gave us great insights into so many new things we haven't known about Foie Gras before.

After the presentation, Chef Deumie let us into the kitchen. Yes! It was Cooking Demo time! Chef Deumie explained about the product before he started cooking. He told us the mise en place for Foie Gras. Because when we missed something in preparation, we couldn't get a good result after cooking. After that, he shown us some cooking method for the Foie Gras. They are: Poached, Pan seared, Pan fried tataki, Poached then Pan seared, Poached with Artichoke, and Stuffed meat ball with Foie Gras. We noted all the step-by-step, then when it was done, we taste it. Yummm..!! The result taste from all methods was delicious! (But I like the Poached and Stuffed meat ball :-p). 

Before we ended this event, Mr.Benjamin gave us many boxes of Pizza for our lunch. Then, this event was ended with photo session together with all participants and Chef Deumie. Our heartfelt gratitude to Chef Deumie and all parties that have supported this event. I wish someday we (YCCI) could have a time to learning together with another Young Chef Club from another countries. Gathering and telling about culinary from each country.

Click HERE to see the video from this event

Thank you!

Culinary regards,
Savira Rizki Pradiati
YCCI Jakarta Chapter

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