24 September 2013

Thank You from Andy Cuthbert

Dear Young chefs,

It was a pleasure to have spent time with you all and I was so proud of what you all did and were able to organize this on your own and then stand up in front of your country presidents and deliver a professional presentation. They were impressed and wowed by the content and the composure you all showed.

It is wonderful to see the passion in all of you and interest to better yourselves and those around you, the YCC movement is alive and well in Asia and is a shining example to the rest of the WACS world.

Ladies and gentlemen I would love to stay in touch and anything you ever need from myself or the team we are here to help.

Jasper, Sanjay thank you gentlemen for your organisation and drive over the past week it is fantastic you are so involved, well done. 
President Chern, Chef KK you have a great organisation and team thank you to you as well for supporting your young chefs.

Regards from the hot sands of Dubai and please don’t be strangers to each other, you are the next network the next U shape table at the presidents meetings!!

Andy Cuthbert

Chairman of the Young Chefs Development team for WACS

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