03 October 2013

Chefs Without Borders - August Report

On behalf of World Chefs without Borders committee members, I have attached our organization presentation (PDF format), we are all open for constructive comment and willing to serve your association country if needed. Hopefully we can work together and create some "dream" for the LESS-FORTUNATE one and to give is better than to take : )

First step to assist us: click on this or copy and paste and play the quiz
Our chef ego can be worth nothing but our passionate heart worth at least an hot meal for the hungry children

For every person who takes this short hunger quiz, a child will receive a warm meal thanks to an anonymous donor to WFP. Test your hunger IQ, then challenge your friends!

With WACS having 10 million members world wide, we have just created 10 million hot meal in just 2 minutes of your time (not include 30 friends you have invited)

Willment Leong

Committee Chairman - World Chefs without Borders
Founder Chairman - Thailand Culinary Academy
Vice President - Thai Chef's Association
Mobile Number - 66817355800


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