25 December 2014

Hong Kong Young Chefs Christmas Tram Party

The first HKYCC Christmas Tram Party was just successfully held on 19 December. Thank you all for joining this party, including Chef Bingo from Tai Wan, Pastry Chefs from L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, students from VTC and all the HKYCC committees with their families!

At the cold winter night, a Green Antique Tram carrying with our guests was started the journey from the Whitty Street Tram Depot. On the tram, our committees prepared different types of Tacos and sandwiches for the adults while there were also some lovely gingerbread cookies and strawberry Santa Caps for children. All the guests can decide to have a cup of juice, soft drinks or even a cup of hot chocolate while alcoholic drinks were also provided.       

When the “Ding Ding” tram was passing through the streets, some our guests were attracted by the beautiful street view and lights that brimmed with Christmas atmosphere; while some of the passers-by were very surprised to see the guests who were wearing Santa caps and singing Christmas on this green tram.

After the guests finished their desserts; children enjoyed the role-playing game of tram driver at the lower deck, we got on to the upper deck to have the “Lucky Draw”! All the guests were return from a rewarding journey and some lucky guests have received cook books, aprons or even a pot as their Christmas gifts.

Before the end of journey, we took a lots of group photos at the Happy Valley Terminus to keep the memory of this amazing 2 hours tram tour. We would love to see you at the next Christmas Tram Party!
Written by Lily Poon

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