05 July 2015

The establishment of China National Culinary Team in the Olympic German cooking contest

After 22 years of absence China will once again send a National Culinary Team to compete at the 2016 Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany.

The CCA is proud to present to the world the greatness of China's diverse food culture and wide ranging cuisine. A pallet of flavours and rich culinary culture unlike any other, China will stun and amaze the world with our national culinary teams presentations of our truly unparalleled national cuisines.  - Said President Jian Jun Xiang.
Team Consultant Rick Stephens said some of the keys to success for China on their quest for Olympic glory will be firstly, to adapt Chinese cuisine to the requirements and parameters of the event. As an example, adapting to individual plated dishes instead of family style service. Working together to create a champion unified team with a single vision will be the first order of business to create a solid foundation for the team to work towards their combined vision.
Culinary legend and China’s Living National Treasure Chef Yao Yan Li has agreed and committed his time as a mentor to the newly formed China National Team. Chef Li, a 57 years veteran of the Chinese culinary arts was a member of the 1988 team that competed in Frankfurt. This was the only other time China had made an appearance at the Culinary Olympics. His commented, with fond memories, that it was like a long-awaited dream come true to have China appear at the Culinary Olympics for a second time. He was very proud and humbled to be part of this truly historic moment in China culinary journey.


 Pictures taken by Quan Yi Bin

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中新网北京7月4日 (记者长忠)中国国家烹饪队4日在北京正式成立。此举为参加2016年德国奥林匹克烹饪大赛准备。

Translated Message:
The establishment of China National Culinary Team in the Olympic German cooking contest

Beijing BEIJING, July 4 (reporter Liu Changzhong) 

4th Chinese National Culinary Team was officially established in Beijing. This preparation for participation in the 2016 Olympics in Germany cooking contest.

German Olympic Cooking Competition was founded since 1900 to date, has experienced hundreds of years of development, is currently the world's top international chefs Federation certified professional events.

Reporters from the inauguration day learned Chinese Ministry of Commerce in 1988 and 1996 consisting of representatives of China's national culinary team participated in the seventeenth and nineteenth Olympic German cooking contest, made seven individual gold medals, a silver medals and a bronze medal and a team bronze medal. 

Vice president of China Cuisine Association frontier at the inaugural ceremony that day, said, in recent years, with the improvement of China's comprehensive national strength and international influence of Chinese food culture has gradually increased, Chinese cuisine has become a trend of global share. Meanwhile, a large number of Chinese chefs and virtuosity of modern philosophy to the fore, fully equipped to compete with international counterparts top international competitions in strength.

He said, by showing the international top event arena long and profound Chinese cultural heritage and advancing cooking skills, strengthen cultural exchanges and art world counterparts to enhance national confidence and cohesion of the industry, after a lapse of 20 years, China's decision to set up the China Cuisine Association National Culinary Team, participated in 2016 in Erfurt, Germany held the 25th Olympic German cooking contest.

According to reports, in order to accurately grasp the essentials of international competition, better to show the level of modern Chinese art, Chinese Cuisine Association was commissioned by the World Kitchen Union Asia Chairman Rick Stephens who serves as the Chinese National Culinary Team General Counsel; former German Olympic Cooking Competition Chinese national team's central figure calyx Yin Ge Li Yaoyun and two masters of China's national culinary team as technical advisor were also invited to the panel.

China Cuisine Association has already singled 10 national cooking team training team members, but the selection process continues. China Cuisine Association, said from across the country within the selection to represent the Chinese standards, excellent, high-quality young chef to participate at the competition. 

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