24 August 2017

Dr Billy Gallagher Young Chefs Tour 2017 Day 1

Dr Billy Gallagher young chefs tour 2017 Day 1

Day 1 Dr Gallagher Young Chefs Tour
For today Duane was our host.
Firstly we went to the Billy Gallagher & Linda Gallagher memorial site. Where we got to spend some time appreciating the beautiful grave stone and what this man has done to allow the progression of Young Chefs clubs.

We then proceeded to a tour of South Africa's Avolands, the only organisation that provides avocados all year round. They only work with avocados to ensure that they are providing the best of this fruit to the country. Providing South Africa with a monthly supply of 20 tonnes of avocado. From supermarkets, retailing and private restaurant groups. Later we got to taste some catering options that showcased how avocados can be added to the meal!
Last thing for the day was a tour of Hta ChefSchool, where we saw such an interesting layout with so many different types of test kitchens and practice restaurant designs. Following the tour was a late lunch in the presence of:
Heinz Brunner - Multi award winner and best friend of Dr Gallagher
Thomas Overbeck - South African Chefs Association GM
Stephen Paul Billingham - SACA President
Duane Riley - Business Developer at BGA
Tremaine N Theron - Dr Gallagher's previous PR assistant
Kabelo Segone - Award winning SACA board member
Adrian Vigus-Brown - SACA Young Chef President
Alexia - Member of SACA Young Chefs and our future host!
Where we got to learn plenty about the history of the chefs club and it's progression, also some fresh ideas that we hope to take home to improve our respective clubs!
Stay tuned for more!

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