29 October 2017

Shanghai Young Chefs Club 2.0

An outstanding launch of the Shanghai Young Chefs club 2.0. over 160 young chefs from across Shanghai flooded the function room at the Grand Hyatt for the half-day conference this past Friday. 

A very lively day with full and active participation for all the Young Chefs made for an excellent day. A major highlight was a surprise visit from CD Rick Stephen giving a motivating talk about the virtues of being in a YCC. 

Over 20 Young Chefs rushed the stage wanting to volunteer for a role in the organizing committee, a true affirmation of the level of interest here in Shanghai. workshops have been set for the foundation and direction setting for the club right after FHC in a few weeks.

Much thanks to Nestle who sponsored the day, demonstrating their ongoing global commitment to Young Chefs everywhere.

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