26 May 2013

Expanding my culinary knowlege from the YCCI Herbs and Spices Field Trip

Hello! Greetings to all the Young Chefs around the world

It’s us from YCCI Jakarta chapter ! Have you watched our recent uploaded video? Yes! It’s about our recent Study trip. It has already been posted on the WACS Young Chefs Blog & Facebook. Click HERE to watch the video presentation.

YCCI Jakarta took “HERBS & SPICES” as our main topic for our first ever Educational field trip. So on a sunny early morning on May 18th, we bunched (pun intended) together around 42 Young Chefs from all around Jakarta to spice up our day. Excited? Yes we’re so super excited that most of us couldn’t sleep the night before the event. (watch our video..lol)

Our destination - Melrimba Garden in Puncak Area, Bogor, West Java. The journey took us 2 hours , since the implementation of the “one-way traffic” to reduce congestion (Thanks to Mr. Police). Right after the arrival, we went straight to the frontyard garden, we sat in an open space infused immediately from all the aromas around us. It surely gave fresh air to the briefing for all the YCCI members (and especially the new members) about YCCI and that we all shared the same vision and mission on developing Indonesian Culinary.

Next, we went to assembly hall for a Know-More-About session of the herbs and spices that were planted, grown, and used in most of Indonesian dishes, from Kluwek to Temulawak, from Torch Ginger to Cinnamon. And also commonly used herbs like rosemary, dill, Stevia, etc. We ended the session with an impromptu cooking class using the herbs and spices. Chefs doing what they do best, we sprung into an adrenalin rush like we always do in the kitchen. First dish was Stewed Beef served on a puff pastry; the second and the best one is Indonesian Spiced Chicken cooked in Bamboo.

And guess what? It was Lunch time!

With energy fully recharged, brain cells overloaded with knowledge… it was time to fight the afternoon ZZZzzzz monster and the best way was a Get-To-Know your herbs & spices walk around the garden. We got the chance to see the various methods and how the herbs were planted, the growing process, and not only herbs but also numerous species of beautiful flowers, what a vibrant view!

We also did a tea garden walk, hiking up to 3 km to the top, some were exhausted but rewarded by the amazing panoramic and breathtaking scenery and the cool crisp breeze from above. We were also given some information about the “Tea Process”. That’s a bonus!

One of the best things during any YCCI gathering is the focus on bonding and ensuring that the new members know they are now an integral in the Culinary Family. Thus, we  had some games to bond us more as a strong community. I’m confident that the new members felt warmly welcomed into the family, like I did when I first joined YCCI.

What a day! We’ve learned, we’ve shared, we’ve cared, and we’ve laughed together. Though it was only a short trip, but we grasped many lessons, we made many new friends, and we enthused the spirits to throw another better event. Well, YCCI hope we could one day bring all the young chefs from around the world together.

Meantime, I hope I will have that opportunity to participate in the WACS Bill Gallagher Forum at Stavanger in 2014!

Culinary regards,
Patrese Vito
YCCI Jakarta Chapter.

Editor's Note: You can also read Patrese's previous article HERE , it is rewarding to see the growth and the potential of a young chef like Patrese. 
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