22 March 2014

A letter from Continental Director Rick Stephen to all Asian Presidents on the Billy Gallagher Forum 2014

Dear Asian Presidents

As the Congress draws closer for all, we ( World Chefs) are hoping that not only are you attending, but you are doing some fund raising or approaching your government to help send a representative of the Young Chefs from your chefs body.

If we can help to get one young chef from each country to the congress and attend the forum, then I believe we are on the right track for the future development of our chefs. Competitions are a great source of learning, I fully agree, but it is the development of our chefs that will make our own countries strong and this can be done through networking with other chefs who share the same thought pattern.

Please rally behind at least one nominated young chef to attend the forum and give them this great opportunity so they can bring back and share their learnings and memories with all in your country. Mr Andy Cuthbert the Chairman of the Young Chefs Development team for WACS and his team are waiting to receive support and offer their support to your young chefs.

Let’s make this a great Congress – support our young chefs and support Malaysia as they bid for the 2018 Congress.

Hope to see a  lot of you at FHA here in Singapore

Kind regards

Dr. Rick Stephen CMC
WACS Continental Director – Asia

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