01 June 2014

Follow Me, Blind Chefs Cooking in Myanmar

Chef Oliver, you are such an inspiration for us all at WorldChefs YoungChefs. We are truly proud of your commitment and dedications to your craft, and your continual drives to make this world a better place.


“ Follow Me ......Blind Chefs Cooking  “
Myanmar Chefs, MCA, an All Inclusive Group of Culinary Experts
No one should be left behind and let all show their abilities and value to our Industry

Many greetings from Myanmar Chefs we will be at the Blind School Myanmar in Insein Tshp.

We planned the Blind Chefs to be at one day the first class of MCAC as we have before already set up their Herbs &  Utensil baskets and they have 1 hours there alone to get familiar with all location (they will cook possible in a team of two where actually one can do it also alone is only one dish). 

They will have behind for any situation one trained blind nurse staff as passive support....  
Judging will be at same standards as for non-blind Chefs by our WACS and Myanmar culinary Judges.

Thanks to Belmond Government Residence we will have also chefs which can not speak and not hear at the competition for Pastry Art Work (students from Mary Chapman School) all competing on the same judging level as all other Chefs...

Pictures are from Yangon Blind Chefs Cooking competition supported and judging arranged by Young Myanmar Chefs Association ( YMCA ) , World Chefs Without Borders Myanmar ( WCWB – MCA ) really a cooking without Borders.,- judges by WACS rules and regulations........................ 

Many greetings

MCA – MCAC Organizing Team 

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