07 June 2014

Myanmar Chefs Story

Myanmar Chefs Story ( MC, YMCA – WCWB )
WCWB & Young Chefs Myanmar ( YMCA ) at Girls re integration & education center, Htauk Kyant,-                  
cooking a 4 course Lunch Menu start planning a 2nd Pastry Vocational                                                
Training Center by MCA - WCWB - YMCA ( Young Myanmar Chefs Association )
Free Dental Treatment by WCWB - Myanmar in October
The Myanmar Young Chefs Association ( YMCA ) and Chefs of educational MTRV4 cooking show " The Chef ", ( a joint production MRTV4 with MCA - WCWB and Myanmar Young Chefs Club ) took off to the Iron Market as early as 5:00 am on Thursday 29.5.2014. Shopping for an unusual - so in a way already for young Chefs of Myanmar a commend event. Cooking a special and nutrition rich healthy meal for over 100 street kids - girls at the outskirts of Yangon. All the pork, chicken and fish was bought at Iron Market, dry goods, herbs and vegetables already the evening before at City Mart ( Myanmar best sorted fresh and quality supermarket with many outlets all over the countries cities ).
- Chef Shwe Moe Tha of Sule Shangri - La // -  Chef Zin Maw Win - Belmond Governors Residence               - Chef Kyaw Kyaw - Le Planteur Restaurant // - Chef Kum Thein Zaw - Belmond Governors Residence                   - Daw Thuzar Myint - MCA Food Technologist & Shwe Yin Mar Organic Coffee, // - Chef Frankie,                       " The Chef TV show presenter Ko Eint , Ko Kant Kant , Mrs Thida Mo Mo director of MRTV4 " The Chef " TV...show lead the team & Oliver E Soe Thet had its hand on with the cold and cutting kitchen work.
Myanmar Traditional Cuisine menu for the 100 plus street  girls of Yangon:
Myanmar style Tomato Salad  ***  Hot & Sour, Bamboo - Fish Soup  ***  Pork Curry                                                          Chicken Curry  *** Roast Onion and Ginger Fish  *** Steamed Rice
,- as all chefs are experts and stand their job, the work was quick done, after only 1 hours all hot cooking started already in the kitchen , under the tree in the garden. With Gas and charcoal, wood all resources of heating the school could provide. The Street Kids Girls, most Buddhist, also some Christians, some girls come from mixed faith families which is very commend in Myanmar society. The Center is under the support of the Ministry of Social Welfare. Different vocational training s are on offer for the girls there as tailor, daily Myanmar traditional cooking for the others, pearl handicrafts, fancy key chains, Paper Bag making, embedding fancy / semi gem stones and bag production from recycled plastic garbage.   Usually the girls have a budget of 432 Kyat for food a day around 0,5 $ US a person.
First established as a residential Nursery on 1st march 1978 at another small area of Htauk Kyant,- it was  upgraded through the charity initiative of Daw Thein Yi family which donated the present 3,98 acre of land and the Department of Social Welfare provided the budget for the buildings in 1981 / 1982. And in April 1984 the Residential Nursery moved to the now place. It was renamed to " Training School for Street Girls " at 1st August 2011. The center has 33 staff including 22 graduated social workers and baby sitter.
The objectives are: Train and nurture to the street children including socially and economically disadvantaged girls,- not to become the dependent but to be able to stand on their own feet in their society.  Here is where we MCA - WCWB & YMCA believe that a Pastry Vocational Training Center will work very well for the girls,- not just to bake delicious items but also to be as in pastry very much bound to rules and regulations, measure well the recipes and follow natural procedures as yeast will not grow and help you if treated not with respect or wrong dose of salt and sugar…….As street kids can be seen as mostly independent and experienced with challenged to make their living the creativity and art in pastry can be another good base for a best performance of the girls which like it,-- learn some years - take job trainings in Yangon s top Hotels and Restaurants and after being released from the center a best job,- well paid is sure waiting for each girl in the fast growing Myanmar Tourism Industry today.
The Training Center the youngest girls is 6 years old and the eldest is near 18 years old. Htauk Kyant is 1,5 hours drive from Yangon down town, 20 minutes from Yangon Airport, on the junction to Bago and Pyay. Well known for the big War Cemetery. Was also known for being the center for all Leprosy people in Myanmar many many years ago. - One would think " what poor people that time ". Wrong they were isolated and no police dared to come that time to Htauk Kyan, they were the one which burnt all the illegal alcohol made a lot of money and drove big cars - just only inside Htauk Kyan. 
Dental Treatment through WCWB  Myanmar
Total E&P Myanmar has a medical Dr at the place every Tuesday and Friday, Ministry of Health provides a nurse,- MCA World Chefs Without Borders plans now twice a year to have our German dental and dental public health team there for the benefit to all the girls in dental health care under out theme " healthy teeth through healthy food ". 
Girls Pastry Vocational Training Center " for the unfortunate in Myanmar - " YMCA & WCWB
After consultation with the head master of the school and the teachers the young chefs of Myanmar and WCWB Myanmar decided to have here another one the second " Girls Pastry Vocational Training Center " for the unfortunate,- next to the Hmaw Bi Girls Orphanage which is near by. Financed through the Tony Khoo s charity Dinner funding and supported by the YMCA - Young Chefs as well Myanmar s Pastry Alliance around chef & pastry trainer Aghee.    --- Pastry profession which requires much more discipline and follow recipes, rules and regulations in order to get the best product might be a good guideline and psychological training for these girls which came through most different reasons, mostly without own fault into a situation of being a Street Kid… After a 1 or 2 years training and working experience in the project - sure they are valuable assets and staff for Myanmar s fast growing Hospitality Industry - a real capacity building initiative. 
The Idea is that the girls and center after some training units in first cookie production and eating, direct learn how to pack, marketing and sell these items at a good profit. The 200 g cost around 0,15 $ US the regular sales of such in the township is at 0.5 $ US,- getting with a better quality into the market by 0,45 $ US will be a real alternative, selling in the township as well to visitors and offer to Hotels and Restaurants in Yangon to purchase as a " Win - Win and CSR " support of the project. The Target is clear independent running of the pastry training center profit oriented without financial support in short time,- so always follow up and upgrade of products through Young Chefs and WCWB Myanmar. 
Already now we are having some other girls centers in the pipeline to support in such self funding way, the Girls center at Than Lwin Road, the MALIKHA Girls orphanage, and the young Girls Prison at Nat Mauk Road in Yangon. The 500 boys prison & vocational training center in Kawmu " Hnit Aung San " where YMCA & WCWB Chefs are regular, 3 hours drive outside Yangon in the delta since 2008 we will upgrade their kitchen of Chef Daw Aye Aye with stainless steel tables for the first step and more to come. / AIDS - HIV Young Girls Home also near Hnit Aung San would just fit also into such program, to generate own earned and own achieved funding for their needs and happiness to a valuable part of the society in Myanmar, proud to understand and be a professional as pastry Chef.

With many culinary greetings from, MCA, YMCA & WCWB Myanmar, Keep it Hot - Keep it Cooking

Oliver E Soe Thet, Chef Thurein Tun, Chef Dominic Mang, Pastry Chef Aghee, Chefs of " The Chef " TV cooking show,- Daw Thuzar Myint - Food Technologist, Myanmar Chefs Association, Yangon 29.5.2014

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