09 November 2014

Our Young Chef Ambassador Adrian at Info Chef 2014, South Africa

Chef Adrian Vigus-Brown, at the Info Chef 2014 event where he ran the show on Junior day and a little press release (below)

Words of Wisdom from Adrian: 
"I would much rather be a chef who remembers I am a cook then a cook that thinks I am a chef.
The duty of a good cuisinier is to transmit to the next generation everything he has learned and experienced"

October 2nd 2014 was a day to remember as the Chairman of the SA Chefs Young Chefs Club Gauteng, it was the Annual Info Chef Africa hosted at Nasrec in Johannesburg, the junior day was to be run on the day by the

Executive committee of the SACAGP YCC. I was afforded the opportunity to be the MC for the day, I could not have prepared myself for the turnout, over 600 young chefs and school leavers were my captive audience for the day. We were in for fun!!
The schedule was jammed packed with lectures, demonstrations, pop quizzes, competitions and interactive demonstrations. I was also afforded the opportunity to speak to the 600 plus young chefs about the Young Chefs Club, who, what, why we do what we do and how they can get involved, the audience ranging from 17 years old to 23 years old were highly interactive, full of questions and still today we are receiving Facebook messages from them asking questions pertaining to the industry
They Young Chefs Club was extremely satisfied with the day, the turn out and more importantly the participation of the Young Chefs, opportunities like this are amazing and to be able to captivate and audience with your ideas and receive great feedback makes it worthwhile and instills a sense of pride in the work we as the Young Chefs Club do
A day full of fun, learning, passionate demonstrators, passionate audience but more importantly a day from which Young Chefs had learnt more in the day then what they started the day with.                                                                                                                                                 
Chef Adrian Vigus-Brown
Chairman of the South African Chefs Association Young Chefs Club Gauteng

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