22 November 2014

Ravil's Field Trip - A Coffee Discovery

SCAE is working with its friends in the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)  to involve chefs in the Association’s campaign to ‘Inspire Coffee Excellence’.  As part of this new initiative, SCAE brought RAVIL TAZUTDINOV,  from WACS Russian chapter, to Brazil this autumn to learn more about coffee  and to attend the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition.  Ravil tells CafĂ© Europa about his experience. 
 Click on the image to download the PDF file of the article.
Click on the header above to download the PDF article of Ravil's Field Trip - A Coffee Discovery

 Academia de Cafe , Roasting coffee machine with pluged thermometer in the roasting chamber, which  is connected to a special program on the laptop to control the process of roasting.
(The same principle of work as su vide immersion circulator )

 Team photo with owner of academia de caffe and our team me, James, James,David, Bruno Souza, his daughter Estha and Jane.
 Original coffe bean tree with bean itself

 on tour at the University of Vicosa , greenhouses
 Me and James right after 1,5 hour right on custom made folkswagen buss  to our firs farm trip

 African bead itself with drying beans

 Estha in greenhouse among coffee bean teras

Gathering of coffee judges after cupping 

 Cupping prosess for observer, journalists and baristas
Big and great team of International coffee Judges  with helpers from university of Vicosa

 Cup of excellence awarding ceremony

  Execellent co-workers in Academia do cafe

me and Bruno Souza

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