17 March 2015

Jessi McEwan - WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for Australia

Jessi McEwan - WorldChefs Young Chefs Ambassador for Australia.

Why are you interested in being a young chef Ambassador and what Qualities do you bring to this role?

I, Jessi McEwan, take on the position as WACS Young Ambassador. i accepted the role as a third year apprentice chef from Gippsland Victoria, my passion for the hospitality industry has only made me work harder. I want to keep informed and to date with the latest food trends, techniques, produce and equipment in the industry. 

I feel I could sufficiently and accurately pass on information to others in my community. I have close connections with other young inspiring chefs in the community and I would love to give them the same opportunities as I have been given. 

To be an ambassador for other apprentices in this trade would allow me to pass on knowledge, both teach and inform. I am very familiar with networking and have a fair amount of experience with IT. My writing skills are high and will do my best to keep the networking of information current and understandable. I have very good personal skills, i'm persistent, pro active and have respect for the industry. I'll do my best to be available for outings, meetings, ect. My organisational skills and hands on attitude are an attribute. I want to keep learning, and the WorldChefs is the perfect network for both experienced and young chefs to come together, and I love to be apart of, and be a Young Ambassador for such a great foundation.

List and Explain 3 Objectives you wish to achieve in your time as Ambassador!

  1. I wish to give the same opportunities to young chefs as i had and increase knowledge through travel, master classes, workshops and culinary competition. I also want to implement culinary competition at a high school level with the same criteria as 'Round Robin'. 
  2. Introduce students to a more native class using bush tucker from indigenous chefs. I will also take on the task of visiting schools, Tafe's and events  giving inspirational talks on the benefits of the hospitality industry and the outcomes it can have. 
  3. With other respected colleagues in their trade, I want to help educate, teach, encourage and support young chefs in this industry and help contribute to lower drop out rates of apprentices.

 I wish to keep as many chefs informed of the evolution around the world in our industry and in WorldChefs. And it is important for me to try my best to give other young chefs the same opportunities as i had in both the CBD, Rural and Regional Australia.
Jessi McEwan
WorldChefs Young Chefs Ambassador for Australia.

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