19 March 2015

Vanuatu Disaster Fund - World Chef Without Borders

"After all the developments that has taken place, all this has been wiped out. So it means that we will have to start anew again"
Baldwin Lonsdale, Vanuatu President

The Category five storm hit the Pacific nation on Friday night, demolishing villages in its path, Cyclone Pam was upgraded to the strongest storm category possibly the worst to strike the island nation in decades.
8 people are confirmed dead in Vanuatu after the massive cyclone tore through the tiny South Pacific island and the death toll is expected to rise much higher. Officials have not been able to asses the damage in many of the hard hit outer islands where communications remain down. While aid teams are ready to commence relief work, transport to the different outer islands is reported to be extremely challenging.

Paul Wilson, World Chef without Borders Pacific Rim Ambassador
Following the wake of Cyclone Pam and the devastation it has caused our neighbors, Vanuatu & surrounding Islands, this is a call for help. World Chefs without Borders a charity derived from chefs wanting to help in natural disasters has been activated and is in the process of gathering funds from all chefs both in New Zealand and from the big hearted chefs in Australia. I am waiting on central funds from Europe and hope that we can add or match that figure. These funds will be either sent immediately through the Red Cross from us or used by the Chef Association in Vanuatu to help build re infrastructure, schools or whatever is needed, This is a time that we can help our neighbors in bringing back their shattered lives. All funds will be pooled in a central fund held by NZChefs.

New Zealand Donations  
Bank Account Name   New Zealand Chefs Association
Account Number        03-1506-0015925-00
Branch                       Manukau City Mall
Swift                          WPACNZ2W
Reference                   VANUATU

Australian Donations
Can be made via credit card, direct deposit, cheque, money order click on Button Below

Photos from Care Australia & UNICEF Pacific
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