02 September 2015

2015 Educational Summer Camp at Changbin Township, Taitung County

2015 Educational Summer Camp at Changbin Township, Taitung County

 The long awaited support in mentoring young students of Secondary Education at Changbin Township in the eastern region of Taitung County upon our mentors from the Taiwan Young Chefs on a volunteer basis came upon us on our arrival on 19 August.
As Changbin lies in the eastern region with coastal mountain range in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east, which is endowed with a long scenic coast and a temperate and humid climate ideal for rice plantation. The area is now dwelled by different ethnicities, including the indigenous Amis and Kavalan tribes, Han people from southern Fujian and the Hakka. Culinary as well as hospitality skills in regards to “Basic Restaurant English Conversation”, “Table Setting Manners”, and “Fundamental Knife Skills” are key learning domains during the culinary training camp.

The mentoring ideas were support by Chef Nick Yang, Po Wai whom serves in the Military Base located at the school in Changbin Invite this group of young chefs arrange this summer camp Ms. I-Ching Lee, Chef Tiger Chen, Fong Chen; and the attendance of young chef members Liao, Hui-Yi; Cai, Jia-Wei; Lin Tse-Wei; Karen Pei Jun Chen; Jordan Dai, Hao-Chun and Kuo, Chun-I and to emphasizing on the fundamental skills in practical, theoretical and oral understanding as to prepare for their future in supporting the event of its highest means towards young students to gain fundamental knowledge as to integrate them to our society further.

Our first day of the camp where used to gain fundamental knowledge of the attending youngsters as to determine each social and individual skills, followed by an introduction by the headmaster whiles understanding the core value of the learning domains. We understood that the learning domains which are highlighted through motivation are core existing.
Detailed progress in the first session of basic  F&B English conversation in a social and individual element where introduced by Ms. I-Ching Lee, with highlights of pronunciations and the meaning of sentences, its structure and approach to core names and basic  dialogues. Courtesy approach, tone and disciplines where highlighted as to give students the theoretical and social skills to enhance communication.      
The basics of table settings, napkin folding styles and table decoration in various aspects where lectured by Miss Karen Pei Jun Chen whiles using guided instructions as to follow each step to master the skills. Creativity, complexity and style are on individual aspects which gave students the skill to express their views and ideas in various settings.
Whiles preparing for the first cooking class, Chef Tiger Chen, Fong Chen gathered food commodities grown at the campus as to illustrate basic food commodities. He emphasized on the core structure in food preparation from the basic MEP to overseeing food hygiene as well as fundamental knife skills and basic food preparation. As to gain further in-depth understanding, illustration where drawn as to give a wider spectrum to follow. Passion towards cooking overcome the motivation as to improvise whiles plating food are explained on individuals preference and ideas. A variety of Chicken dishes were widely explored and skillful demonstrated with the help of our young students.
The morning of day two saw the culinary skills performed by Chef Alex who has demonstrated step-by step the preparation of Banana Cup Cakes. Baking to many is most enjoyable as to mix ingredients carefully weighted to ensure the perfect outcome. Kneading, cutting, whisking, slicing and whiles waiting watching the rise of the cupcake was to many enjoyable as the 5 sensories (touch, taste, look, hear and smell) came to life. Chef Alex highlighted as well the aspect of safety whiles engaging youngsters in questionnaires with guided feedbacks. Fruits, its usage of varieties where evaluated and used to create own ideas such as fruit jellies, biscuits roulades and tarts.
During the afternoon, Chef Jordan demonstrated a variety of Seafood and Vegetables which were explored as to use simple cutting skills as well as easy to use cooking methods. Outlined information on plating with colorful vegetables where highlighted as to give the dish its creativity. Similarity of types of fishes where highlighted and evaluated of their structure and conformities. The use of heat source in the cooking method was reviewed and carefully explained.
On our third day, we have engaged our students to prepare a Charity Luncheon whiles reviewing core food commodities. As to engage everyone, our chefs have prepared a wide selection of food ingredients as to cater for a perfect meal. Learned skills which we demonstrated previously where repeated and individuals where guided with the support of our young chefs. Table settings were skillfully placed which gave our classroom the perfect ambience of a dining room.  
The three day event and third culinary summer camp has mentored secondary school students the basics of culinary as well as hospitality skills in regards to “Basic Restaurant English Conversation”, “Table Setting Manners”, and “Fundamental Knife Skills” which were key learning domains during the culinary training camp. We have witnessed that through motivation, communication and demonstration, individuals from 13-16 years of age have enhanced their fundamental knowledge. Various activities in group performance have engaged all of us to share ideas, learn from each other’s whiles identifying and enhancing our skills. A Certificate of attendance was issued to all students as to further enhance motivation and lifelong learning approach.

Our sincere appreciation goes to all participating young chefs under the guidance of Ms. I-Ching Lee and Chef Tiger Chen with the support of Chef Nick Yang. We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the School Administrative and Headmaster of the Secondary School of Changbin Township as to let as be part of the education and the mentoring towards their students. The entire event was very beneficial to both the students and us as to further understand individual needs whiles exploring opportunities.

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