14 September 2015

Tiger Chen - Worldchefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia

We welcome our new addition onboard Worldchefs Young Chef Development Team
Tiger Chen, our Worldchefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia 

Tiger Chen Fong-Chen, was born on 15 August 1990 in Taichung city of Taiwan. I start my culinary journey cooking together with grandma when I was in 3rd Grade Elementary School. I have never looked back since.

At the age of 16, I stepped into a French kitchen working and applying the real education of culinary knowledge and skill for 4 years. After a year later, I went back for further studies at Jinwen university. During that same period, I also worked as a cook in Sherwood Hotel, Taipei City. I first joined competition after I finished my Bachelor of Food & Beverage Management, with over 10 awards from 2014. I then decided to go to Shoufu University to attain a Master Degree of Leisure & Recreation Management.

Tiger Chen
Worldchefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia

2015 - Current: 
Master Degree of Leisure & Recreation Management, Shoufu University, Taiwan

2011 - 2013: 
Bachelor of Food and Beverage Management, Jingwen University of Science Technics, Taiwan

1. Why are you interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador?
The opportunity to represent Taiwan in good standing as Young Chef Ambassador is trusted upon me
due to my previous work in guiding, mentoring and educating Young Chefs throughout my engagement and participation in activities of various natures related to culinary Art in my Association (TCA).
I have encountered, on many occasions, the opportunities to mentor others whiles observing the standard of cognitive and knowledge, enduring the possibility to further promote awareness whiles leading youngsters to achieve their ambition whiles promoting motivation to complete the task. In both social and educational fields, I have encounters the awareness of being not only a mentor but being hands-on leader as to further guide the culinary education, bringing together others in unison. 

2. What qualities do you bring to this role?
I strongly believe in my ability of team-building qualities, team management and its promotional aspect which I have strengthened during my current enrollment of attaining my Master’s Degree. I see myself as being proactive, be it communication or delegation. I would do follow-ups and make recommendations so as to enhance the core value of each member individually, and as a group. Through my participation in past culinary competitions on national and international stage, I am able to further motivate, mentor and promote through team-driven collaborations - the essence of an Ambassador. I hope to showcase the talent of our Association members and adhere to its core values, setting great examples for my peers.

3. List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how     you would go about achieving them? 
  • Culinary Arts / Competition Awareness / Fundamental Education

Motivate, Promote, Nurture and Mentor Young Chefs form educational establishment to actively engage in our trade, bring awareness to unite though pro-active participating in culinary competitions, charity events, cooking demonstrations on culinary, social and charity grounds. Relevant information to be submitted of completed task as reports towards Worldchefs Platform
  • Communication Channel, Marketing

To actively promote young chefs by digital means, media, social and charity work on national and international stage during competitions, congresses whiles communication via digital and media on national and international grounds. The communication channels enable me to advise, promote and share common grounds. Lease with other Country Ambassadors as to unite and participate on special projects which may be assigned whiles working hand-in-hand and share information to the betterment as whole. 
  •  Further Education / Exchange Programs

Liaise with educational establishment to promote and support when applicable exchange programs towards outstanding young chefs via the platform of Country Ambassadors. Invite Worldchefs members faculty Instructors to conduct educational lecture and demonstration as to promote trade and awareness of our industry   

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