11 June 2015

Myanmar Young Chefs, Global Education

Myanmar Young Chefs, Global Education at

" A Revolution in Asian Cuisine - Pairing with Australian Beef & Lamb Conference "
Kuala Lumpur Convention Center 9th June 2015
The over 14 years best partnership between MLA and Myanmar Chefs Association, best known as " MLA Black Box - Myanmar " events, which Myanmar Chefs participated in 3 times, with than twice at the global finals in 2005 at Gold Coast Australia & 2008 in Dubai, 10 days after Cyclone Nargis)
A partnership which lasted through thick and thin times, MLA was over the years always ready and active for practical vocational training at site to Myanmar Chefs,- not only in Yangon but also in Bagan as well Ngapali Beach, to support also chefs in Myanmar rural areas, already years ago. 
The long friendship always renewed during culinary challenges and events around Asia over the past year and specially Mrs Rose Yong of MLA, with the highlight this year to be one of the most active partner at the Myanmar Culinary Arts Competition 3. to 5.6.2015 in Yangon. Great Awards for Junior and Professional chefs in Australian Beef and Lamb,- combined with daily samplings of best Aussie meat cooked to perfection by Gold Award winning chef Moe Moe Khaing.
Topped was this culinary friendship between MLA and MCA now in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia with the invitation to three Myanmar young Chefs taking part at the MLA Beef & Lamb Conference at the KLCC from 8.6. to 10.6.2015 together with all chefs - friends from neighbor Asian countries.
Just another event to widen the culinary network for Myanmar young chefs, get close and together with some of the best chefs of Asia, key speaker, lecturer, TV chefs and Presidents of Asia s World Chefs Associations. As Chefs Stefu, Vindex, Chern, KK Yau, etc working hands on, in teamwork at same table and cutting board, on " All about Secondary Cuts of Australian Beef & Lamb ". Learning that with using these cuts, apply scientific methods to the cutting and cooking of these cuts as The Rump, creating best culinary dishes at a much lower cost. Efficient and Cost Saving support " feeding the world ", through an use of every single item with a waste part near to non. 
- Chef Shwe Moe Tha, Sous Chef of Sule Shangri - La Yangon
- Chef Moe Moe Khaing as MCA - Freelance Chefs & Food Safety Educator & Lecturer
- Chef Myo Min Soe, Executive Chef of Rose Garden Hotel Yangon
All three chosen as they are best educator and knowledge multiplier within their kitchens and colleges as well as best medals and award winning chefs with MCA the past month s,- in a way also a " Thank YOU " for their outstanding contribution to MCA and young Chefs of Myanmar.
Here a great Thanks YOU to the management and head chefs of the Hotels, which ensures quick free time for the young chefs and here a starting base for " Transfer of Knowledge to many more Myanmar Chefs ",--- as all three will take part in further hands on educational seminars in Myanmar in the near future. 
The " Beefing UP Asian Cuisine - Innovation with Australian Beef & Lamb " saw top Chefs as:
-  Vindex Tengker, Indonesia
- Sam Kung, Malaysia
- Jeffrey Tan, Australia
- Kazi Hassan, Malaysia ( was with Hilton Hotel already in Myanmar )
- Doug Piper, Australian Master Butcher
With great Facilitator KLCC Executive Chef Richmond Kim from Singapore
The Educational Future for Myanmar Chefs is on already,-
Looking for tomorrow, new future culinary educational programs for Myanmar Young Chefs, through MCA and Y-MCA, are already discussed and in fine planning for the next 12 month, which include tourism destinations and Myanmar chefs in Bagan, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw as places of trainings.
Further more follow the offer of Mr Andrew Simpson, as Southern Asia s Business Manager to support Myanmar MCA Chefs to international competitions in the region.
We like to say a great thank you to MLA, Mrs Rose and Mrs Andrew for all best arrangements and for the future support and the contingency of these valuable educational work, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
National Training & Certification Committee
Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10.6.2015

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