22 April 2015

A part of history. Dr Bill Gallagher

From the journal of Chefs Victor and Kim... Inaugural Bill Gallagher Young chefs Forum Tour 2015

A part of history. Dr Bill Gallagher; How lucky, blessed, and inspired. Chef Billy has created bonds of friendship that will last forever. Living the dream.

From everyone at WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Team:
Thank you Dr Bill Gallagher for giving our 2 Young Chefs Victor and Kim, an invaluable and enriching experience we are sure they would not forget throughout their culinary careers. 

2016 is drawing close, Dr Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum at Athens awaits your participation. Join us at the forum, meet great Chefs, famous Chefs, fellow Young Chefs from all around the world. Make a date with us! 24-28 September 2106.

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