16 April 2015

Bunny Chow from Durban - Bill Gallagher Young Chef Tour 2015

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Victor Kendlehart

Hello all! 

We are having a wonderful time in South Africa. We have finished our tour of Cape Town which has earned a reputation for its fine wine and food scene.  We were invited to a wine dinner by our Wine Master, Bennie Howard, a leading authority within the wine and hospitality industry. All of the wines were from South Africa and most of the paired wines had a double gold award( highest standard/standard you can achieve through the Veritas Wine inspection( leading wine critics and authority in South Africa and Mr. Howard is the Vice President of the society).  

South Africa is known for their verity of grapes but the most important varietals would be the Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Pinotage. The Pinotage grape variety was specifically engineered in South Africa and is very much part of the wine scene representing South Africa wine.  

We then flew from Cape Town to Durban where we are staying for the next three day. Today, we learned a new dish called "Bunny Chow" (FIRST picture below) and it is a very common dish from Durban, "Bunny Chow" incorporates curry and South African elements. Overall an exciting day. 

Bunny Chow, a Must-Try dish when you are in Durban

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