29 April 2015

Adrian Vigus Brown - Young Chef A Credit to the Profession

Young chef a credit to the profession

April 28th, 2015 by Susan Reynard | 

African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel has appointed 25-year old Adrian Vigus Brown as chef de cuisine of the five-star hotel. He manages a 28-member kitchen brigade. 

General manager, Tania Malan, says: “We have so much respect and admiration for Chef Adrian, whose food meets the highest standard for our well-loved hotel and whose hands-on management style shows on every plate that gets carried out of the kitchen to the guests.” His long-standing love of hotel kitchens and his enthusiasm for top-notch hotel food manifests in his approachable, but firm leadership of the kitchen, Malan adds. 

Vigus Brown is currently the chairperson of the South African Chefs Association (SACA) Young Chefs Club and is an ambassador for World Chefs Young Chefs Africa and Middle East. 

At age 16, he emailed the now-president of SACA, Stephen Billingham, asking him for his professional advice on how to pursue a career as a chef. What followed was a year of unpaid work to gain experience, of which Vigus Brown says: “What that first experience taught me, more than anything, was how to remain calm under pressure.” 

He worked at Sheraton Pretoria Hotel as an in-service trainee and graduated four years later top of his class. He worked at the Buccament Bay Resort in the Caribbean and was promoted to senior chef de partie within six months. He was took up a position at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel in April 2014, promoted to executive sous chef in October and then chef de cuisine in February 2015. 

Vigus Brown says: “Guests are guaranteed a gastronomic experience here at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel: a perfect balance of wholesome, natural ingredients, innovative and complementary flavours, with an African twist.” He sources local, good quality produce and respects their inherent flavour, incorporating the colours, tastes and aromas that inspire him daily. 

Danny Bryer, Protea Hotels director of sales, marketing and revenue, says: “Chef Adrian embodies the African Pride spirit. His roots are here, his experience is here, his passion is here – and it all shows in the quality and tone of his dishes.” 

Additional Texts below from your loved ones:
From us all at WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Team, and all your fellow peers from around the world:
Congratulations Adrian!! We take great pride in your achievements, and we know how hard you have worked to get to where you are today.You have great time management with your commitment as Chairperson for the SACA Young Chefs Club, and as an Ambassador for WorldChefs Young Chefs of Africa and Middle East.  

So, not only did you make your Mum proud, you make us proud too! 


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