26 April 2015

Formation of the Liberia Young Chefs Club

Worldchefs Young Chefs Development Team are delighted to share the great news and welcome the formation of Liberia Young Chefs Club

Credits to Chef Edwin Josiah, President of Liberia Professional Chefs Association for his support and energy in driving this forward.

Liberia Young Chefs Club
Motto: Transmit to Generation

Jerry L.K. Dolo

Lydia S. Dorbor
Vice President

Christiana Findley

2.1   To be the youth arm and support the Liberia young Chefs Association to promote Culinary activities                                             
2.2    To promote young culinarians' interest in the field of culinary and hospitality
2.3    To promote research and education of culinary and hospitality
2.4    To convene and hold meetings and conferences for discussing subjects relating to
culinary scene in Singapore and Internationally
2.5    To bring together and to provide a central organization for youth below the age of 23 who are working or understudying Food and Beverage related Field, so to improve
the status of young culinarians from the  Liberia Young  Chefs Club, and to promote
co-operation and mutual assistance amongst them
2.6    To accept grants of money and donations, gifts, subscriptions and other assistance in
furtherance of the objectives of the committee
2.7    To represent the views and opinions of the Liberia Young  Chefs Club, on matters
relating to the objectives of the interest group
2.8    To be a club that nurtures future talents in the Food and Beverages field, reputed for the young culinarians' character, excellent culinary skills and the thirst for continuous
2.9     To inspire enthusiastic culinarians to be fun and daring junior chefs for opening doors of interactions with rising stars of the industry and to craft new, bold dimension of
ideas that trigger creativity and innovation and blossom the club nationwide

Liberia Young Chefs Club
Coleman Avenue
14th Street - Liberia
Tell: +231 (0) 776-015-411

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