15 September 2014

KYRLAKIS KOSTANTINOS - Young Chef Ambassador Cyprus

WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Team welcomes our newest Ambassador KYRLAKIS KOSTANTINOS from Cyprus.

KYRLAKIS KOSTANTINOS currently works at Four Seasons Hotel Mavromatis/Vivaldi restaurants. 

·         Silver Metal  on the Cyprus Gastronomic Culinary Competition in 2010 Organized by Cyprus Chef Association (CCA)
·         1st Award on Anti-Pasto at the International Culinary Competition ( Grand Trofeo d’oro  ) that took place at Brescia in Italy
·         3rd Award as a team on the same competition in Italy
·         Silver metal on the Cyprus Gastronomy Culinary Competition in 2012 Organized by Cyprus Chef Association (CCA)
·         Participation on the 8th International Culinary Competition of Southern Europe organised by the Chefs Club of Northern Greece
·         Silver metal on live competition at  the International Young Chef Challenge  organised by  The Korean Cooks Associations (KCA)
·         Silver metal on aspic  buffet  at  the International Young Chef Challenge  organised by  The Korean Cooks Associations (KCA)
·         Young Chef of the Year on the  Gastronomy Culinary Competition in 2014 Organized by Cyprus Chef Association (CCA)

Why are you interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador?

I am interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador because I would like to be involved in the evolution of my profession. Also, I would like to represent my country to the global level. Furthermore, I would like to meet other Young Chefs Ambassador from all over the world and Learn from them.

What qualities do you bring to this role?

Firstly, one of the qualities I bring to this role is my passion for cooking which I had since I was a child.

Secondly, another quality of mine is the tremendous passion that I have to every task that I am being assigned to fulfill and do my best
Thirdly, one more quality that I am a team player, I learn in the hotel where I work now, that you can’t succeed anything alone, you have to work as a team and everyone has to work harmoniously to ensure the timely production of quality food.

Last but not least, a quality that I have is humanity, my parents uphold strongly in me about the well-being of humanity, to give my time and the available resources that I have to other human beings that can’t afford some essential needs.
List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how you would go about achieving them? 

Three of the objectives that I wish to achieve in my 2-year term as Ambassador are:
·         to socialize and make good relations with other Young Chefs from all over the world.
·         to achieve is to make Cyprus Culture, Gastronomy and some of the traditions known to the rest of the world and learn from other Young Chefs their culture and their gastronomic revolution through the years .
·         to achieve in my tenure as the Ambassador of Cyprus is to participate in world chefs competition and congress’s and promote the ethos of my region club.

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