29 September 2014

Fonterra Brands, 1st Pastry Master Class in Myanmar

Today News from Myanmar Chefs Association

"Fonterra Brands, 1st Pastry Master Class in Myanmar"  with
World Gourmet Summit Finalist 2014,- " Pastry Chef Steven Ong " at Premium Food Service – Professional Master Kitchen,  Yangon, 24th & 25th September 2014
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Fonterra Brands - Myanmar arranged the First Ever " Pastry Master Class " to Myanmar - with the aim to have more such pastry classes in the next month s - resulting in Pastry Training & Competitions andfinally to the,-
" Fonterra Pastry - Cup Myanmar, 3.6. to 5.6.2015 "
at Food & Hotel Myanmar,- 2nd Myanmar Culinary Arts Challenge 2015 Yangon.
Mr. Brian from Fonterra Myanmar brought World Gourmet Summit Finalist of 2014, Chef Steven Ong to the  Premium Food Service - Master & Show Kitchen, at Aung San Stadium Yangon. A place best known to all Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Myanmar for educational and vocational training to Myanmar s hospitality industry since years. In a best " Win - Win " as usual Premium Food Service offered the venue for this training and joined into an all over training equipment setup with Fonterra Brands Myanmar,-- independence from Equipment supplier a new positive trend in Myanmar for Culinary competitions and culinary trainings ( as also seen already from the Htoo Hotels Group set up all their 14 Chefs stations for their Culinary Challenge event 11.9.2014 by them self as from equipment supplier side in Myanmar commitments to training and competitions for the young generation of our Industry is still extreme low to not existing at all ).
More easy to set equipment for a training or competition in Yangon now….,--- Free from equipment supplier s daily often changing moods, - these equipments are now available at any time for more training, show & competition events for Myanmar Chefs, Pastry Chefs & the whole hospitality industry of Myanmar. Fonterra Brands Myanmar & Premium Food Service did a onetime investment and the way is free now for a series of pastry and chefs trainings in Myanmar.  
First ever Pastry Master Class in Myanmar
( request your DVD on the pastry training program from angel@myanmar.com.mm )
SHATEC  Singapore s  assistant Director in Culinary Studies ( Pastry & Bakery ) Pastry Chef Steven Ong, there in charge for the Diploma programs and also the owner of " Center Patisserie Singapore " ( Center Ps ) for customized desserts, chocolates and pastry came to Yangon for this 2 days Pastry Master Class sponsored by Fonterra Brands Myanmar and Premium Food Service and in cooperation with the Myanmar Chefs Association and the here MCA Pastry Alliance Myanmar.  Top Myanmar pastry Chefs from different Hotels and different  tourism destinations were invited. Arrangements by HR and management of Bayview Beach Ngapali - Rakhine State Tourism, Shangri - La, Micasa , Kandawgyi Palace, Chatrium, Savoy, Belmond the Governors, Parkroyal, Summit Parkview, Acaia, El Dorado, Seasons Bakery, International Pastry & Bakery Training Center Myanmar supported with two pastry chefs each for such a unique, for Myanmar very fist time ,-  but very important Pastry Master Training.
The two days Pastry program included the topics:
- Petit Gateau - French Pastry ( Chocolate & Citrus Cheese Gateau  & Hazelnut Pralines & Feuilletine Gateau )
- Entremets / Cakes                     ( Flaming Red Velvet Cake & Blueberry Cheese Crumble )
- Patisserie                                        ( Passion Fruit Meringue Tart )
- Petites Fours                                ( Caramel & Fleur de Sel Macron & Raspberry Macron 
Viennoiserie                                  ( Croissant )
- Plated Dessert                      ( Pan - glazed Sarawak Pineapple with cream cheese sherbet )
- Hot Savory                           ( Quiche Loraine )
So Chef Steven Ong with all his international expertise and experience from Tokyo - Japan, Las Vegas - USA, Lyon - France, had a lot of talks also on the use of the right and best ingredients as " Japan Flour " as softer, the difference and challenges between a typical bakery oven compared with a convection oven as Rational or Electrolux and others. Here at the spot noticed that everyone should be very careful when China made products are offered, as just here seen with a brand new Baking Oven,- in the details was the Devil - a shown 180 Degree Celsius came out as 130 Degree only in real. A direct on steel or metal only system had negative results at baking process compared to stone based one.
So the many tips and tricks from the many year experience by Chef Steven Ong caught the big interest of the Myanmar pastry chefs, noted down direct next to a full Pastry Recipe book to all chefs provided by Stephen Ong.  From MCA we had Seasons Bakery Master Chef Istvan Madai and Oliver E Soe Thet joining the event.
" Fonterra Pastry Cup - Myanmar, 3.6. to 5.6.2015 "
at Food & Hotel Myanmar,- 2nd Myanmar Culinary Arts Challenge 2015 Yangon
Mr Brain of Fonterra Bands Myanmar discussed with MCA members the set up of several more such Pastry Master Classes which would have at each end a small pastry competition at WACS standard judging,- a several month s ongoing pastry challenge 2014 / 2015 which will result in the final Myanmar s latest Pastry Challenge event the " Fonterra Pastry Cup - Myanmar 2015 " in conjunction with the Myanmar Culinary Arts Challenge 2015 during Food & Hotel Myanmar   , 3rd June to 5th June 2015 at Yangon s latest Convention Center in People s Park near Sanchaung & Shwedagon Pagoda ( Queen Shin Saw Phu street ).
Premium Professional Show Kitchen for sure an excellent venue for the Master Classes and pre competitions, with all equipment there now a best working condition to boost the vocational training for young Myanmar,- chefs and pastry chefs alike.
A Dick Professional Knife set will be awarded to the Winner (400 $ US worth)
Pastry Chefs register for next Master Class - December:
We like you to spread the word already today and activate many Pastry Chefs to train and prepare for the first and upcoming Pastry Master Classes and Competitions, the first one we plan in the first or second week of December 2014. Contact the Myanmar Chefs Association, MCA Office at 01 532278 / 09 513 8411 and best by e mail:angel@myanmar.com.mm - also visit www.myanmarchefs.wordpress.com by VP Chef Andrew@Tin Shwe  and MCA Face Book account by Chef Than Naing Tun.
In a best team work system Pastry Chef Stephen Ong arranged all the 26 pastry chefs at beginning each team of two got a recipe to measure and do the mise an place,- than one by one was worked and trained through with the whole group,- hands on training and vocational pastry education. In between always time to discuss among all the young Myanmar pastry chefs and Chef Stephen Ong.
We all like to thank Fonterra Brands Myanmar, Mr Brian and his team and Premium Food Service Company and all staff involved, for the fantastic opportunity to have Master Pastry Chef Stephen Ong in Yangon for this most valuable and pastry team building " Pastry Master Class ". A sure benefit for the whole hospitality Industry of Myanmar, the young generation of Myanmar pastry chefs and at the end a real benefit to the growing Tourism Industry of Myanmar as a real capacity building program,-- just the first one and the plan set for early December to continue and upgrade until the golden Final the looking forward to see you all active and training……
 " Fonterra Pastry Cup - Myanmar, 3.6. to 5.6.2015 ", in Yangon

With best Culinary and here Sweet Greetings, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
National Training & Certification Committee member
Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders
Yangon 24.9.2014 - Myanmar 

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