14 September 2014

Nestle Supporting Young Chefs in Landmark Partnership

On September 9 Worldchefs was proud to welcome Nestlé Professional as a sponsor on board. This landmark partnership evolved as a result of the mutual vision shared by Worldchefs and Nestlé Professional to promote the Chefs profession and invest in its future development, by providing support to Young Chefs in Worldchefs.
The primary objective of the partnership is to educate young chefs around the world in nutrition and equip them with basic culinary skills and industry knowledge required to excel in their profession. Through joint workshops, international competitions and dynamic exchange platforms, the Worldchefs and Nestle Professional alliance aims to inspire and motivate young chefs and increase interaction between international peers and key opinion leaders from the industry.
"Whilst the lack of appropriately skilled and motivated chefs is one of the biggest challenges the hospitality industry is facing at the moment, the increase in youth unemployment will continue to impact the economy unless we address this deficit", said Rochelle Schaetzl, Business Capability Development manager, for Nestlé Professional. "Through this partnership with Worldchefs, Nestlé Professional will leverage more than 100 years of expertise in nutrition, food processing and food handling and our global presence to create educational tools and exchange platforms that will not only address the skills shortage, but also provide young chefs with opportunities to gain experience, showcase their talent and ultimate further their careers and the profession. We are delighted that Worldchefs will be our partner on this journey".
"The young chefs are our future and a very integral part of Worldchefs. I am excited about this partnership and assured it will bring in outstanding opportunities and meaningful projects to those whom the baton will be passed onto”, added Gissur Gudmundsson Worldchefs President.

A quantum leap forward for Young Chefs everywhere.

"Today I congratulate Nestlé Professional for having the foresight to not only recognize that providing a quality skills based education for Young Chefs is pivotal, it is quintessential to the future success of our global hospitality industry, but also for having the courage and conviction to take fortifiable steps to build a partnership with a global authority on food in WorldChefs. This partnership will give unprecedented access to our Young Chefs network within WorldChefs to educational tools and learning opportunities. On behalf of the Young Chefs Development Team, we are thrilled and delighted to be working with Nestlé Professional on this landmark project". - Alan Orreal

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